Web Automation Tools With Features

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Web Automation Tools With Features

Web Automation Tools With Features

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6 Web Automation Tools

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 web automation tools. And we will discuss how they are useful. But before jumping right into the introduction of those tools.

Firstly let talk about what is a web automation tool?  Well, it should be pretty obvious. But of the chance, if you are not fully aware of them. I’ll try to explain it to you in as simple terms as possible. So that even someone with no prior knowledge of auto bots can understand them.

Web automation tools are basically a framework that allows its user to stimulate and mimic human behavior or journies on a website. For example, it allows you to simulate clicks, input data, or jump from one page to another via inbound links or external links.

So basically it replicates any action that a human might take on a website. Now you might have an idea of how a traffic bot works. Without further delay Lets jump right into our 1st tool on the list.

Selenium Web Automation Tool


Selenium is an open-source web automation tool. This tool allows you to run automated scenarios on website browsers. Such as Google Chrome, Bing, Firefox, IE, etc.

These automation tools work better on some browsers as compared to others.  For example, selenium works better on Firefox and Chrome. And it is a little less compatible with IE.

Selenium also has an IDE  for Firefox. It essentially contains a record and plays plugin. Which helps you record the script and can transfer it into first different languages. Which will then allow you to add more information.

Selenium also has a 2.0 version also known as WebDriver. A webserver is essentially a selenium plugin. On which you can end up writing. It supports frameworks like Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript.

Selenium is without a doubt the base for the greater part of the other programming testing tools by and large.

Watir Web Automation Tool


Watir is again another open-source framework that supports IE and supports Windows too. It also has an equivalent Watir web driver version. Which further supports Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera.

Water is predominant;y Ruby driven framework. Comparatively, you can say that it is the equivalent of writing JavaScripts using selenium 2.0.


  • Tests any language-based web application
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Compatible with business-driven development tools like RSpec, Cucumber, and Test/Unit
  • Tests web page’s buttons, pages itself, links, and time of response.

Ranorex Web Automation Tool


Ranorex is a commercial framework that also provides a 30-day free trial version. Its framework allows you to record and playback what you have recorded. Ranorex is actually a very popular paid framework.

Because not only does it supports automation on web browsers. But also supports automation on GUI and Mobile automation platforms.

What that means is you have the ability to run automated scripts against desktop and mobile applications. It has a framework that provides somewhat all-rounded solutions.

If you are looking for an automated tool that allows you to write a script on multiple different platforms and multiple multiple different applications and multiple different browsers.


Ranorex primarily supports C# and DotNet.

  • GUI recognition
  • Reusable test codes
  • Bug detection
  • Integration with various tools
  • Record and playback

SoapUI Web Automation Tool

SoapUI is among open-source web automation tools. Looking away from your front-end web testing, IE let’s say you are trying to do some kind of test. Or you are trying to write a test for a web page.


Typically what will happen is you will end up writing a task where you click on buttons, navigate forms, click on links, submit them, and so on.

When all of that happens, when all of those written front end web tasking is happening. Usually what is happening on the back end is that you are sending various kinds of messages.

These various types of messages are commonly known as rest messages. Now the part of this automation website tool in this scenario is that it directly automates those in rest messages.

Or to be specific, any website service call is made as a result of doing something on a web page. Which are called invite and can directly be invited via SoapUI.

So SoapUI is actually a very useful tool in that it allows you to do stuff such as measuring response time. This is again something that isn’t very freely available in front-end orientated frameworks which we have discussed earlier such as Selenium, Watir.


Sahi is again another open-source framework. Which also had a paid commercial package of web automation tools available. Sahi is similar to selenium IDE in that it allows you to record and play back test scripts.


It supports search engines like Firefox and IE.

  • Performs multi-browser testing
  • Supports ExtJS, ZK, Dojo, YUI, etc. frameworks
  • Record and playback on the browser testing



It is one of web automation tools with code-less scripting. It has a free package available that includes features like keyword-driven, data-driven, and distributed tests.

Paid services provide the user with more features like web testing, software testing, and database testing. Automation and optimization of web pages are also well handled.


Some of the most important features of this tool are

  • OEI (object eye internal recorder)
  • SMTP Integration
  • Version Control System
  • Automated Recording Rule
  • Centralized Object Repository

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In this article, I tried my best to inform you about the functionality and features of the top 6 web automated tools that you can use to automate your website tasks.

These tools will take some time to be completely understood by someone who has no prior knowledge about them. You can use the free open-source tools to start from or you can jump right into the professional and paid tools.

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