VidlQ Review – Tool Which is Essential For Youtubers


VidlQ Review – Tool Which is Essential For Youtubers


Last Updated on April 9, 2021 by Vick

In this article, We are going to discuss VidlQ Review. VidIQ is one of the most useful YouTube creator tools on this market. It’s prepared with an extended range of features to assist the most critical channel development and video optimisation areas.


It also regularly adds new features to its lineup.vidIQ is a video marketing program that helps content creators earn the tools and teaches them to maximise productivity, including boost views including subscribers toward their YouTube channel.



What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of designing your content to boost ranking factors to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). As the search engine is usually the gatekeeper to your content, optimising your website concerning search is essential to interest traffic and build a following.


YouTube appears to be the second-largest search engine worldwide, second only to its parent, Google. So it is essential to boost your SEO by using one of these tools, such as VIDIQ.


How to do VidIQ grow a Youtube channel?

VidIQ is excellent for an individual publisher similar to you & me or concerning digital marketing agencies who handle Youtube channel for their client. Most of us are aware of primary Youtube video SEO tips like use Keyword in the post title.

Use complete description & make the video engaging. This is general knowledge that every Youtube publisher has, but more than that, one can use it to give more perceptibility to their Youtube channel.


PRO version

Let me first discuss their pro version, which starts at only $10/month. It may appear too much for an entry-level Youtube administrator. To begin with, VidIQ is a video marketing tool and analytics for Youtube publishers.


This tool investigates your Youtube account and provides you with essential insights to make actionable decisions. It is more profound than completely a Youtube SEO tool, as it enables your video analytics to discover how users are communicating between users. Getting started with VidIQ is simple, as you need to connect it, including your YouTube account.


Features of VidIQ Web App

Its features, retailing tools, and video analytics help videos earn the much exposure they require for greater reach. Its broad plethora of necessary capabilities and SEO solutions can help you make more excellent decisions and communicate with your audience.


vidIQ does these by getting as well as presenting data and metrics in a more interpretable way. This tool is excellent for organising and preparing big data within your publishing policy. It can also help you manage timely engagement, including your audience, for your channel’s greater sustainability.


The Dashboard Tab

VidIQ’s dashboard is the centre of leading your channel with the program. VidIQ is one of the most useful YouTube creator tools on this market. It’s prepared with an extended range of features to assist the most critical channel development and video optimisation areas.


In it, you’ll discover the keywords you wanted to represent your content and channel, some usual stats about your channel’s performance, keywords people have managed to find out your content, including your  Competitor’s videos all in one position. Moreover,  If you have some pro version of VidIQ (paid), you’ll additionally see the “Greatest Time To Post” section and “Text Representation Campaigns” sections.


The Keywords Tab

This is wherever you can perform keyword research efficiently and instantly. All you have to do is type your keyword within the search bar and tapped the keyboard’s enter key. VidIQ will collect data around your keyword – such as search volume and competition score, and show you the data in a convenient, straightforward manner. To top it all off, it’ll explain to you original videos that did that keyword in their title, description or tags, so you could recognise what’s out there, including what you’re up toward.


The Competitors Tab – VidlQ Review

This is where you can do competitor analysis, which is super excellent and crucial for any YouTuber, big or small. Competitor research allows you to study from your competitions strongest and weakest points and practices to improve your content and make it the best thing on the platform in the Competitor’s tab.

You can join competitor channels to maintain track of. You will discover recent uploads they performed and some comparable statistics to see at. Keep in thought that in the free version, you can add three competitors.


Easy to Use

vidIQ is an easy and friendly-to-use tool for streamlining and growing your YouTube channel. You don’t have to struggle to use its features because of its straightforwardness, including the efficiency of implementation. Both beginners, including skilled content creators, usually find video relatively simple. Its dashboard is more comprehensive, with no confusion.

You can also assume it correctly with different colour-coding and direct insights available to grow your channel. Its web application, including extension, is user-friendly with an intelligent exploration interface. Additionally, the tool for keyword tool can also identify phrases and data. It might also guide you to an argument with the policies of YouTube, thus keeping you from becoming demonetised.


VidIQ Chrome Extension – Vidlq Review

When it gets to VidIQ, the Chrome extension is wherever it’s at. It’s got so many features. It’s entirely free to download and use. which makes it one of the best video SEO Chrome extensions on the market at this very moment.


SERP (Search Engine Results Page) – VidlQ Review

The first place you’ll see VidIQ’s Chrome extension benefits is YouTube’s research results. If you’re performing keyword research on your video (which you definitely should). you’ll discover that on the right-hand side of the screen.  VidIQ’s chrome extension popped up.


When you open VidlQ, The first thing you’ll notice is the small graph at the bottom of the stats section. Scrolling down, you’ll discover even more data regarding that keyword, ranging from the top channels. VidlQ regularly targets this keyword down to the most detailed searches. The terms for the keyword you’re investigating at the note.


If you own the Pro version of VidIQ, you’ll also view a list of the keyword’s top videos ranking. But you don’t need that since that’s what the SERP is for. We find that feature redundant, and we’d never pay money for something that we can get for free.


A different thing to note while looking at the SERP is the individual search results: with video, you can uncover the tags used in the videos without having to go to the video page, see how many times shared the video (and where) and the likes/dislikes ratio in percentages.


The Video Page – VidlQ Review

At the right-hand side of the video player, VidIQ’s Chrome extension kicks into gear. The greatest thing you’ll view is a general overview of stats for the video as great as the video’s thumbnail (in case you forgot what it looks like or if you want to recognise if the thumbnail is appropriate to the content – as it should be – or if it’s misleading or inappropriate for this content itself).


Next, you’ll discover the Social section, which tells you how well the video performs on different social media platforms. You will view, for example, that this particular video is relatively prosperous on social media. You can even see how numerous likes it got toward YouTube, Facebook or Reddit, how many comments and Facebook reactions it gained, and the likes/dislikes ratio on YouTube itself.


The Channel Page

You will discover VidIQ’s icon at the top of this channel page, wherever all the tabs are. This section of the article will go into each function and tab and show you their purpose and use. So beginning, let’s see at the “CSV Export” choice – this opportunity will allow you to download some of the creator’s public video data as a CSV file to store on your computer and learn from. Upgrading to Pro or Boost will make you either 100 videos or endless videos. This is an excellent function if you need to compare other channels’ data or push data analysis to find trends or insights based on video metrics.


Next, you can do Add Competitor, Competitor to add that channel as a competitor on VidIQ’s web app. This will enable you to see whereby you measure this creator precisely and whereby the creator includes up to your other preferred competitors.


Remember, with the free version, you’re only allowed to 3 competitors on the web app, so if you’ve reached the maximum of all three and require to add more competitors, you’ll want to update your plan and start Pay. Viewing at the tabs, you’ll find VidIQ added two original tabs to the mix: Trending and Stats.


Plans Comparison – VidlQ Review

VidIQ offers a difference of 4 different plans: Free, Pro, Boost and Boost+. You can do VidIQ for free and perform the most of it. However, there are certain advantages to paying for VidIQ.

More competitors to add, more data to see (such as most fantastic times to upload videos), and other services such as a one-on-one guiding session on improving your channel with one of the VidIQs experts and access to advanced content in the VidIQ academy.



vidIQ Academy enables both free plus paid user-exclusive courses on YouTube growth, including channel development. It is tied with a handful of examples and actionable tips based on the experts’ real-world experience from vidIQ. Besides, they will deliver 30 videos to cover various aspects of building, researching, optimising, and publishing video content.


Customer Support of VidlQ Review

The users For Free plan promise to respond within 24 hours. Moreover, if you are a Premium user, they will hardly take over 30 minutes to assist you. Free plan users usually get an automatic bot reply, while premium license users will take preference support.


VIDIQ Advantages and Disadvantages

These are the following Advantages and Disadvantages.


VIDIQ advantages

  • More accurate statistics for both videos, including channels
  • Includes features to delve into your Competitor’sCompetitor’s data
  • Its paid plans begin at a lower price point of $7.50/per month compared to TubeBuddy, which starts at $9.00/ per month
  • It is used both as a plugin OR browser extension


VIDIQ Disadvantages

The browser extension is exclusively ready for Chrome users. VIDIQ’s uploader takes a few more getting practised to, with several of its key features such as description copy instructions only available in the premium version.


Is Paying For VidIQ Worth It? 

In our opinion, that depends on what you’re trying to get out of it. You can take the absolute most out of the free plan and not have to pay a dime.

The Chrome is more than enough for a beginning YouTuber. The web app interface is easy and simple to operate. Still, it doesn’t add sufficient to the overall experience, and we decided that we rarely ever do the web app. to improve your content and make it the best thing on the platform.

If you want to create a committed audience, improve views, moreover manage various channels and videos on YouTube? vidIQ is a specific answer.


Pricing – VidlQ Review

Pricing has a massive role in purchasers’ decisions. People want to get their money’s worth, including if it isn’t delivered, they’re not running to stick throughout for long.

Let’s see how VidIQ fits with that concept. VidIQ’s pricing ranges between $7.50 to $415. You can choose the package that fulfils your needs. The most profound box is VidIQ Boost. This program allows you to all of these VidIQ features, including you’ll be able to improve up to 5 channels.




VidIQ is an excellent tool that you can use to improve your video SEO practices – starting from keyword research and ending in competitor analysis (if you’re willing to pay for that, of course). It also regularly adds new features to its lineup.

vidIQ is a video marketing program that helps content creators earn the tools and teaches them to maximise productivity

We. find the Chrome extension, which is entirely free, more valuable than the web app, and therefore, we wouldn’t want to spend money on this tool. Is it worth downloading? Absolutely. So we hope that you enjoy the Review of VidlQ.