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Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Vick

How to increase views on Google Maps with Maps Booster?

Its best google maps SEO FREE software is called Maps Booster. It is a module of Google maps software which is known as MapsMonster. This module is also available as free separate software.

It helps your google my business ranking & googles maps views. You can use this free software as google maps optimisation service. It helps you how to rank higher on google maps.

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Maps booster free software


This free maps software knows how to get more views on google maps. Maps Software for Windows is Free Software. It’s one of our best free SEO tools.

How to Find the Viewing Link of Your Map?

Can you use Driving Directions Link in MapsBooster?

Yes, it will work. But MapsBooster is a viewing feature for my maps viewing maps links. So, if you are sure Google also considers viewing driving directions, you can use them.

How to use the scheduling feature?

You have to select the event and set the time and dates. You can learn about that from our Traffic Wizard scheduling feature video.

How does the software work?

  • The software will navigate to Google Maps viewing URLs one by one
  • Perform different human actions like mouse moving, scrolling etc.
  • The software will view all pins and layers on the current map randomly.
  • The exact process will be performed on all provided Map URLs.

Can I use proxies for better results?

Yes, you can attach a proxy with each map URL like this > manual, IP: port(proxy)

What is Map Viewer?

Google Map Viewer software is a way for you to view & interact with online maps through actual human actions.

You’ll create a map that shows different zones and locations of your choice with MapsMonster; then, you can use that output maps link to view with this free Google mapping software.



Updates logs

Updates for v1.3 :
– FIXED browser issue

Updates for v1.2 :
– ADDED proxy feature (optional)
You can attach proxy with each map url like this > mapurl,ip:port(proxy)

Updates for v1.1 :
– FIXED bugs and issues related to scheduling feature
– FIXED popup bug

Helps your google my business ranking & google maps views. Boosts and increases views for your Google Maps really. It helps you how to rank higher on google maps 2019.