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Waqar Ashraf - CEO at Web automation software company
Waqar Ashraf – CEO of Web automation software company

Hello, my name is Waqar Ashraf. Most Internet Marketing people know me as Vick.

🌟 100% Job Success ✅ 150+ Jobs ✅ 7,000+ Hours
🏅 Ranked Top 1% on Upwork as a Top Rated Seller
🏢 CEO of Virtual Expert Solutions, Renowned for making SEO Automation AI Tools
🤖 Pioneer in Developing Popular AI Solutions for a Diverse Range of Clients & Companies

I have over 12 years of experience in Web Automation, Scripting, and AI tools and a Bachelor’s in Information Technology.

My Recent AI Solutions & Web Automation Tools I have made

✨ Web automation tools
🎨 AI image tools (DALL-E, Stable Diffusion)
📝 AI writing tools (OpenAI, GPT models)
🌐 Auto HTML site builders with AI content
🔧 Complex AI and various API integration
☁️ Cloud uploading automation
💼 Boost your business and SEO with AI!
🚦 Traffic CTR tools to increase website visitors
🤖 Scraping solutions for data collection
🔍 SEO helping tools to improve search rankings

Here’s what I bring to the table for your project

💡 Innovative Automation Solutions: Transforming complex tasks into simple automated processes.
🛠 Custom-Built SEO Tools: Elevating your digital presence with bespoke SEO tools.
🤖 Bots Creation: Streamlining operations with custom bots tailored to your needs.
🌐 Web Scraping: Unveiling valuable insights through precise data extraction.
📈 Proven Track Record: $100K+ earnings, 153 successful projects, and a stellar 7,042-hour Upwork journey.

I use solid design principles and industry-standard testing methodologies to provide the best possible experience for my customers.

I am trusted to provide quality work at very affordable rates by most of the top leaders in the Internet Marketing world.

I would love to show you how I can add value to your project.

Due to my work and efforts, Upwork has given me a Top Rated Badge and put me on top if you find ubotstudio developers. Check here

What Can I Do?

  • I will make software in Ubotstudio and deliver you the best quality.
  • I have been working in Ubotstudio for more than eight years till now.
  • I have great experience in it. Made many projects for large companies.
  • Let me know if you are interested in my ubotstudio experience.
  • By making it in ubotstudio, I will give a .exe file at the end, which will run on Windows only.
  • That will have a friendly interface and be convenient to use.
  • Still, you can see my profile to check my previous work and history.
  • I have done many different kinds of projects in ubotstudio.
  • Mainly scrapers and many other kinds of automated tools.

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Yes, that’s right, I’ve made more than 100 automated bots!