Siteliner Review

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Siteliner Review

Siteliner Review

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In this article, we will discuss the Siteliner Review; Siteliner is an SEO tool that can examine your website and explore issues concerning your website’s quality and search engine rankings.


This tool can also assist you in finding duplicate Content, broken links and creating an XML sitemap for your area that you can Submit to Google through the Search Console. Siteliner is a website analysis tool that enables you to scan and recognize issues that influence your website’s quality, including duplicate ContentContent, broken links, including page size. Produced by Indigo Steam Technologies (the team behind Copyscape), this tool exposes vital improvements you need to go to your website to increase above your competitors.


How To Use Siteliner?  – Siteliner Review

Siteliner is an SEO tool. However, it will also be done as a plagiarism checker. Like any other content checkers listed in this post, Siteliner is also a free tool. The exploration of this website is notable user-friendly. If you want to scan a web page, input its URL.

This will duplicate parts of the Content are highlighted so that you can work toward them. However, The “Duplicate Content” section gives you the URLs of the reference pages. You want to follow the URLs and read the highlighted parts, including working on the plagiarized ContentContent to make it unique.


Features of Siteliner

  • Detailed Page ResultsSiteliner gives special results when analyzing a relevant page.
  • Summary Information for the Entire Site: The entire site’s analysis results are presented as a summary.
  • Duplicate Content: with this tool, you can visualize all the duplicated pages from a website’s presented page. Therefore, As a result, you can withdraw search engines’ disciplines for those matters.
  • Page Power: Siteliner detects the main page of a website according to research engines. 
  • Broken Links: It identifies any link that has been moved, changed or no longer exists. Moreover, While websites have broken links, they can deteriorate user experience and decrease search rankings. 
  • Internal Links In: It is simple to add links that redirect users to any appropriate page. Moreover, This approach enhances the value. With Siteliner, you can choose one special carrier and check how various pages of the entire website contains links to the selected page.
  • Internal Links Out: you can see how several links in any selected page are redirecting to other website pages. 
  • External Links Out: it is likely to discover how various links of any preferred page contains links to external websites.
  • Display of Cached PageSiteliner has a cached version of the page done if scanned. However,  As a result, you will be able of seeing any modification, if any, from the moment you made this analysis.
  • Multiple types of Reports: there are three reports: Site report, Modern Table, including XML Site Map. 


Analysis of  Siteliner Review

Besides offering the most vital internal site analysis features, Siteliner displays results in an accessible and understandable format. It provides a summary option that highlights top issues, percentage of duplicate content, and a breakdown of significant metrics upon other sites with such results as ordinary page size, medium page load time, amount of words per page, HTML ratio, duplicate Content, standard Content, internal links per page, outside links per page, total connections per page, and inbound links per page.


You can also see results based on the resulting categories

Duplicate Content, broken links, skipped pages, including related domains. Forgotten pages may do omitted in the results because of canonical components, redirections, nofollow and noindex tags, approximately errors. Moreover, You can also disallow scanning in selected pages by doing the robots.txt file.


Benefits of Siteliner Review

Siteliner enables you to download the result being a report in a PDF format. It displays the match words, equal percentage, and match pages for every page on your website. When you click on any of the results, you get an in-depth report that contains duplicate pages with highlighted texts.

The colour-coding scheme of Siteliner assists users to understand the information better. Therefore, Like red, colour tells the highest number of exact words, green represents the corresponding medium terms, and grey suggests common ContentContent. Siteliner allows you to check up to 25,000 web pages of each website.


How Does Siteliner Work? (Conclusion)

Siteliner took a step forward to resolve the difficulties that don’t allow websites to rank well. It took any deep way by examining links and associated problems. Despite that, technical problems can be a little hard to handle, and this platform makes it easy and acceptable for each user level.



As far as pricing works, Siteliner offers two categories of services. Moreover, This will first set of services is entirely free. Limited to regularly analyses of up to 250 pages.

Every second service is premium based and allows users to analyze up to 25,000 pages regularly. Moreover, This will give you an option that provides you with advanced advantages such as setting the pages to be considered. Overall, the pricing of the reward service is affordable.


Pros And Cons of Siteliner Review

These are the following pros and cons of sideliner Review



  • Fast analysis
  • Systematized results
  • Free services
  • Affordable premium services
  • Downloadable reports


  • Limited to internal analysis




Siteliner is an affordable internal site analysis tool that enables website owners to analyze duplicate ContentContent, page power, broken links, and other critical interior SEO elements that influence search engine rankings.

Therefore, This tool can also assist you in finding duplicate Content; moreover, broken links and creating an XML sitemap for your area that you can Submit to Google through the Search Console. Siteliner is a website analysis tool that enables you to scan and recognize issues that influence your website’s quality, including duplicate content, broken links, including page size.