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Scrapex can scrape data from millions of Pages.

I am scraping thousands of pages to collect Emails, Phone Numbers, or anything FAST with data scraper.

This data scraper is Capable of scraping data from 100k+ pages. ScrapEX is a powerful application capable of crawling thousands of pages looking for information. 

Data Scraping with data scrapers wasn’t so easy. Before Collect Emails, Phone Numbers, Files, Proxies & much more…


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Advance Customized scraping Multiple scraping jobs, memory efficient, filtering, proxies, customized scraping



  • Capable of scraping 100000 plus pages really
    Scrapex can scrape data from millions of Pages
    Latest V2 User Interface Demo
  • Multithreaded to scrape multiple sites simultaneously
  • Extremely memory efficient for your operating system
  • Robust internal URL detection is amazing
  • Easy to modify to scrape whatever you want in minutes!
  • Ability to save a massive amount of results without memory spiking
  • Ability to crawl multiple sites back to back & super fast
  • Add in proxies (supports credential proxies too!)
  • Whitelist filter (must contain) for URL, Title or Innertext
  • Blacklist filter (must not contain) for URL, Title, or Innertext
  • Ability to use both filters at once, which open doors to advance scraping
  • Scrape by Regular Expressions. You don’t even have to worry about updates
  • Built-in regular expressions for Emails, Phone Numbers, Files, Proxies
  • Ability to remove query if you want (like waqarexpert[dot]com/?this_is=query)
  • Powerful extension filter built in which filters pages that may cause problems
  • Set custom user agent if you want to add your Browser user agent


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Demo Test of Scrapex for Skype Group

I ran a small demo test in the GeoGenius Skype group for our beloved Customer Vitor a few months ago. Here is a sneak peek of that test :


scrapex test demo

I didn’t complete the test, so I stopped and saved results to show quick results. Results are here. You can see how fats scraped too many results. ?



SCRAPEX is running for an engine stress test, and I’m running it on a terrible server. VPS has 2GB of ram and always uses about 1GB just to run the operating system.

It also has a whopping single core. So WHY am I testing this beast on the worst VPS? Because I know that if it can slice through thousands of pages on this awful server, then it should do wonders everywhere else ?



This tool is a monthly subscription because I will keep adding more specific sites for scraping. So which needs more maintenance and work. Cannot reveal more secrets?

We will be making complete video series that will guide you more about what possible things you can do & will also add customer feedback and success stories soon.


Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $57.00.

Scrape Email Addresses , Phone Numbers or anything you imagine from Multiple Urls in Minutes. SCRAPEX is a powerful application capable of Crawling & Scraping hundreds of thousands of pages looking for information while still being extremely memory efficient