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This Traffic Bot Generator is a CTR manipulation bot. This tool can change your visibility on the web and help you obtain a Quality amount of new website traffic.

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Updated: 15 November 2021

To improve your CTR, use the Best Website SEO Traffic Generation Tool to Increase the traffic & impressions. By Improving Organic Strategies for Traffic, You Can Force Google to RANK YOU ON TOP. Now is the time to start generating traffic.


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Traffic Bot is software that helps you attract visitors to your site using Traffic Wizard. It’s the best automated traffic bot for boosting website traffic. To be a traffic expert, you need visitors to your website.

You don’t want to spend time getting traffic to your website when taking a shortcut through Traffic Bot! This traffic bot is the best way for you to generate more traffic on your site.

It’s an automated program that will make it easier for Google search engine bots to find and rank you higher in searches. Boosting organic techniques is great, but they may not be enough – which is why this bot exists!


What is Traffic Bot, and how does it work?

Traffic Bot is a traffic-generating app that works by sending virtual users to your website. It’s done automatically, without human intervention or any complicated setup process – you need to enter the URL of your site. Then Traffic Wizard will do all the work for you!

What makes this bot unique from other similar programs is its ability to generate CTR. It’s done by creating a ‘bounce’ effect, where users are redirected elsewhere after clicking on your site. This makes it more likely that Google search engine bots will notice you and place you higher in rankings!


How to use the Traffic Wizard?

That’s easy! All you need to do is enter your website URL, and the bot will automatically generate traffic for as long as you want. You can set it up to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week – making sure that Google always finds you when users search for relevant keywords!


What are some of the basic features of this traffic bot?

There are a lot of reasons why you should invest in the Traffic Wizard, but here is just a small list:

– It requires no technical knowledge to set up and use – saving you time!

– Boost your traffic with CTR. This will greatly increase your SEO rankings by sending signals that show Google bots you are relevant!

– Generate traffic for as long as you want, ensuring that Google will always find your site when users search for related keywords.

– Create Unlimited Campaigns for traffic generation create Campaigns for your projects & keywords for Traffic Generation, which helps your boost your manual work and allows you to run more projects time by time to get traffic to your website.

Traffic Wizard is the best automated tool to get more traffic on your website and increase CTR. It’s so easy – all you need to do is enter a URL of your choice and let it do the work for you!


Traffic Bot Features in Detail


1. Boost Search Engine CTR

Increase CTR for ANY Keyword & Boost Rankings in any Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube & GMB Rankings.


2. Increase Page Views & Time

Lower Bounce Rate by Increasing Pageviews, Pages per visitor, time on site, Dwell Time & Duration of visit.


3. Download Stats & Backlinks

Download Backlinks, Stats, Metrics & Collect MOZ metrics of given URLs. They are BONUS features as a utility.


4. Works Like A HUMAN

Set random Delays, Smart Proxy support, Uses Firefox & Chrome browsers with Random User agents & Extensions


5. Mobile or Desktop Traffic

Send User Engagement Signals from Desktop & Mobile Devices by Using SMART techniques in Browser Requests.


6. Screen & Page Settings

Uses random Screen Resolutions, Navigate for Surfing internal pages, Retry links If a link not clicked.


7. Scheduler your Campaigns

You can create campaigns and then set time according to instructions to run and many more modules.


8. Run Multiple Campaigns in Traffic Bot


9. Scheduling feature of Traffic Bot


10. Crowd Searching feature


11. Edit & Manage Campaigns


12. Mobile Browsers & Multithreading feature


13. Screens of Traffic Wizard Interface

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what this Automated Traffic Bot can do for you and your marketing.

Campaign Creation Screen

These are controls you can set off your desire. The software has many other features inside.

Captcha Solver

If you are facing captchas, you can use 2captcha or DeathbyCaptcha services by adding your account.


Plus 100s of Powerful “Under the Hood” New Features, Improvements & Tweaks

Since the first launch, our dedicated team of developers has been adding features and improvements. It has dedicated the last six months to taking everything to the next level with Virtual Traffic Wizard.

Start making Website Traffic Now. Virtual Traffic Wizard gives you control of everything from searching a keyword in search engines, visits to time spent on-site, competition visits and bounce rate, search delay, the time between google pages, and so much more. Book your Copy Today.

  • In the end, let’s explore more. What more can you do?
  • Create UNLIMITED campaigns
  • Send traffic to UNLIMITED URLs by the campaign.
  • Define UNLIMITED keywords by the campaign for each URL to get Organic Traffic.
  • You can define the number of visits you want to do for the Desired number of traffic.
  • Select a Country domain from 198 Google domains to search your website.
  • It uses Random different user agents. For Chrome, Firefox or Mobile, we keep adding more.
  • You can set the time when software stays on the landing page (defining a time range).
  • It will Perform all possible Human Actions & wait between searches.
  • You can randomly set a number of the internal page during surfing the landing page (to lower the bounce rate).
  • It scrolls automatically once the landing page is reached to simulate the behavior of a real Internet user.
  • You can use your list of proxies or VPNs like Hide my Ass! or Torguard.


Traffic Wizard main modules


Google CTR Process

Searches google to find URLs and surf the site, which generates organic traffic. Watch video.


YouTube CTR Process

Searches target video with a keyword on YouTube and watch the video with applied settings. Watch video.


GMB CTR Process

Searches in google or google maps for a given business name with a given keyword.


Perform Google Map Searches & Increase Business CTR for traffic

Searches for given keyword in google maps & clicks on Business to perform human actions & surfing. Therefore, Searches in google for a given business name with a given keyword and finds Target Business.

So, Depending on your Usage of settings & IPs, Google Detects your usage or Robot footprints. So if, due to poor proxies, Google knows your activities, then we are not responsible.

  • Increase Rankings
  • Earn Credits
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Work For Each other
  • Youtube Views & CTR
  • Dwell Time
  • Surf Internal Pages
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Human Behaviour
  • Google Maps CTR
  • Mobile Random Traffic
  • Save Money & All in one.
  • Boost Rankings
  • Performs Ranking Factors
  • Desktop Random Traffic
  • Proper Website Surfing
  • Campaigns Saves Database
  • Live DB to Share Campaigns
  • GMB Related Search
  • Captcha Solving


An essential asset for your SEO

Have you already tried everything without any results? It is PERFECT! You have to use SEO Traffic Bot Generator to see the difference. If your site is already technically and editorially optimized, there is nothing left besides getting the SEO Traffic Bot Generator’s signals to Google.

Bring more traffic to your website with Virtual Traffic Wizard. You will be able to increase traffic in the proportions that you choose. You also get to choose what signals you want to send to Google: number of visits, landing page, the query used, time spent on your page, and much more options you have in software.


RankBrain Google’s Algorithm is IMPORTANT Ranking Factor

RankBrain is a component of Google’s core algorithm that uses machine learning to determine the most relevant search engine queries. Traffic Wizard knows all factors to handle them like User Behavioural Signals (Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate, Dwell Time, and Pogo Sticking).

Read These Before Buying Web Traffic Generator

  1. Many antiviruses will give false positives. Would you please add software in exclusions of your antivirus or windows defender?
  2. Don’t use software without Good Quality Proxies. Otherwise, you will not get good results.
  3. Don’t use software with low settings in the campaign; always use high delays for better page views.

In conclusion, Virtual Traffic Wizard is the most potent Traffic Generation Tool Ever.


Who is the Developer of this software?

“Hi, I am Vick – The Virtual Expert. Most of you guys know me by Geo Genius, GMB Genius, Cloud Stacking Poster, Google Maps Domination, and many more Successful tools out there in the market. You can check them out as well from my site and channel.

I am here with my Traffic CTR tool to bring you the BEST solution for Traffic Generations. I assure you, It’s not a Spamming tool. It is to help you with your manual work and automate the process. In conclusion, the more users search you in search engines, the higher you will get traffic from search engines. It has lots of features for you in just one tool.”

Vick – Software Developer


What Are Customers Saying About Traffic Wizard?

Industry Experts and Customers Love Traffic Wizard for Their Business and You Will Too.


“I have been working extremely closely with Waqar and his team on one huge project for nine months now. They have created wonderfully simple to use extremely sophisticated software. Highly recommended.”

– John Currie


Fantastic developer and delivers fast as promised. Waqar delivers as promised. He is an exceptional developer. I recommend Waqar for all his products. They perform like they are supposed to. He keeps his software up to date. Always looking for notifications for his next creation.

– Gary Wallis


A top-Notch software developer who knows his stuff. The tool is an excellent addition to our arsenal. We use automation to reduce workload and produce results for clients, and this tool will help! A great piece of software from a great developer. I’m familiar with his work on other IM automation tools and use them every day. This tool works as advertised. More importantly, you’ll get great support from a developer who is committed to his customers—highly recommended!

– Bert TerHart


It was effortless working with this seller. I thought it would take 24+ hours to complete, but it was all sorted out within 5 hours—clear communication and accommodating seller. We will look out for another automation bot from them too. This one is going to be very helpful.

– Dee Man


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use this on Mac?

Only if you have a windows virtual environment setup on your MAC. It is a Windows PC Software.


Does Automated Traffic Impact Rankings?

Yes, why not. If you use good-quality proxies, then it will help you out. So it will also save your money to spend on Google Adwords or any other ad network.


Will the Software work on a Windows VPS?

Yes absolutely, we recommend windows server 2016 or windows ten server.


Is this safe to use?

We got fantastic results using this software. It’s tested & proven to get the very best results.


Does this include updates?

Yes, updates included. We will keep them maintained for any changes.


What are the System Requirements?

It Runs on Windows & Requires .Net Framework 4.0 or the latest version. Antivirus & Firewalls should exclude the software folder.


What is the Refund Policy?

We are confident that you will love Virtual Traffic Wizard that we are offering a full 30-days.


Why do I see Captcha instead of Google result?

It means that you have reached the Google limit of the number of search requests you can do from the same IP, and your computer IP address is temporarily marked as “suspicious.”

– You can wait several hours till your IP cleared

– Use Captcha solving services like 2captcha

– Change IP using Proxies or VPN like Torguard


Using proxies, but Captcha still appear?

1. If you are using public proxies and other people already used this IP and reached the Google limit of the number of search requests, so this proxy is marked as “suspicious.”

2. Google quickly detects your proxies, so it “sees” your real computer IP, which is marked as “suspicious.” So use PacketStream Proxies or Microleaves Backconnect Residential Proxies

3. Your proxies or IP is blocked by Google.


Do you know What GOOGLE wants to see for better traffic?

User Behavioral Data, as well as Links and Content, are the Top Ranking factors.

  • The bounce rate of your site which this tool will Reduce
  • How often is your URL clicked on by searching
  • Your Content Is Relevant To The Search Query
  • How long do users surf on your site & stay there
  • If users return to your site, then it’s a positive sign
  • What devices visit being done either on mobile or desktop devices or both
  • Are you sending the right signals that RankBrain wants to see


What Is Paid Traffic?

Some Paid Traffic Companies give you traffic and charge you. You can order for a specific page of your website or main website.


Why Would Marketers Use Paid Traffic?

Because most of the time, they are busy selling and making software and tools. So they don’t get enough time to optimize their websites or write articles for them. So they mostly buy paid traffic.


Does Paid Traffic Replace Marketing?

No, but Paid traffic will help you a lot to get traffic anyway. You can also buy this software and get traffic with it using proxies.


How Much Does Paid Traffic Cost?

It can be Costly, depending on traffic and the package you got from us. But this automated traffic bot is just One Time Payment, so you don’t have to pay for traffic, but you buy the Ultimate Website Traffic Generator once and then use quality proxies only.

Our dedicated support is here to answer any questions you may have about this software. Your purchase is always secure, and we always keep your information private.


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