Terms of use

All bots purchased from Virtual Experts are for your own personal use only. If you would like to use the bots commercially you will have to pay for, and not use the bot commercially until you receive, a written statement from Virtual Experts Shop allowing you to use the bot commercially.

The fee for commercial use is twice the personal use fee.

If you are caught using any bots commercially without the permission of Virtual Experts you will be charged the full commercial fee, plus a $50 administration fee. This administration fee will be charged PER SITE on which we find you using the bots without commercial permission. For example, if you are selling these bots, or using these bots to make money from 2 different websites you will be charged the full commercial fee plus $100 administration fee (2 websites x $50 fee).

The definition of commercial use is using the bots for anyone else’s benefit, getting payment for redirecting to the official websites or charging for the use of, or dissemination of, the bot through channels other then Virtual Experts.

The decision to whether or not you are using bots commercially is solely that of Virtual Experts