Keywords Everywhere Review


Keywords Everywhere Review

Keywords Everywhere Review

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Keywords Everywhere is a favourite tool used by digital marketing experts worldwide. In this article, we discuss the detailed Keywords Everywhere Review. Keywords Everywhere is an essential tool for all. Whether you are a digital marketing Expert or running any website, this free SEO tool has become paid.

Keywords Everywhere is an extension user can continue to their Firefox or Chrome browsers. This then enables a person to check the volume search, avg. CPC, including competition of all keywords inserted in a Google Search.

Keywords Everywhere operates to rescue you a lot of time; time would have otherwise been spent copying data from one website while finding search volume from another. Keywords Everywhere lets you discover long-tail phrases with their particular search volume, CPC and encounter data.

What is Keywords Everywhere?

The free account of Keywords Everywhere is an extension for Google Chrome, including Firefox. It provides users with the capability to see generally used terms in search as well as appropriate phrases. 

The tool will show data toward the right-hand side of Google for words, including phrases matching the search term. Users will also observe the “Trend” data concerning the search, which can be broken down by seven days, 30 days, 12 months, five years, or all time. 

The “All Time” choice can go back as far as 2003. However, the paid version will also display search volume average request costs and works with more than 15 search-driven websites, such as Amazon and eBay. 

Unfortunately, the free version is limited to working with other websites outside of Google and YouTube. 

Should You Use Keywords Everywhere For Free?

There are a lot of SEO tools in the market to determine the most suitable keywords. After all, matching content to search is whereby traffic is directed to a website. Today, I’ll look at the available version of Keywords Everywhere and what it can do for you.

And although the free version isn’t essentially as excellent as it once was, it still might have a design as an extension of your network browser.

What is Keywords Everywhere? – Keywords Everywhere Review

The free account of Keywords Everywhere is an extension for Google Chrome, including Firefox. It provides users with the facility to view generally used terms in search as well as relevant phrases.

The tool will present data on the right-hand side of Google for words and phrases matching the search term. Users will also view the “Trend” data concerning the search, which can be broken down by seven days, 30 days, 12 months, five years, or all time. The “All Time” opportunity can go back as far as 2003.

However, the paid version will also present search volume, average request costs, and more than 15 search-driven websites like Amazon and eBay. Unfortunately, the free version has minimal capacity for operating with other websites outside of Google and YouTube. 

How Well Do Keywords Everywhere Work?

With Google’s algorithm regularly changing, you must adapt content immediately if you need a prosperous website. And now, it’s all about the search plan: what are people viewing for, and can you give those answers?

Keywords Everywhere can give you an idea of where to begin, including your content.

Displays Related Keywords

Related Keywords are those that are appropriate for your search. For example, searching for “writing content” will display something like “content writing courses” or “content writing sample,” among several others. 

This is quite effective when trying to produce content for a particular audience. If the terms are essential to your writing, you can use them as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing.

In other words, you can use them to reach a particular audience, further searching for precise data.

Features of Keywords Everywhere Review

As the keyword tool is immediately freemium, there are “free” and “paid” features. So, we will review free and paid version features; let’s begin with free features.

Free Features

There are only three free primary features:

  • Ability to examine Google “Related Keywords”, including “People To Search For Keywords.”
  • Insight report for YouTube Search and Tags
  • URL Analysis 

The primary feature pops up when you start in searches on Google. It’s simply a list of other keywords without data, sound, CPC or competition stats. The YouTube insight report also arises when you join a search.

No volume, CPC or competition, views age, including whether the keyword is in the video name. You can click to view a “detailed breakdown.” The latest free feature is the facility to investigate URLs.

The analysis provides you with the keywords of the URL and the density of those keywords. To analyze a URL, be on the page, then click the Keywords Everywhere browser icon. Then, you will understand the tool’s free aspect is limited. It is hard to do actual keyword research without essential metrics.

Paid Features of Keywords Everywhere Review

The main distinction between free and paid features is the data. When you do a Google search, you get the related keywords and volume, CPC, including competition numbers.

When you search on YouTube, you associate volume, CPC and competition. Similarly, with the YouTube tags. And as well for URL/page analysis.

It’s all the things you can do on the free version but used for keyword research. You can also do unique items you cannot work with the free version. This tool will get an integration guide for 16 websites. You can also ship keywords for their volume, CPC and competition data.


Because Keywords Everywhere is a browser-based expansion/add-on, it integrates engaging well. The standard “free” account syncs effortlessly with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Google searches and YouTube searches are entirely integrated.

But wherever integrations get exciting is when you have credits (paid version.)


The tool doesn’t have much customization simply because it’s straightforward. There are a pair of things you can pinch, though. It can edit where your keyword data is sourced from. You can modify the search volume, competition and CPC. 

You can also determine which of the 16 supported websites you need Keywords Everywhere to work with.


Keywords Everywhere are easy to set up. There are three primary steps. First, you want to add the extension/add-on to your web browser (Chrome/Firefox only.) Second, you want to sign up— you will be sent an email with an API key. Copy the API key into the tool. All done.

Ease of Use

Keywords Everywhere are super easy to use. It combines with Chrome/Firefox as any other extension/add-on does. There’s no want to boot up an outer program; the keyword data pops up on Google searches.

This tool takes less than an hour to master; it’s elementary.

Customer Support of Keywords Everywhere Review

Keywords Everywhere offers support in 3 ways.

  • A 10-minute YouTube video demonstrating how to install and work Keywords Everywhere
  • A “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the foremost website
  • An email address to post questions

Keywords Everywhere Benefits

These are the following Benefits of Keywords Everywhere

Upload keywords in bulk

Keywords Everywhere has a bulk upload feature that enables users to enter various keywords and view them in one place and their metrics. This is an effective and productive method of grouping data while assuring users save time.


This browser allows search volume and CPC data for free. Users don’t have to spend a dime to reach each feature.

Page investigation

Marketers can work on Keywords Everywhere to analyze keyword data for web pages. They can choose pages to explore from a list of websites covered by this addition. For example, Keywords Everywhere will draw up data from the initial page results if you categorize “How to make SEO” on Google.

Customization alternatives

Users of this tool are admitted to set various currencies and works. They can also keep search engines for which to display data. It’s got neat customization features to keep one running with their keyword research requirements.

Favourite keywords

The My Favorite Keywords feature works and or less similar Bookmarks. It is a list of the keywords monitored, including a star symbol onward with their metrics. The feature allows marketers to copy or export their desired keywords in CSV, PDF, or Excel.

Pricing of Keywords Everywhere Review

Keywords everywhere are different to most paid keyword research tools. It has a “credits” system. Credit is the right to information on a keyword, such as one credit, one keyword, the search volume, CPC, and competition data.

However, if that’s confusing, here’s a quote from Keywords Everywhere’s a website describing credits. One credit prepares you for one keyword’s volume, CPC and competition data. For example, if you convey 1000 keywords into our import keyword tool, you will use up to 1000 credits.

So, how much does a credit cost? About $0.0001 per credit. You can’t buy a single credit and must buy a much more significant amount.

The price per credit doesn’t change, regardless of which package you buy. However, buying an extensive credit package would be more affordable due to fewer payment processing fees.

Fast Spring is Keyword Everywhere’s payment processor, which allows for payment via PayPal or credit/debit. There are no regular plans/packages. Everything is “spend as you run.”

Pros and Cons

These are the following pros and cons of Keywords Everywhere.


  • It Very Easy to Use
  • Keywords Everywhere are Very Cheap
  • Having Fantastic Integrations

Very Easy to Use – Keywords Everywhere Review

Any keyword research tools have a learning edge, not Keywords Everywhere. This is a tool that can be learned in a very, very short time. Its simplicity makes it accessible to anybody and everybody but your SEO knowledge.

Very Affordable

Although the tool is no longer accessible, Keywords Everywhere still gets ahead of others in affordability. It has been determined that the everyday person uses less than $2 of credits per month. Here’s the specific quote from the Keywords Everywhere website.

Fantastic Integrations

Keywords Everywhere is fantastic when it happens to integrations. The tool attaches to 16 websites. These include a diversity of multiple types of sites, ranging from eCommerce to other keyword tools. You won’t discover many other keyword research tools with numerous integrations.

Cons of Keywords Everywhere Review

  • Primary Features
  • No Longer Free

Primary Features

Related to different keyword research tools, Keywords Here might not have several features. It is a very lightweight tool, actually only intended for pulling search volume, CPC and trial data. You’re not running to discover any extensive audience analysis like some additional tools.

No Longer Free

Keywords Everywhere was once several valuable free keyword analysis tools on the market. It turned into a freemium model, leading to the failure of its user base. This wasn’t a surprise, as all businesses intend to monetize their products and services.  

Is it Worth Buying Credits? – Keywords Everywhere Review

One opinion I should note, though, is that your credits terminate a year after you purchase them.

So, in a sense, it’ll nevertheless be an annual subscription if you continue to purchase those credits. Keywords Everywhere covers several platforms. Etsy, eBay, Answer the Public, including Amazon or any promoting website.

So, if you plan on searching the Internet for terms involving your readers, it might be worthwhile.

But if you’re just a simple blogger or YouTuber or need to add more to freelance writing, the free extension may be all you need. Otherwise, I’ll download the list as a CSV and take it to Keyword Planner.


To Conclude, Keywords Everywhere is one of the famous digital marketers. This tool is famous because you get real-time data to optimize your search engine. As a result, you learn to encounter keywords in the same way that your potential customer does. This lets you view the user experience concretely instead of abstractly, providing insight you may have missed.

Keywords Everywhere saves you time by weeding out cost-prohibitive or unhelpful keywords, letting you save keywords faster, and eliminating the need to switch between tabs.

We hope this Review article on Keywords Everywhere will be useful for you all.