Google Rank Brain and User Experience Signals

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Google Rank Brain and User Experience Signals

Google Rank Brain and User Experience Signals

Last Updated on October 26, 2023 by Vick

The question is: What is Rank Brain, precisely? And how can you maximise it?

It is a machine learning system and artificial intelligence that Google employs to rank web pages, and it’s been in use since October 2016.

The goal of Google Rank Brain is to provide the best search results for users, not just based on what keywords are present on a website but also on how user-friendly the site appears.

It means that if you have both “blue widgets” and “red widgets” pages on your site with identical content, then the one which ranks higher in search results will be the one that looks more appealing to users due to factors such as its layout or social media shares.

In other words, User Experience Signals are now part of the EO strategy. Google Rank Brain has become an essential factor in determining rankings.

That might sound challenging; however, it isn’t. Rank Brain gauges how users communicate with the search outcomes and places them as necessary. Rank Brain is explained by MOZ here.

Google Rank Brain and User Experience Signal are essential factors for ranking.

User experience signals were HUGE this year. And I expect them to be even more vital. Google formerly revealed that Google Rank Brain was their third most crucial ranking aspect:

In the minority months it has been released, Google Rank Brain has become the third-most crucial signal contributing to the result of a search question.”

So, it focuses on these two things:

1. How long does user time spend on your page (Dwell Time)
2. The percentage of users that click on your result through search results (Click Through Rate)

Both are well-performed and controlled in this tool to generate CTR Traffic. In conclusion, Rank Brain is focused on refining queries that Google processes, but they say that this system is also used to rank web pages. Google itself says RankBrain is the most critical ranking factor.

What is the formula for Google’s rank Brain algorithm?

A Google patent describes Google’s rank brain algo: “The highest-ranked page may be disfavored in favour of a lower-ranked page, which includes one or more additional user experience signals that positively correlate with user satisfaction.

The search system may periodically refresh the user experience signals based on data collected from user interactions and resources.

What is the rank Brain algorithm?

SEO experts on Google’s search quality team created an algo that uses other Google products (e.g. Google images, google shopping) to determine the best result and rank it accordingly.

Does Google still use RankBrain?

Yes, Google has confirmed that Google’s rank brain is a factor when Google search gets more challenging.

What are the ranking factors in Google?

Top 5 Google ranking factors

  • PageRank (20%)
  • Link building (20%)
  • Content quality and user experience on the page (30%)
  • Backlinks (30%)
  • Google rank brain (5%)

This Google rank brain thing is Google’s secret sauce, and what Google’s search quality team created has been rolling out for significant Google searches in the last two years or so.

More than a billion daily queries are getting affected by the Google RankBrain SEO ranking factor now. Let us describe more of these factors.

  • Google mobile-friendly (20%)
  • Google creates page speed (5%), which will hurt over 50% of website Google ranking if Google page speed is terrible. You can Google Page Speed Test and Google Tools site check to know how Google page speed score affects your Google Search Rank on mobile phones.
  • Social media (3%) – Twitter share count, Facebook likes
  • Backlinks (30%) Google has confirmed that Google’s rank brain is a factor when Google search gets more challenging.


Does Google rank brain mean Google webmaster quality guidelines have changed? Google now considers user experience signals from Google products, and it will hurt if these signals are not taken care of for ranking pages well on Google in the future.

Google Rank Brain and User Experience Signals go hand in hand. You need a great user experience to rank higher so that people will want to link back to your site or share it with their friends on social media.

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