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Yahoo Questions Scraper is Best for Scraping questions for SEO purposes. 

What are Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer website or a knowledge market from Yahoo! that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. Wikipedia

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Yahoo Questions Scraper flow and features are :

1 – UI contain a “Keywords” Textarea where the user can put multiple KWs, one per line.

3 – The software will navigate to “”.

4 – Type the user-given Keyword to specify the Questions.

5 – Then the software will scrape all Questions from 1st five pages.

6 – All Scraped Questions will be saved in the CSV file in the output folder with the current date and time along with Keyword.

7 – Complete process will be repeated for all given Keywords

8 – UI also contains a Logs text area to provide the software’s working.



Scrape which Questions everyone is asking on

You can use those scraped questions related to youKeywordrd. Those questions are the latest & user-generated questions you can use in your article post content, titles, subheadings or headings, GMB posts, Social media posts, IFTTT campaigns, Youtube video descriptions, blog posts and much more you can think of.

* Use Scraped Questions to Boost Rankings *

You can also use them in Google Stacks that you create with Geo Genius or GMB Genius, or Cloud Stacking Poster. These are real unique questions and answers from yahoo users.

Use them on your web pages so the content can be unique. Google loves keyword-related questions and answers on your page, and Google also loves fresh, unique content; that’s what this software gets for you.

Original price was: $47.00.Current price is: $7.00.

Yahoo Questions Scraper is Best for Scraping questions. This Yahoo Questions scraper will search for a given keyword and will scrape all questions from so you can use them for SEO purposes