UberSuggest Review – Essential SEO Tool For You


UberSuggest Review – Essential SEO Tool For You

Ubersuggest Review

Last Updated on March 20, 2021 by Vick

Today we will discuss the essential SEO Tool so let’s Start Ubersuggest Review. Ubersuggest an online tool that provides us valuable details for a website similar to Domain summary, top-ranking pages, Keyword recommendations, content ideas, Backlink data, Site Audit and more. Ubersuggest it is one of the fantastic tools right now in the market for all digital marketers, particularly those in SEO. I called this tool marvellous because of the teachers this tool provides; you get similar features in other devices, which are paid ones.

If you plan to get for SEO or now work in the industry, you will need specific tools. They will make your work easier. Now, most suitable tools similar to SEMrush or Ahrefs come for a heavy price that you may not be ready to support right now. Using Ubersuggest will serve as a replacement outwardly giving anything.


Is Ubersuggest Accurate?

When we talk of accuracy, no keyword research tool is. The data Ubersuggest is pretty much good. Since the information sources for UberSuggest are reputable, we can believe the results. While performing the keyword research into UberSuggest, I know that you cannot check this global information already for a keyword. In case you do a blogger and require to know the global traffic potential for a keyword, you will have a difficult time. You can check the information country wise.


Where does Ubersuggest get its data?

Ubersuggest prepares its data using some API for Adwords(Google Keyword Planner) from Google as per multiple sources. This tool also uses the recommended keywords from Google Suggest to give Keyword Ideas and search volume and Complexity level of the keyword. May you think that is Ubersuggest, right? Also, the answer is Yes, to a certain degree.

Since fetching information is Google, we can say that Ubersuggest gives some reliable information that we could believe upon. However, it doesn’t provide the users with actual real-time data, which, if improved, will be great.


How Ubersuggest work? Ubersuggest Review

Follow these actions to start using Ubersuggest to get your SEO and keyword research to the following level. Enter a keyword into this search bar on the homepage of Ubersuggest. Also, click “Search” to start. This order forwards you to the keyword summary page. Here you will discover all of the basic metrics about the search term you started.

As you could presume, search volume is the number of searches the keyword is queried every month. This is an essential metric to analyze, as it enables you to discover phrases that will make lots of organic traffic to your website. The SEO challenge score is how hard it is to rank for that chosen term organically. It’s also suitable to blend low, medium, and high competition phrases in every bit of content.

The paid difficulty is the number of trial marketers will encounter when doing a keyword for paid Google ads. Those that spend in PPC will want to keep an eye explanation for this number.


Features of Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest offers many features that can come in handy for several Digital marketers who look ahead to keyword research and content production for their websites. It can also benefit people who trade with SEO. Immediately let’s take a Review of the features that Ubersuggest has to recommend to us:

Domain overview – Ubersuggest Review

Enter the URL of a website you’d want to analyze. I’ll use one of my favoured blogs to read, Copyblogger. It displays the organic traffic, the number of keywords they are heading for, paid keywords also paid costs.

So many tools on the market directions make you pay a hefty monthly fee to perceive this sort of data, so I have to say I am very affected with Ubersuggest because of this. Like the keyword overview page, you will discover a graph that outlines traffic history in the area you registered.

Scroll down, including Ubersuggest layouts, a breakdown of ranking positions furthermore the website’s highest pages. The rankings improve discover how much of an expert a website is, and the top pages are fantastic for growing up with more content/keyword ideas.

Keyword Overview – Ubersuggest Review

This is a part of Ubersuggest, which is wholly dedicated to keyword research. We can check the keyword’s search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and CPC. The bar is supported by a graphical image of the search trend for that particular keyword. The graph provides us with an idea about how various people in which month should be looking out for this keyword.

Keyword Ideas – Ubersuggest Review

Sometimes the keyword we decide to check the volume and weight level for isn’t fit for us. We should pick up the keyword, including either significantly less volume or competition, which is high. Can that time apply to this selection of keyword ideas?

We will get keyword recommendations as well as related keywords to the main keyword we enter. We can pull up something to get any more helpful keyword to write about, which wouldn’t usually get to mind. It also gives us the top outcomes of SERP and provides us with a brilliant idea of the domain score, including the backlink count for that keyword’s Ranking domain.

Content Ideas – Ubersuggest Review

This section of Ubersuggest is related to the features of Buzzsumo. We can check the fame of the content generated associated with the respective keyword. The content Approaches section of Ubersuggest will help us understand which piece of content has the essential social shares on social media platforms like Facebook, including Pinterest. Viewing the most shared content, we can decide something people see first to. We can create content that somebody loves. Our content determination has a more excellent chance to be shared by many people on social media. Now that was about the tool Ubersuggest. 


Features of Traffic Analyzer – Ubersuggest Review

This is one of the essential features of Ubersuggest. Domain Overview provides us with the full details about any website we enter this URL of. We get features like the number of keywords the domain is actual rankings for, Whereby much are the repeated organic traffic, The domain score, and the number of backlinks the field is having. This is followed by a graph explaining how the traffic has been increasing or decreasing over the latest pair of months. Also, we get to see the graphical illustration of how the SEO rankings are getting for that website with time.

These insights can help us know how a website has been performing for the earlier couple of months. We can get an opinion of the growth of that website if it’s increasing or declining.


Top Pages

After we register the domain in the search bar, we have an alternative of top Pages. This opportunity will give us an idea of the top-ranking pages of that website. We can check the rankings for several countries. It can assist us in understanding in which government the website is doing better.

Moreover, in which country what sort of content people are also likely towards. We hold the related alternative, which we have for content ideas here also. We can see which page has remained shared how several times we are approaching social media.



Now, this feature under Traffic Analyzer is over a golden one. Keywords can give us any ranking keywords for that relevant domain and the volume, ranking position, demanded visits, and search puzzle. We can check the keyword division as per the nations. On the right-hand side, we can check concerning a particular keyword: the top-ranking pages toward Google.

The Near tool we have on the corresponding side is SEO Analyzer. This is a full on-page and off-page SEO checking tool. This tool can assist us with knowing the health of a website as by SEO rules. Now let’s get a look at the SEO Analyzer features and practice this tool for our websites.


Features of SEO Analyzer

Site Audit

This is one of my desired features from this whole collection of alternatives available. Site Audit provides a comprehensive outlook of a website. We can have an on-page SEO score, repeated organic traffic, ranking keywords, and the sign of backlinks toward the top.

After a complete scan of all the pages, we will see if we have any critical mistakes that require essential attention. The Site Audit tool will provide us with other warnings that we should look after and recommendations. There is a section for website speed. We can understand how well our website is performing on desktops as well as mobile phones.

Since site speed is one of the essential ranking factors of the present times, we need to pay close attention. At the back of the page, we have a part for top SEO problems, highlighting the mistakes and warnings that should be done as the topmost priority.



This section will see the website’s overall domain score, the number of backlinks the website has, and how various domains are those links originating from, i.e. no, including domains and regularly organic traffic. The feature is comparable to that of ahrefs. We can see that this backlink page is created, the domain score, including the referring domain’s page stock.

We can investigate if that link is a textual link or worked on am picture. Also, we can understand the anchor text used to create that link along with the date when it first saw it, including last seen.


PROs and CONs of Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an excellent tool in its initial stage and has several issues compared with different paid tools similar to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. Besides, if you examine the prices of Ubersuggest’s plans, then you can neglect other extremely paid tools.

I have noted some significant pros and cons below:


  • Completely free
  • Assists to recognise keywords to target, as well as related keywords
  • Provides useful data for competitive analysis


  • Some features are still happening developed (backlink analysis, Content Ideas)
  • The website can be moderate.


Pricing – Ubersuggest Review

While engaging an SEO tool, one of the major concerns many people have is with the pricing. We have various excellent tools available in the market, but most of them are priced very heavily, making it hard for everyone to afford.

Talking of Ubersuggest, the pricing should be given so that most of us can afford it. Ubersuggest comes with a trial period to use the tool first and then decide to upgrade if we like it. Ubersuggest gives us flexibility while pulling up the best package. We can both opt for a regular plan or a yearly plan, whichever satisfies our pockets.


Is Ubersuggest the Best SEO Tool for Me?

It’s essential to remember that Ubersuggest is free, so you’re not working on getting all the features you would from any paid tool. Instead, you might do the tool as the foundation for your content formation and switch to a different, more in-depth tool for general keyword research.

SEO beginners, especially, might discover Ubersuggest, an invaluable app for learning the basics of keywords, how they help shape content, and whereby to use them to target an audience. But if you’re an SEO expert who is seeing for intricately detailed information about keywords and competition, you’re not proceeding to find it with Ubersuggest.



Conclusion of Ubersuggest Review

Ubersuggest tool is one of the good options out there for keywords research and SEO analysis. It has many features and options. It’s effortless to use.  For beginners, in particular, it is undoubtedly a famous free SEO device. But is it more useful than other premium SEO tools in each business?

Only those who have practised the other devices can tell. I discover Ubersuggest decently satisfactory for my personal requirements.