Blog Commenting List & Guideline – Backlinks in your SEO Link Structure

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Blog Commenting List & Guideline – Backlinks in your SEO Link Structure

Blog Commenting List & Guideline For 2019

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Are you preparing to include Blog Commenting Backlinks in your SEO Link Structure? If yes, that’s outstanding! Blog Commenting is an IMPORTANT thing in SEO.

Since my research study– Blog Commenting still functions ranking low affordable key phrases, increasing Domain & Page Authority is developing your blog site’s credibility to Google’s eye!

What Is Blog Site Commenting?

Blog site commenting is sharing sights with various others about blog sites. This is more like a connection developed between blog visitors and writers.

The idea behind blog commenting is to deliver our suggestions, thoughts, and opinions to others. Not only that, but also debating an article’s good and bad aspects.

The talk about the blog site helps collect website traffic and the audience. In addition, blog site commenting is a guaranteed excellent technique to make your blog more socially interactive.

Blog site Comments with the right approach are a great way to assist your service or brand name.

Besides, the only problem with blog site commenting is that people don’t recognise how to use it properly in their SEO. Thus failing to see its result correctly and its importance.

What Is Blog Site Commenting

The famous list of Authority Sites for Blog Site Commenting (High DA & PA)

Today is your lucky day! Now that we have shown the importance of blog site commenting, we also provide you with a famous list of High DA Blogging, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing blogs.

These platforms allow you to carry out your blog site commenting easily. We have tried our best to deliver you different natures of business blogs.

By doing it, we are making it easy for you to get linked with the same interest blogs.

Distinctive list of High DA Technology blogs:

High DA Health and Fitness blogs to have a look at:

Finance blogs with High DA to consider:

Travel blogs with High DA for tourism options:

List of High DA Lifestyle blogs to have a look at:

How would you feel if you got your hands on keywords or keyphrases for searching blogs related to your Niche? EXCITED right?

Then look no further; below are a few keywords and key phrases you can use.

Benefits of using Blog Commenting in 2023

  • Increased Engagement: Blog commenting allows readers to engage with the content, leading to a more interactive and dynamic conversation.
  • Boosting SEO: Quality comments can contribute to the SEO of a blog post by adding relevant content and increasing the post’s length and keyword density.
  • Building Relationships: Engaging in meaningful conversations in the comment section can increase networking opportunities and strengthen relationships with other bloggers or industry experts.
  • Gaining Feedback: Blog comments provide instant feedback from the audience, which can be invaluable for content creators.
  • Driving Traffic: Regular and insightful commenting on other blogs can drive traffic back to your website.
  • Staying Updated: Engaging in the comment section can keep bloggers updated with the latest trends and opinions in their Niche.
  • Positioning as an Expert: Leaving insightful and helpful comments can position an individual or a brand as an expert.
  • Enhanced Community Feeling: A lively comment section gives the blog a community feeling, encouraging more readers to join the conversation.

Benefits of using Blog Commenting

What are the significant benefits of blog commenting on web links?

Blog commenting is an excellent way to optimise your business because it plays a crucial role.

The adhering to are benefits you can obtain for your site by leaving one or two comments in a day:

Extra web traffic

It is considered one of the primary goals of any SEO technique. If you wish to attract more web traffic to your website, blog commenting can be an excellent means for you.

The more, the merrier, but it has to be natural.

Track record structure

Blog site commenting can adequately be utilised to develop your brand. It would be best if you remembered not to use support messages or search phrases while commenting.

It will undoubtedly be better to use the actual name to comment to do it correctly.


The circumstance could be boosted if your internet site cannot bring good traffic. Discuss a blog site as your business implies Backlinking, which is a terrific point for an SEO plan.


Your remarks may not be in terrific view to other people initially. Yet, if you do it regularly, it can get attention for constructing far better relationships.

Guide To Discuss Blog Sites For Higher % of Authorization Price.

Attracting individuals through your comments and engaging with audiences is not straightforward. However, the following are some pointers for the blog:

You must comment on the blog with a more extensive reach than implies talk about premium sites. Find the sites with 60+ domain authorities, attempt a blog commenting on those and see the difference.


Useful resources for AI or Automated Blogging:


How to search blog commenting sites related to your Niche?

The blog commenting sites use the following search queries for effective SEO and ranking:

  • post/2018 ″leave comment.”
  • Make your text bigger, bold, italic and more with HTML tags  (Recommended )
  • Keyword “Powered by Blogger” (Recommended )
  • in the title: keyword “Enter Word Verification in box below” “Post a comment.”
  • powered by “add comment”
  • search engine optimisation in URL: post/2018 “Leave a Reply.”
  • digital marketing” comments by IntenseDebate.”
  • technology tips: “Log in or register to post a comment.”
  • comment here
  • add a comment in the title bar
  • type comment
  • add URL
  • submission of URL
  • submit a site

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a backlink in a comment?​

You can post the link directly in the comment, or if you are not allowed to do that for some reason.

You can insert any of these characters: [link][/link] – automatically inserting your link into a clickable link will appear inside brackets like this after clicking enter.

Is blog commenting effective?​

I have to say that the backlinks from blog comments are not effective for SEO. You don’t get any value from them in your rankings, and they are usually marked as spam.

But this can be a helpful tool for traffic generation if you use several different IP addresses – one every day or two.

What should I write in a comment?​

You should include your link in an appropriate context. If you do it with no link or a garbage one, there will be things that get marked as spam.

If the comment is useless for reading, they will most likely delete it completely.

How many backlinks can I get from comments?​

It depends on the subject of your comment and also on how you write it. My experience is that 1-3 links per 500 words of the text are enough.

Are blog comments good for SEO?​

No, links from blog comments are unsuitable for ranking your pages higher. However, they can be good as a traffic source if you use them smartly.

But you must look at the situation – how much link juice do these blogs get? Most of them probably don’t get any, and they will most likely mark this as spam (and they have the right to do that).

If they are marked as spam, Google won’t even index them.

What is blog commenting scalable?​

You can quickly scale it up with the help of several different IP addresses if you need more links or traffic.

This way, you can increase your traffic from this kind of strategy much more than you could get from any other single link.

HIdsheets/ keep track of my comments?​

I use Google Sheets to do this:

What’s the best time to post a comment?​

I usually post my links on Thursday or Friday, as long as it’s not too late (after 4 p.m.).

If you write something interesting or valuable for reading, they will most likely publish it immediately. But if you post some garbage.


Blog comments are an excellent way to get your SEO link structure backlinks. The best part about it? It’s easy!

So, you can start creating blog comments right now and see the benefits in less than 24 hours – make sure you leave an insightful comment that provides value, not spammy links or self-promotion.

So, if you need help getting started, we’ve created the above handy list of blog commenting sites from our experts and guidelines on what makes a quality blog post comment, so you’re ready for anything—prepared to take blogging seriously.

Let us know. We’ll give you everything you need to succeed at blogger marketing.

On top of it, you can also praise the writer on the part you like the most. Another option could be adding a relevant web link for conversation.

Try to maintain the comment brief within 200 words for the best results. Therefore, note that bragging way too much is not healthy and make sure to comment appropriately.

Also, find the websites where the blog proprietors or site admins authorise new comments.