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You must be tired of searching and scraping data from different websites, and it is always so difficult and tiring to store that large amount of data every time and search for a perfect Google Maps Maker.

You have had enough of your tiring days; they are over because the best Google Maps maker, Maps Monster Software, is here to your rescue. In other words, it creates Google My Maps for you.

What are Google My Maps?

Google My Maps is your way to keep track of the places that matter to you.

For instance, it quickly makes custom maps to remember your favourite places, explore new cities, or plan great vacations. In addition, it personalizes your custom maps and takes them with you anywhere.

Why Google Maps Maker

Why Google Maps Maker?

As you all know, every strategy and insight for any business is derived from data. Therefore, the information in the form of data makes it the core of market research and business strategies.

Hence, you need to access and analyze a vast amount of data. So, Maps Monster is a great assistant for these kinds of tasks.

To use Google Maps Maker, Get Windows Server 2022 (Win 10) VPS. All other required settings for VPS are applied.

What is Google Maps Maker?

Maps Monster Software or Google Maps Maker is a multi-purpose, resourceful, lightweight & powerful ‘Maps Scraper Tool.’ This software helps you harvest vital information about whatever you want to search, such as:

Business Name, including Business Category, Full Address, and much more information necessary for you to know.

Hold your breath for more; we are not stopping here. Maps Monster helps you extract valuable information, but it also aids you in creating maps. Don’t miss out on our direct and reverse map features as well.

Scrape GMB leads and create maps with layers, locations, and pins. You name it, and this Bot will do it for you. It’s that easy.

Key Features of Google Maps Maker

1- Maps Scraper in Google Maps Maker

Scraper extracts data out of map pages and into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It is the most comprehensive Google Maps extractor tool for creating actionable lists of leads.

You can turn websites into valuable data with Maps Scraper within several clicks. This Bot extracts the data in an efficient and fast way.


maps scraper - Google Maps Maker

It searches for keywords and scrapes these:

    •  Business Name
    • Business Category
    • Full Address
    • Plus Code
    • Website
    • Phone
    • Working Hour
    • Total Reviews
    • Rating
    • Total Photos
    • Image URL
    • Longitude
    • Latitude


MapsMonster Campaign - Google Maps Maker


It also provides a CSV file for exporting and importing data at will.

2- Maps Creator in Google Maps Maker

It’s a great resource for obtaining business leads. Unfortunately, it’s never been the easiest and fastest way to create maps, but thanks to Maps Monster, you can say Google Maps Maker.

Maps Creator creates maps with given locations, pins & layers, and on each pin, it provides a Title, Description and video/Image URL, making it convenient for your research.

maps creator - Google Maps Maker

Likewise, you only need to feed this Bot with the following information, and you are good to go.

    • Campaign Name
    • Maps Location
    • Video/Image
    • Email,Password,Mapname
    • Layers-Pins
    • Map Layer
    • Map Pin
    • Video/Image URL
    • Twitter
    • Niche, State, and City Folder names
    • Description

MapsMonster Create Campaign - Google Maps Maker

It can create up to 1000 pins in maps while creating, but it takes time for that many pins to make.

3- Maps Spider in Google Maps Maker

spider diagram is a visual brainstorming technique. As the name suggests, you lay out your ideas to look like a spider, with the main idea in the middle and lines that branch out to add more insights or connected ideas.

In addition to a spider map, the details surround the central topic in a branch-like format. It naturally eliminates the hierarchy that a linear outline may portray. All ages can use spider mapping.

Its’ map spider creates a Maps web from the given GMB name to all locations. So even you can provide many locations as a result.

Maps spider - Google Maps Maker

So this process will map something like this :

maps spider - web example - Google Maps Maker

4- Maps Booster

How do you increase views on Google Maps? This module Boosts views for your Maps and its maps viewer feature.

Maps Booster is a module of Google Maps software known as Maps Monster. Hence, this module is also available as free, separate software.

It’s best to use the Google Maps SEO process. It helps your Google My Maps views. You can use this as a Google Maps optimization service. It helps you to rank higher on Google Maps. In addition, it knows how to get more views on Google My Maps.


Maps Booster interface - Google Maps Maker

reverse direct map

5- Direct & Reverse Map 

This feature is thoroughly explained as follows:

  • Searches Address/Keyword/Location
  • Scrapes its Lang and latitude
  • Adds some number too long so can get some new area address nearby
  • Gets direction from input address to system-generated address
  • Scrape the short URL of the map and I-frame
  • Then click the Reverse button to get directions from the generated address to the input address.
  • Scrapes its short URL and I-frame
  • Saves all information in the output file

6- Pin Titles Scraping Utility

It’s no secret that Pinterest is moving and shaking its features this year.

The latest change is their addition of Pin titles – another feature that allows us to optimize search results and conversions to clicks.

It scrapes pin titles from your target keywords and niches. Then, you can use them in your Maps Monster campaigns without effort.

Pin titles Scraper

7- GMB Reviews Scraper

Google My Business (commonly known as GMB and formerly known as Google Local and Google Places) is a business listing on Google.

Not unlike listings on online business directories such as Yelp. It’s also a core element of local SEO.

This software scrapes Reviews from given GMB names and saves them for later use and information storage.

An example is just for one Review :

gmb reviews scraper


In conclusion, Google Maps Maker Software has all the features, including the rare ones that a perfect Google Maps scraper does have.

So, if you are tired of searching and scraping data from different websites and need good, helpful software.

Then my maps monster software can be a better choice, and you will not regret your decision. It is super easy to use as it helps you collect all the necessary information and make a record of them, for instance. It can unquestionably be the best choice, as a result.



Updates logs

Updates for v1.3 :
– ADDED Browser languages
– ADDED Maps Booster Free Software module
– FIXED Maps Spider module
– FIXED Outputs issues
– ADDED Pin Titles Scraper Utility

Updates for v1.2 :
– ADDED upto 1000 pins creation capability
– ADDED Maps Spider module

Updates for v1.1 :
– ADDED maps scraper more functionalities

Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $57.00.

Best Maps Maker software which Scrapes GMB leads, Reviews & Pin Titles. Also Creates maps with layers, locations, and pins. Makes Maps Spider Web from your GMB to all locations. Also, it makes Direct & Reverse Maps. Have a Maps Booster to generate views and Boost Google My Maps.