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Searching and scraping data from different websites is difficult. This GMB Leads Scraper helps you automate that process and extracts GMB leads from Google Maps. It is a multi-purpose, resourceful, lightweight & powerful Tool.

You must have faced problems previously while scraping the data of GMB Leads & finding Unclaimed GMBs.

It is the tool that can help you in that case. Scrape Unclaimed GMBs and Leads from GMBs (for any niche in any location). Supercharge your sales with a powerful lead-generation solution. 

Find Leads & Unclaimed GMBs

Scraping Leads 🔍

It can scrape all results coming for the keyword plus the location given and save them all in a file. It scrapes the following things from targeted GMBs:

  1. 🏢 Business Name: Scraping the names of businesses.
  2. 🏷️ Category: Identifying the business categories.
  3. 📌 Full Address: Collecting complete business addresses.
  4. 🌐 Website: Retrieving business website URLs.
  5. Website Status: Check the scraped website status to see whether it is live or EXPIRED.
  6. 📧 Email: Extracting email addresses from their website URL.
  7. 📞 Phone: Collecting phone numbers.
  8. Ratings: Scraping business ratings.
  9. 🗣️ Total Reviews: Extracting the number of reviews.
  10. 📍 Google Map URL: Retrieving the Google Maps URLs for businesses.

You can add all locations, cities, or suburbs within one niche in a bot. It will scrape all of them and save them in location-based CSV files.

Finding Unclaimed GMBs – Jackpot Mode 🎯

It can find UNCLAIMED GMBs and save them in a separate file. So imagine how many unclaimed GMBs this tool can find related to your niche in your required locations. So yeah, find unlimited GMB Opportunities and grow your business. 🙂

To use GMB Scraper, Get Windows Server 2022 (Win 10) VPS.


What’s the potential of this tool?

  1. 🤝 Outreach New Clients: Actively engage and connect with potential new customers.
  2. 🔍 Scrape Niche and Location-Based Data: Utilize tools to gather specific market and geographical information.
  3. 📈 Optimize New Clients’ GMBs (Google My Business): Enhance the online presence and visibility of new clients’ business listings.
  4. 🌟 Offer New Services to New Clients: Introduce and provide additional value-added services to new customers.
  5. 💼 Sell Leads to Your Already Existing Clients: Monetize the information by selling leads to your current client base.
  6. 📚 Educate New Clients About Why Their GMBs Need to Be Optimized: Inform and guide new clients on the benefits of optimizing their Google My Business listings.
  7. 👨‍💻 Manual Processes in the Market: Acknowledge that many are already performing these tasks manually.
  8. 🗂️ Save Unlimited Unclaimed GMBs Within Any Niche and for All Locations: Store and manage many unclaimed Google My Business listings across various industries and locations.
  9. 🕊️ Ethical and White Hat Way to Approach Clients: Ensure that all outreach and business practices are conducted ethically and in compliance with industry standards.

What can you offer to your Scraped Leads?

  1. 🌐 Improve GMB Website: Enhance the quality and functionality of clients’ Google My Business websites.
  2. 📅 Daily GMB Posts: Regularly update clients’ GMB profiles with new posts to maintain engagement.
  3. 💻 Complete Website Design: Offer comprehensive website design services for clients without a proper website listing.
  4. 🔍 Full SEO for New Websites: Provide complete search engine optimization services for newly created websites.
  5. 🖼️ Create GMB Images: Design and post visually appealing images on clients’ Google My Business profiles.
  6. 🗺️ Generate Driving Directions: Create accurate and easy-to-follow driving directions to clients’ business locations.
  7. 🎨 Graphic Design for Sites or GMB Posts: Offer graphic design services for websites and Google My Business posts.
  8. 🔎 Local SEO Services: Optimizes clients’ online presence for local search results.
  9. 🔄 Citation Updates: Regularly update and maintain the accuracy of clients’ business citations across various platforms.
  10. 🏷️ GMB Category Optimization: Fine-tune the categorization of clients’ GMB listings for better visibility and relevance.
  11. 📸 Optimized & GEO Tagged Images: Create and upload images with optimization and geo-tagging for enhanced local search presence.
  12. 📹 Create and Post Videos on GMB: Develop and share engaging videos on clients’ Google My Business profiles.
  13. 💼 Offer More Services for Monthly Payments: After optimizing their GMB, propose additional services for ongoing monthly payments.

By offering these services, you can effectively scrape leads and provide valuable GMB services, fostering a long-term relationship with clients through continual service offerings.

What can you do with leads or Unclaimed GMBs?

Go to scraped leads or unclaimed GMBs CSV file and find what GMBs need working and optimizations. So if you are an expert in this GMB optimization field, you have their contact so contact them and tell them that you can optimize their GMB and fix issues.

Also, you can offer more of your SEO or local SEO services. So it is the best tool to get new clients and reach them.

GMB Scraper - Introduction to GMB Scraping

What is GMB Leads Scraper?

It is a fully automated scraping solution. It provides the capacity to scuff information by going into keywords and placing it in a single click. The Scraper will undoubtedly open your web browser, go to Google Maps, enter your search, and then scrape details.

Extract businesses from Google Maps in seconds for the sole purpose of generating B2B leads. If you are the “I like to find my leads within minutes” type of person, then Today is your lucky day.

  • You can find leads for your business in any industry across all countries.
  • It helps you qualify leads faster than ever before.
  • Increase productivity by reducing hours spent looking for leads.

It is the fastest way to extract valuable leads from businesses (e.g., SEO companies in California, web designers in London, bicycle shops in Amsterdam, restaurants in New York, etc.)

Key Features of Google Leads Scraper

You can turn websites into valuable data with this scraper within several clicks. It extracts the data in an efficient and fast way:

  • It searches for keywords in required locations and scrapes their business names, business categories, complete addresses, and codes. The details of its website, phone number, number of working hours, total reviews, and rating.
  • It also tells you about the total number of photos and the URL behind images, their latitude, and longitude, which makes it different from others.
  • It provides a CSV file for exporting and importing data at will. Key Features of Google Leads Scraper

Why GMB Leads Scraper?

Google Maps is the definitive source for data on company listings. No one has more data than Google Maps does.

Yet, they are not likely to share that data with us. That is why you require a Google Maps Scraper. With this Scraper, you can merely collect the information you desire from Google without using any APIs.

Utilize their information to inhabit your data sources of company listings, send mass mailing projects, or collect it for lead generation.


Is this GMB Leads Scraper a virus?

No. There are many complaints about the users, and they are telling me and giving bad feedback sometimes due to anti-virus or Windows defenders giving alerts. So, let me be clear on this matter.

Those are FALSE POSITIVES. You have to allow this software as it’s not a virus. Watch support videos about it, please.

Those alerts are just because of Windows security and unknown software publishers. So as we are a small company, you have to understand the situation.

So please, If you want to enjoy our tools, permanently whitelist them first. We have sold many other SEO automation tools within our website and also to private companies. We have a good reputation.

Original price was: $147.00.Current price is: $57.00.

It can scrape all results coming for the keyword plus the location given and save them all in a file. It scrapes the following things from targeted GMBs. It can find UNCLAIMED GMBs and save them in a separate file. So imagine how many unclaimed GMBs this tool can find related to your niche in your required locations. So yeah, find unlimited GMB Opportunities and grow your business :)