Ubot Studio Review – All in One Automation Software to Build Bots


Ubot Studio Review – All in One Automation Software to Build Bots

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Ubot Studio Overview

Automate common web tasks, boost your internet marketing potential and create any kind of SEO automation bots with Ubot Studio. Ubot Studio can automate anything online on your website. We have been making SEO automation tools using Ubot Studio for many years. Automation makes life simpler for you & your clients. We are making business with Ubot Studio so we are happy to write a review about this best software to make bots. So I am writing this Ubot Studio Review after many years of my success story and journey with it. 


Did you know that there were only 10,000 websites worldwide? 


In the mid-’90s and with the increasing revolution in technology the figure has reached up to 146, 482, 197 and still continues to increase as you are reading this article. Amazing right! With all the advanced search engines algorithms and bots crawlers, we can now understand and manage all of this information easily and systematically. It’s quite fascinating how automation has made life pretty easy for us. And we all know it will keep on evolving. So we are going to talk about one of the automation evolutions of Ubot Studio


We are going to talk about Ubot Studio Review in-depth as to why you should go for this software above others. 


  • What is Ubot Studio capable of? 
  • What are the remarkable features of Ubot Studio? 
  • How many versions are available and at their prices? 


We will be telling you it’s distinguished features which have captivated us for almost 10 years now and I think we will be companions for a very long time for sure. 


What is the Ubot Studio? 

Ubot Studio is a custom based automation software that helps inspiring innovators to create customisable bots, executable applications for social media marketing, market research, online advertisements, SEO & other functions. A revolutionary tool to Boost your internet market potential. It is said to be a trustworthy platform for over 10,000 Marketing Experts


Ubot Studio is the infrastructural puzzle piece in the world of auto bots. Let it be executing simple scripts, complicated scripts or gathering the bulk of information or scrapping numbers ubot the studio got you covered. Automating on this software is like a piece of cake if you know the knowledge of coding/programming. Seth Turin, the technician mind behind ubot studio has been in the technology business, marketing publications and so on for a long time now. He developed this software in 2009 to ease the difficulties of any programmer. 


Ubot Studio is pretty easy to operate

Whether you are a full-fledged experienced programmer or just starting your journey. We are claiming this statement because we ourselves have been using Ubot Studio for over 10 years now. & we must say it made our work more efficient, precise and fun. It helps its consumers with built-in features to avoid any inconvenience of automating tasks while converting simple daily actions into applications. It is the best possible way yet to monetize your ideas while saving your precious time & money. 


Developing bots, managing data, utilizing artificial intelligence to explore and fill out forms, tracking & creating accounts are among many other distinguished Ubot Studio features. Ubot Studio has also included Windows automation features for simple whole PC Solutions as well. Ubot Studio is an essential tool for online success especially after the latest GOOGLE Penguin update released on the 24th of April, 2012. No other tool can match up to Ubot because of its full quality control and good link quantity control. 


With great link strategies and ubot studio, you can put your hands on any niche, even a very competitive one.  Let us give Some Review for Ubot Studio



Ubot Studio: A Gem for Online Marketing

Online marketing is a gratifying job and it can let you earn a lot of money if you do it right. Yet it can be an extremely tiresome task as well as calls for so much of your time and effort. The repetitive jobs that include demands you to frequently Check things out and execute activities. For people that have actually grasped the art of recurring tasks and also agree to invest a great deal of time in these tasks, then great for them. why not make it less complicated because general net marketing experts get tired of these jobs as well.


  • Ubot Studio is the option for every web online marketers problem.
  • It automates all the activities that require constant updates and on a regular basis done jobs.
  • The software gathers and evaluates the data that you need.
  • It also syncs all your accounts and manages data.
  • It will certainly do the jobs that need to be done either within an internet browser or in a program outside.


What Ubot Studio is Capable of doing? 


Since Ubot Studio is an automation software, it will make your and your clients live easy. It is compatible with almost 99.9% of websites. Whether you’re a trained programmer or no – programmer Ubot Studio lets you develop software like you are browsing the internet. It is not only limited to only link buildings. Ubot Studio is a complete answer to all of your problems


  • What can you make with UBot Studio? Want to create a simple bot? Done. 
  • Do you want to gather information from different websites? Easy. 
  • Want to create thousands of accounts and track them? Look no further than Ubot Studio. 


Ready to start conserving time? Download and install Ubot Studio now


Ubot Studio Review


Notable Features Of Ubot Studio

A great helper in collecting and analyzing data, uploading and downloading data, synchronizing and tracking accounts and converting any daily routine activity into the application to save your time and money. We will also let you know the UBOT Studio Prices of each version and their features in detail.


Standard Version Features – Ubot Studio Review


Standard Version Price

You can get the latest standard version for $295You will get access to FREE extra support, FREE Updates, FREE Bot Bank Access. This is an ideal package with unlimited access to Ubot Network, community-powered forum, job board, store & training centre. 


Three-step Automation Tool

With only three simple steps your work is done. POINT, CLICK, AUTOMATE. 


Visual Scripting Laguage

Ubot Studio has a simple, easy, clean, drag-drop interface, unlike other bloated, complicated automation software. 


Easy to use

Its simple interface is quite easy to operate for anyone. As you know how mind wrecking programming can get sometimes. And not to forget all the years it takes to master. But Ubot Studio makes it easy peasy with taking out the complex process. And you don’t have anything extra to pay. 


Compile & Manage Data

Not only Ubot Studio reads data from your saved files, but it also gathers data from different web pages. It is capable of handling complex information and data manipulation. And with its list and tables, it’s pretty simple to manage.


Sell & Extend

Without any limitations, you can create a stand-alone bot that can work on any system. With just a simple button click “Compile”. Ubot Studio blows life into your ideas and accommodates you in building real programs that you can use for yourself or sell directly to clients without any extra expenses. 


Bot Bank

The new version of Ubot studio has a “bot banker” feature in it which has made developing a bot much easier. There are ready to go bot scripts available for you to use as a template or for educational purposes. It’s really a drag and drops magic and you got yourself a NEW BOT.


Visual UI Designer

Let your imagination run wild and create a unique, gorgeous interface for your software with a simple WYSIWYG visual UI designer. 


Record & Playback

With this Ubot Studio feature, you can record your browser actions and convert them into scripts. And edit them as you wish. 


Search, Scrape & Save

Any web page content can be searched, scraped and saved. Whether its HTML, CSS and Javascript with its customisable scraping system. 


Verify Accounts Via Email & Send Emails

Automatically send, receive, scan emails for important data and also click links within emails. 


Autofill Forms

Ubot Studio helps you with auto-fill forms, text boxes, and other elements on any webpage with randomized and important data. 


Captcha Solver

Built-in third service party integration solves CAPTCHA remotely and manually. 


Use Proxies

You can easily use & switch private, public and secure proxies. 


Randomize Content

Built-in “Spintax Editor” & “integration” randomize your content from account data. It provides the best spinning services. 


Unlimited exe’s

Ubot Studio compile. Exe’s from anywhere for you to use. You can develop executable software from compiling scripts that anyone can download even if they don’t have Ubot Studio. 


Smart Apps

You can develop smart apps with conditionals and if-then statements. 


Custom Commands

Create as many custom commands as you like and there is no limit on reusing them. 


Data Manipulations

Managing advanced data manipulation has become really simple with Ubot Studio easy to use variables, list & tables.


Outstanding & Fast Team of Support

24/7 Ubot Studio Team of support is available for you. Along with that their website has training videos, wiki pages about the explanation of each command and different examples to show you how it is operated. 



Ubot Studio’s built-in debugger finds and fixes the errors quickly and swiftly. 


Powerful Regex Builder

You can scrape text that includes common patterns for finding emails, addresses and more with Ubot Studio’s powerful built-in “Regex Builder”. 


Web Inspector

Inspecting & analyzing is one of the important aspects we programmers need to look out for. But this feature analyzes websites’ source code at the back end. 


Inpedenant of CEF Browser

THE Independent CEF browser of Ubot Studio gives you access and automate web pages effectively. 


Cookie Management

Swap, separate, save, store, browse, clear and load or create cookies for individual users & sessions on the fly. 


Github Friendly File Format

For easier collaboration, you can save your projects to GitHub with the Save to Folder command. 


Story Like Logging

This logging helps you keep a check on the flow of your bot for faster debugging. 



The software creates a text CSV file for you to read and write easily and is manageable. 


Windows Automation

All you need to do is simply type and click anywhere on your PC with Windows automation. 


Shell Commands

you can smoothly and quickly open any other applications using shell commands. 





Professional Version Price

Ubot Studio is offering its professional version with standard version benefits only for $595. This version has more “Advanced Image Recognition” and “Control Flash”. Your automation will get the new fast speed with Socket Commands & SQL IntegrationIn this version, Ubot studio allows you to run unlimited browsers simultaneously with multithreading. For fast and easy reading Ubot Studio’s Code view feature converts your scripts into text. 


SQL Database Integration

You can either connect to, update or grab data from any MySQL, SQLite and SQL Server Databases. 


Thread Spawn

Eliminate all the headaches with this professional powerful version of unlimited multithreading. It will help you build lightning-fast apps. 


Headle3ss Browsing

Simply by dragging and dropping from the live browser you can create full-featured web automation tools with no graphical interface. Isn’t it quite fascinating! 


Full Header Control

How your browser appears is now totally in your hands. Ubot Studio lets you rewrite the HTTP headers you sent to pages according to your desires. 


Professional Code View

For quick and smooth editing and reading now you can easily switch between visual scripting and simple text language with a professional code view of this software. 


Image Recognition 

Interacting with Flash, java and another web contact automatically has become even more simple with image recognition. 


Socket Interaction

You can freely interact with web pages or connect directly through their HTTP protocol without rendering images or javascript. This will let you supercharge your automation. 



Can’t stick around your screen for long? No worries all you need to do is set time for your whole program or for just one project and leave the rest up to Ubot Studio. 





Developer Version Price

This version comes with standard and professional version privileges along with its very own for $995. You can create self-extracting installation packages for your business and clients. Ubot Studio lets you white-label your software by removing its brand name in this version. Design unique interfaces with developer’s styles and web technologies like HTML, CSS & Javascript


Advanced UI Editor

Specialized, advanced UI Editor lets you create completely customizable interfaces for your software with HTML5. 


Whitelabel Applications

Ubot Studio with an open heart lets you remove its brand logo and allows you to replace it with your very own logo. Thus you can proclaim your software with your very own brand image. 


Install Files

Be organized and build folders with all the contents your client will need for your software with the developer version of Ubot Studio. 


Python Enabled

From email to web scraping to robotics; automate every single thing with python inside Ubot Studio. You don’t need to look out for another software for this stuff. 


API Ready to Use

Ubot Studio gives you the free service of using their open API for adding your own custom commands. 


Incognito Mode

Magically take care of any task you wish for by completely going invisible. 



UbotStudio Review 2020 - All in One Automation Software to Build Bots


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


What is so good about the Ubot Studio return policy? If for any reason you change your mind about your purchase you can easily get a refund and ON TOP of that you can keep all the software you have developed so far even if you return Ubot Studio. 


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UBOT Studio Pros

Choosing Ubot Studio to automate your online marketing jobs has a lot of benefits.


Well categorized features

The attributes are set out properly according to the level of technical knowledge of the online marketing professional.



An excellent product has to have some level of assistance. Internet online marketers get into difficulty every so often, and having someplace to head to for aid as well as assistance is very valuable.



Discussion forums are essential for a dream to learn from the knowledgeable ones.


Compile stand-alone software

You can create and wrap the whole package to sell the software to others easily



Ubot Studio is an automation application. It is a product that needs the skill and also the understanding of just how to correctly use it.


Money-back guarantee

For marketing professionals who desire to attempt things out initially, the 30-day cash back warranty is a fantastic motivator to try and also make use of the application.


Extend and also Sell

No other automation software program allows you to merely click the “Compile” switch as well as develop stand-alone bots that work with any computer– without restrictions.


Manage Data

UBot checks out information from websites or from your conserved files, as well as manages complicated information control with easy to deal with listings and also tables.


Point. Click. Automate

Unlike various other cumbersome, puffed up automation suites, UBot Studio has a clean, straightforward, drag-and-drop interface that collaborates with you, not against you.


UBOT Studio Cons

The disadvantages with automation, specifically with this one are:


  • Requires a deep understanding of online marketing
  • Requires programming and software developing knowledge when choosing to upgrade
  • Less control


Besides, there could be less control over the entire marketing procedure however at the very least, there will certainly be more time to do various other points.


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Ubot Studio: My Companion for Over 10 Years Now

My Success story

I have been working on the ubot studio for the last 10 years. It’s been my companion from the very start when I just started off. Its simple interface and brilliant features made programming a piece of cake for meit’s very simple to use, very less programming and coding are required. Everything is done with drag and drop nodes. I have been making enough money and business with this software for many years. yeah I know it has some support issues and the latest versions like version 6 are buggy … but I am using the previous version 5 which is the most stable one. Version 6 will also be stable soon and ready to rock. hopes are high. 

I am making bots for companies in different countries & customized bots on demand. Usually, I used to get work from Upwork in the past. But for the last 4 to 5 years I have been getting work because of my contribution and work in the market for big and Powerful SEO tools. All these SEO tools were developed on Ubot Studio. You can earn money by making custom bots for clients or you can also make your own bits and sell them on your website or any other marketplace.


Some hurdles

Although it has some issues with anti-virus alerts and virus total score. I know that, but it’s even happening with any other compiled bots. like compiled .exe in python also got detected by virus total. So all you can do is educate your customers and clients to whitelist your software before using it. I am doing this as well. you must gain the trust of your customers and clients so they can do this easily. make videos or Proper guidance as well. But these things are minor which you can eliminate to enjoy the full capacity of Ubot Studio. 


My Investments

So all these bots that you make with ubot studio will be helpful for your business to get more sales and also will be helpful for your clients to solve their daily routine bogus work issues. So that’s how you can help them with RPA (robotic process automation) tools, by making their life easy. And honestly, all of this is achievable with Ubot Studio remarkable features. I am using the developer version and I have purchased 2 different licences of developer edition because of workload. One license of Ubot Studio can be used on 2 PCs.  Also, I have purchased many paid plugins and also have lots of other free plugins as well. You can get as many as you think is necessary for your work nature to make the most out of Ubot Studio. 



It was really a wonderful journey of sharing our thoughts on Ubot Studio Review and it’s fascinating features. We tried to deliver our best to show how Ubot Studio will help you save time and monetize your fabulous overflowing ideas. You don’t have to be a real programmer to operate Ubot Studio, just the basic knowledge will do the cut. And if we talk about the prices of Ubot Studio versions then I personally think you should give it a try. 


With all the features Ubot Studio is offering its a hard to resist deal plus even let’s say for a second that you have a change of mind there is a 30-day return policy of software and on top of that, you got to keep everything to develop so far. A pretty amazing deal so far in my opinion. So I don’t think there should be a problem in testing out this revolutionary software Ubot studio. UBot Studio is actually enjoyable to use. It takes the intricacy out of the procedure. There are no extra modules to purchase or download and install. Instead of programming, Ubot Studio does an excellent job. All you need is Ubot Studio to do the job because hundreds of our consumers are proof of that.

Did you like this Ubot Studio review? Tell us by commenting…SHARE UBOT Studio Review. If you know anything new about this software or any handy tips & tricks that we missed out on, do share with us. We would love to learn more about it. 

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