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Best Automation Tools to Boost up your SEO Work

We Automate SEO by making automated bots and solutions which solved problems by automating repeated tasks. Desktop & Web Automation done right in a better way. We provide only a quality solution to fit your requirements for SEO Automation Tools.

Make your life easy with AI tools & reduce human labor as much as possible!

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Introduce AI to your Business

Why do you need to Automate your business?

You have different types of BORING daily tasks which you can automate. We help you to automate your daily tasks like managing your website, posting content, Account Creation, Management or Monitoring, Social Networking, Management or Bookmarking, Video Uploading or Blog Commenting, Collecting Traffic Stats or Campaigns Statistics, Domains Finder, Research or Drop-Watcher, Offer-Maker or Auctions Bot, Content Scraping, Posting, or Marketing, Staff Monitoring or Affiliate Management & much more.

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Meet your AI Tools Engineer

Hello, my name is Waqar Ashraf and I am a web automation engineer. Most people know me as Vick. I have over 10 years of experience in bot development & Automation tools. My major skills include Web Automation software development.

I am trusted to provide quality work at very affordable rates by some of the top leaders in the Internet Marketing world. I would love the opportunity to show you how I can add value to your project.

Due to my work and efforts, Upwork has given me Top Rated Badge and also put me on top if you find ubotstudio developers.

I develop Automation bots like Data Extraction, Crawlers, Parser, Scraper, and more Automated tools for more than 10 years. I mostly help to improve the SEO of your website by automating tasks & many other SEO Services.

Start Automating your business today.

Invest in Automation

Everything you need
is Automated Business

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Experts make SEO tools for Automation

  • We can automate common tasks & boost your internet marketing potential
  • We create a business & other websites to boost your internet business
  • Scraping automated tools to copy data of specific pages and websites can be made

How do we deliver & develop tools for automation?

$26/hr *for custom bots

  • Meeting: We communicate properly with the client to understand their problems or what they want to automate
  • Planning: Brainstorms about client requirements after meeting with a client and plan something perfect
  • Execute: Starts coding the planned requirements and implement those requirements into a real program
  • Testing: Performs complete testing once the whole program is complete and then verify it according to requirements
  • Delivery: Delivers beta and working version to a client so that they can give feedback to update and experts can deliver a final version
“I have been working extremely closely with Waqar and his team on one huge project for nine months now. They have created a wonderfully simple to use software that is extremely sophisticated. Highly recommended.”
John Currie
“Have been using a software developed by Waqar for several months now and I have to say that he really knows his stuff. This guy is amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services on my own projects.”
Paul Truscott
As I saw the results this programmer was producing I kept getting more ideas and the scope of the project increased. Waqar met every challenge and made it happen. I am a former programmer so I know what goes into this type of work. He was more than honest about his time and did Grade A work. I will be using him on a new project – almost immediately.
Jeffrey Evans
Waqar has been my “go to” for ubot software creation for the last 2 years. He is very prompt and quick on requests for software. Easily one of the best coders out there. Very easy to work with.
Holly Starks
He went above and beyond the initial scope of this project, and delivered more than I asked for. To top that off, he was extremely responsive to my messages and delivered them well ahead of the scheduled time. Blown away!
Casey Armstrong
Thanks for all your hard work and effort Waqar. Love your work… it’s clean and efficient. I know it’s not always easy designing macros and bots from first-hand experience, and from all the work you’ve done that I’ve interacted with, I can only say you’ve provided elegant solutions and simple designs to challenging workflows. And what I like most about you – you always rise to the challenge. You have my complete confidence and faith in future projects – Thank You!
Chase Baer
I’ve had the pleasure of being a user of one of Waqar’s brilliant apps. It’s very powerful and does exactly what it’s supposed to. When I’ve had a challenge (all of my own makings by the way) he’s been quick to help and has always nailed the issue the first time. I truly appreciate his efforts and how easy he’s made my life.
Kerry Goodbrand
Very conscientious and professional developer. Works closely with users to ensure his apps and tools meet their needs and are absolutely bug-free. Highly recommended.
Bert TerHart

Start Automating your tasks today.

We Build Solutions for Your Everyday Problems & Manual/Repeated Tasks on Websites Problems using Artificial Intelligence. Our Proven Process Produces Results with Automation

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