Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins


Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins

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How to Increase Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins?

Creating a successful blog and trying to maintain it takes more than the content of the blog. Installing certain plugins on your WordPress page allows you to get more views on your visitors. If you know what topics your site visitors are searching for and if you submit more articles about these topics, you will increase the traffic of your site. At this point, WordPress has multiple plugins and widgets that you can better track visitor views and activities, but we have investigated which ones are successful for you. Let see how you can increase Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins.


Website Traffic with 11 WordPress Plugins

We have compiled some add-on suggestions that make the use of Google Analytics more effective and enable you to manage your page correctly in the name of data measurement.

To use Google Analytics effectively, you do not need to know the internet very well or be a technical website administrator. Whether your goal is to create a very popular blog or reach the top of e-commerce success; the first thing you need to do is to know your visitor audience well. For this, there are some questions you have to answer.

Where do these users come from? (Organic, Search engine, other sites)
Which content gets the most clicks on your web page?
How long does it stay on your web page?
When does your site’s traffic increase?


1.  Google Analyticator

With this plugin, you can add JavaScript codes that will enable Google Analytics logs on your website. Therefore, this plugin has different widgets that make the data easily visible on the admin page and blog. Other features of the plugin are:

  • Carries the download link history
  • Keeps track of the speed of the site
  • Provides you statistical information of visitors in a widget
  • All codes generated by Google can be followed
  • Translates into the native language
  • Easy to install
  • Hides Google UID reductions


2.  WassUp Real-Time Analytics 

This plugin is very useful for organizing your collective traffic reports. With the plugin, you can reduce the scope of your keywords in use, see which ones are hits or not, and which ones are currently being searched. Besides, with the “geolocation map” feature, you can see who is visiting the site at that time. WassUp can also detect hacking attempts and spam agents and stop their data access.


3.  Google Analytics by MonsterInsights




Previously known as Google Analytics for WordPress, it is known as the most preferred plugin of all time, 11 million users cannot be wrong. Google Analytics is a comprehensive tracking tool for blogs, ads, and video views.

To use this add-on, you must first have a Google Analytics account. Once you have an account, you can access your Google data with a traditional or customized spreadsheet system.


4.  WP Power Stats

WP Power Stats allows you to access page views, location traffic data, and visitor statistics first-hand without interfering with third-party applications. If you want to show your followers or visitors that you are serving safe content, this is the plugin for you. Thanks to the WP Stats plugin, which provides a great benefit in this regard, only you can control, edit and view the access information of the content on your site.


5.  Jet Pack (WordPress plugin to increase website traffic)



Jet Pack is a plugin designed by WordPress specifically for platforms such as Google Analytics. It has 25 different adjustable modules so that the desired information can be accessed as desired.

But Jet Pack is more than data collection as an add-on. So, it is capable of filtering spam comments and preventing unauthorized login requests. Besides, while working on new content, you can set the social media sharing timings of your content.


6.  kStat Reloaded

Widely used, this advanced WordPress plugin makes it easy to track how healthy your site is. With kStat Reloaded, you get useful information such as how many times your blog has been visited, when these visits are made, and where visitors are looking on your WordPress page


7.  W3Counter Blog Stats

Another way to Increase Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins is by using  W3 counter Blog Stats. Released by W3Counter, this plugin is one of the easiest tracking plugins to use on your WordPress page. Therefore, by placing Blog Stat statistics on the side tab of your page, you can track daily visits, top searches, favourite blog posts, and where this traffic came from.


8.  Advanced Blog Metrics

With this plugin, you not only learn what your visitors are doing but also increase the number of visitors to your blog. With the Advanced Blog Metrics plugin, you can see when the most traffic is on your blog, how many comments you have received, and who has the most comments. The plugin also advises you to determine the best time for the new blog post to attract more visitors to the site.


9.  Analytics 360 (WordPress plugin to increase website traffic)


This add-on brings together Analytics 360 add-on data from Google Analytics and MailChimp in a single admin panel. So, you can check which users are added to your email list and the status of your current address and new addresses. So, with the campaign traffic tab, you can find out how many visitors are coming to your website with a single email campaign.

With this WordPress statistics plugin, you can find out if new visitors are coming to your website with a reference or directly. In addition to these, there are many other features in the Analytics 360 plugin.


10.  WP-Stats-Dashboard

WP-Stats-Dashboard is one of the best WordPress statistics plugins. This multipurpose plugin offers you statistics for reaching your target audience, Alexa rank, blog traffic, and much more. Other features include:

  • Translates your page into foreign languages
  • Follows over 50 social media
  • Finds profiles
  • Lots of statistics management panel widgets
  • Has sidebar widgets such as daily charts, social media tracking, authors ranking
  • Stat Press Reloaded


This WordPress plugin has some very good features for WordPress blogs. Therefore, you can track keyword searches, browsers, visitors, operating system information without any problems.

After installing this plugin on your WordPress blog, you can easily get information about your blog. The plugin shows you statistics in the sidebar. Removes old documents when you’re running low on space. There are also many language options.



11.  WP Statistics (WordPress plugin to check website traffic)

Another way to Increase Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins is by using WP Statistics. This plugin collects, generates, and notifies you of blog statistics in a unique way. Lets you learn about:

  • Pages with the highest number of visitors
  • Statistics reposted via email
  • Who is currently visiting your website?
  • How many people are currently online on your website?
  • Updates to the GeoIP database

For more detail, you can check this:



Results of Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins

Whichever of the Analytics add-ons you choose, you should make sure that the add-on meets your needs. After that, all of the above are available for free and basic. However, you need to upgrade to Premium to access different qualities of some. Above are the ways to Increase Website Traffic with WordPress Plugins.

When you start measuring the analysis of your site, you will be in the game and you will be counted as one of the competitors. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get one of the add-ons and start experiencing it.

If you know the best time to publish new articles, you will reach more followers. With these plugins, you will not only find out what your visitors are looking for on your WordPress page, but also what content your visitors are happy to see. You can improve your site and increase the number of purposeful visits thanks to the messages sent during heavy traffic.