SpyFu Review – SEO Tool and Marketing Software


SpyFu Review – SEO Tool and Marketing Software

SpyFu Review

Last Updated on November 2, 2021 by Vick

Updated: 2 November 2021

What is SpyFu?

It is an SEO and marketing software that assists you with keyword research (organic & PPC), link generation, including influencer marketing for link building. Today we discuss SpyFu Review, an SEO tool for spying toward your competition in a nutshell and tracking their SEO and PPC campaigns.

Other features include domain analysis, SEO survey, PPC overview, keywords reports, SERP analysis, and if this was not enough, SpyFu gives 12 years of actual data.

The tool has moved around for a fabulous time and has garnered a reputation in the industry. But is SpyFu the tool you want to spy on your competitors? Let’s find out.


What does SpyFu do?

In their terms, SpyFu “exposes the search marketing secret formula from your most effective competitors.” Including SpyFu, you can search for any domain, and it will reveal every keyword they rank for on Google and all keywords they’ve given for on AdWords (now Google Ads).

These insights can be valuable when designing an SEO campaign, as you can see precisely what keywords your contestants are targeting and which ones continue driving the most maximum traffic and conversions.

You can also track your keyword rankings across Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and there exists a backlink tool involved, which highlights the most reliable’ websites to target for links depending on your target keyword. It’s the keyword research toolset that sets SpyFu apart, though.


Input a seed keyword, and it will provide some assets of keyword data for yourself to use. It includes insights such as:

  • Top areas on that keyword-including their rankings over time
  • Stats like research volume, daily clicks, and the added value of an organic tick
  • History of rank differences show you wherever (and when) to make the right move
  • A screenshot of every SERP lets you believe the results
  • Related terms to encourage new content
  • URLs of the exact content that stands on the keyword you’ve searched


Features of SpyFu

SpyFu has some excellent features, particularly for SEO and PPC research. They also give tools for tracking and can even create great SEO reports concerning you. Let’s review all SpyFu features and whereby they can assist you.


SpyFu Domain Overview

While you log in to your SpyFu account, you’ll land on this overview page, where you can enter any URL and notice a domain overview of the website. Here’s what’s involved in the domain overview.


Overview Dashboard

 SpyFu also explains the organic ranking history of that domain. The past is revealed in the form of a graph that looks pretty cluttered. That’s all about the domain overview. Let’s see something else SpyFu has to offer.


SEO Research With SpyFu

The SEO research tool gives a complete SEO analysis of a domain. It is research that has the following means.

SEO Overview provides an overview of a domain’s organic rankings, keywords, competitors. The summary displays the number of organic keywords and the estimated. 


Competitors’ Report

The competitors’ report tells the top organic competitors of that website as a graph. Moreover,  You can also observe the entire list of those competitors below, along with the number of common keywords, monthly clicks, and further information.


SpyFu’s Keyword Grouper Tool

Keyword grouping displays groups of keywords. However, You can choose any group, and SpyFu will show all those keywords in that group.


SEO Keywords Report

This tool records all the organic keywords the website is preceding for. It shows the rank, keyword problem, regular hunts, and more.

You can also order the list by most relevant keywords, recently ranked keywords, page one keywords, and many more.


Check Ranking History

The organic ranking history gives the ranking History of the top 10 keywords from the website. However,  You can view the ranking history for various periods.


Get Backlinks Data

Here, you can view all the backlinks of a website. Moreover, It also shows the backlink types to provide you with an idea of the backlink distribution.


SEO Reports

Finally, you can get an SEO report with all the features of a website. You can use these reports to land brand-new customers.


PPC Research With SpyFu

This PPC Research dashboard is very similar to the SEO Research dashboard and details its PPC performance. Here are some tools available in SpyFu’s PPC Research tool.


PPC Overview

Like the SEO overview, the PPC overview shows the monthly summary of a website’s PPC performance. Here is the repeated PPC of Elementor to decide how much they spend in PPC and what keywords they are running AdWords campaigns.



The shows the top ad opponents of the domain. You can examine the complete list of these competitors forward with the monthly ad budget. Check out the screenshot below to discover the PPC competitors of Elementor, including what ads they are running.



The Kombat feature of SpyFu provides you with the list of shared paid keywords of the website. The difference here is that it enables you to insert three domains to check whether they hold any extending keywords.


Keyword Groups

Like the organic keyword grouper tool, SpyFu holds a related feature for PPC research that connects the paid keywords into groups, giving it easy to find related keywords.


PPC Keywords

It records all the paid keywords of a website, including the monthly paid clicks, also the regular ad budget.


Ad History

It is a gold mine to you if you’re running ads. Similarly, This feature lets you discover any domain’s ad history, including their cost/click, clicks/month, and coverage.

It can help you see how your competitors are changing their ads and working in the industry for paid ads.


AdWords Advisor

AdWords advisor gives top AdWords recommendations. Moreover, It also provides the monthly impressions, cost/click, cost/month, and possible clicks you can get for the ad for each request.


Keyword Research With SpyFu

SpyFu gives a ton of features that will help you squeeze out every detail for a keyword. However, It is an example of our favorite Moz alternatives.


Keyword Overview

The keyword overview explains the monthly searches for a keyword and details such as keyword trouble, cost per click, plenty of advertisers for the keyword, etc. With SpyFu, you can immediately see the specific ads currently running toward the keyword.


Related Keywords

This tool will make a list of all related keywords during the keyword you started.


Ranking History

The tool additionally gives an organic ranking history for the keyword, showing the keyword’s top 10 websites ranking for the keyword with time.


SERP Analysis

The SERP analysis lets us see the current page ranking for the keyword. It shows the keyword’s ranking difficulty and other metrics such as expected repeated clicks, domains ranking, domain strength, and added.


Spying Backlinks

The backlinks tool gives you the list of backlinks for the keyword or website you insert. However, that’s not the single thing you can take in SpyFu.

What’s even great is that you can see the contact information of anyone behind the website you need to build a backlink on.


List Builder Feature

The Schedule Builder tool by SpyFu lists top domains under various categories such as Domains that spend the most on Adwords, environments with the most organic traffic, etc. Besides domain top lists, you can also view keyword top lists that suggest keywords based on clicks, CPC, and additional metrics. SpyFu List Builder Feature review

SpyFu also lets you request a custom list by filling a form. Lastly, the List Maker tool by SpyFu has a heads feature that creates a list of leads based on the keywords you enter. It leads list contains the domain name, including their contact data. This way, you use these leads to outreach ideas.


SpyFu list-builder

Tracking SpyFu also allows you to track the ranking of your keywords. You can build a project and add keywords to the track. Tracking keyword ranking differences with SpyFu provides weekly updates on your organic, including PPC rankings. Not to mention the experience to keep a record of including tracking your outreach campaigns with SpyFu.


How much does SpyFu cost?

SpyFu starts at $33 per month for the Basic plan if you pay for the year upfront. If you pay monthly, the basic technique will cost $39 per month.


Benefits of SpyFu

The main advantages of SpyFu are its strength to search for domains. Moreover, intelligent suggestions and secure contact data. Here are more specifications:


Domain Search

You can search for domains of any sort and view wherein Google these domains showed up, see all keywords they have bought on Adwords, every ad variation, as great as organic ranks in the last nine years. Moreover, With this ability, users will have a chance to connect with the domains and discover traditional, including online lead methods.


Smart Recommendations

SpyFu provides intelligent recommendations that drive clicks to a business’s Adwords or SEO campaigns, making marketing more effective. The system detects a lousy keyword and eliminates it instantly. Moreover, to receive the most suitable keyword options available.


Monitoring Tools

The software further provides reliable tools that enable marketers to monitor SEO rankings and paid ads on search engines, including, although not limited to, Yahoo, Bing, and Google.  Marketers can leverage the lessons from their competitors by drawing on historic misses and hits.


Reliable Contact Information

Not only does SpyFu help search for domains, monitor SEO rankings on search engines, or offer intelligent recommendations. The software’s powerful technology allows transforming Google search results and Adwords data into insightful answers that can help marketers craft better digital marketing strategies. This platform allows capabilities that help businesses in managing the marketing results that they require.


Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of SpyFu:


SpyFu Pros

  • Offers a comprehensive set of tools.
  • Data is visualized ideally in the form of graphs, including diagrams.
  • Provides in-depth SEO, including PPC reports.
  • It takes a diverse approach, however,  to show data that’s important.
  • Excellent at competitor analysis.


SpyFu Cons

  • The user interface seems a bit cluttered.
  • White-label reports are possible only in professional, including team plans.




SpyFu is worth it and is a great competitor research tool. But, it’s not just limited to that. You can manage your own website’s

SEO and also apply it to land customers. Moreover, if you’re a blogger rather client SEO agency concentrating on the SEO part, SEMrush (or Ahrefs) is a much better option.