Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward in 2020 – Best SEO Techniques


Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward in 2020 – Best SEO Techniques

10 Exclusive Yet Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward 2020

Last Updated on October 13, 2020 by Vick

Are you ready to maximize your website traffic with SEO Techniques?

Simple SEO Techniques all comes down to website traffic. The more website traffic you have the higher you will be on search engines. SEO so far is the most effective method to do so. That is why it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of it.


Why Simple SEO holds so much Importance?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Almost 80% of the web traffic drives from search queries, according to HubSpot(add link)

Due to the Google algorithm constantly being updated you always need to keep on researching and experimenting with SEO. So it’s important to always stay up to the current trends.

In today’s times, there is not a single person who doesn’t use the internet. Every single person whether a kid or adult research about a product or service before they buy it.

And when you rank on the top page of Google your business will be more visible to people which ultimately gives you traffic that converts. Eventually, that will also increase your overall revenue. Apply Simple SEO Techniques to rank higher in Google.


See why SEO plays an important role in the success of your business?

You never bothered to go on the second page of search engines. So you see why its vital to be ranked in the first pages of search engines.

You will be amazed to know that almost 60% of web traffic comes from the FIRST THREE organic search results. So to apply SEO techniques is important for your business of website.


What’s the point in making a well organized, free day user website when you don’t have people to sell products/services to?

That is why we are presenting you with the 10 most effective methods you can right away use to optimize your website SEO. More people will gradually lead to more customers.

What are the techniques of SEO?

Without it any further due here they are:

  1. Run an SEO audit on the website
  2. Find out what your users need?
  3. Produce SEO optimized landing pages
  4. Have mobile-friendly website as well
  5. Lure traffic with infographics
  6. Optimize the quality of your content for RankBrain
  7. At least write a minimum about 2000 words
  8. Post unique content on social media platforms
  9. Do your best to have SEO advanced internal deep links.
  10. Give link juice to lower rank pages


You will learn many different concepts today like seo techniques and tools, off-page SEO techniques, SEO techniques meaning, on-page SEO techniques, types of SEO techniques, What are the different types of SEO and SEO strategy. But mostly we will talk about simple SEO techniques which are more important. Be seated for the details! Because these Simple SEO Techniques needs your attention 🙂


Simple SEO Techniques

We have to share the latest SEO techniques in 2020. We are going to show you Simple SEO Techniques which are needed for your website :


1. Run an SEO audit on the website:

Auditing in simple words means the examination of an activity, process, product or a concept, and so on. The reason is basically to know where your website stands? What measures you can take to optimize your website? Discovering the problems associating with less traffic and sales. How to make bright decisions for the future?

SEO Audit means the inspection of the overall performance of your website. SEO universe considers auditing to be a growth hack for websites. Why? Because you get to highlight the goals that you find and ways to carry those goals out. This is an exclusive technique to raise your revenue by upgrading the content you already have.

You are right to wonder why this is an exclusive technique? But you will be surprised to know how many websites are missing basic on-page SEO. This factor often gets overlooked while creating a website but its never too late to fix it with SEO Audit.


19 Expert Yet Simple SEO Techniques

There are simple 6 ways to carry out SEO Audit you need to add on your to-do list. You can cross them one by one so here is the list:

SEO Audit Step 01:

Examine to find out if all the pages of your website have SEO meta titles and descriptions.


– SEO Audit Step 02:

Properly optimize your pages with SEO Keywords. You need to be extra careful and attentive for this step because we don’t want you ending up with Keyword Stuffing. If you are a beginner and finding it hard to understand all the key terms you can also check out our article SEO for Beginners.

“Keyword Stuffing” means overloading your website with a list of keywords with the ultimate goal of manipulating ranks in Google.


– SEO Audit Step 03:

Create URL optimized for search engines. By optimized we mean to make it simple, short, and easy. For your better understanding here is an example: 

you already know what the blog post is about within a few seconds.

In this example, you see how complicated it is to find out what it is actually about.


You need to make a simple URL for search engines to understand the title of your post.

“Don’t make the process harder than it is?” said, Jack Welch.



– SEO Audit Step 04:

Formatting the page and blog post properly is a key factor in a friendly article. What is the proper format? Your page or blog post should have:

  • Headings (h1) and subheadings (h2)
  • Short paragraphs, 2 to 3 sentences recommended
  • Make the best use of Bold and Italic
  • Add conclusion

Make it as simple as you can for the people because they usually avoid reading confusing and clustered blog posts. 43% of the people usually skip to the end of the pages to read the conclusion instead of reading the whole article. The simple the better.


– SEO Audit Step 05:

Add keywords to all of your images’ ALT tags.


– SEO Audit Step 06:

Use both internal and external links in your article. If you want to know more detail on this particular step you can check our post.


We also have a quick and more simple free tool for you to check the overall performance of your website but it has limited features. Besides this, you can also explore Ubersuggest and Semrush. They provide free services to some extent and if you like them you can also buy their advanced services as well.

2. Find out what your users need?

Before starting any new business Research is a must. You need to investigate what your target customers actually want. This will help you gather related content to attract them to your website.

Another influencing way to gather more costumers is to create content from the feedback of your regular customers. Afterall general people and customers decide whose article or blog, product, idea/concept is worth sharing or funded.

So the main question arises here: how to find relevant content for the users’ interest?

there are many procedures to have look on:

  1. Make good use of Social Media Platforms like Quora
  2. Analyze your most popular pages in Google Analytics
  3. Search the posts with the most shares
  4. Consider the comments on your blog posts


i. Make good use of Social Media Platforms like Quora

Let’s start with the first procedure. Find out where your target customers usually hang out and what topics do they talk about?  We highly recommend Quora. Not only do you just find ideas there but you can also learn from experts on the go. It is one of the users as well as resourceful social media platforms for articles, blogs, books, and concept ideas.

It is a good platform to learn new things especially from experts from all around the world. With advanced SEO it is not possible to know everything so by using Quora frequently you can cover up most things about SEO. Also, it’s easy to use. You can’t imagine how much quality content Quora helps to create. All you have to do is:

  • Signup for an account
  • Type in your main target keyword
  • Review the question people are asking
  • Extract ideas from experts for your content


19 Expert Yet Simple SEP Techniques

You can use Quora answers to form an outline for the blog post


ii. Analyze your most popular pages in Google Analytics

How can you use Google Analytics to find what your users need? Simple, log in to Google Analytics and on the left side menu, click on behaviour> Site> All pages.

Find out which pages and posts are most popular? Analyze every column of it. The total number of pages viewed is important and so is the average time, the bounce rate, and the exit percentage.


19 Expert Yet Simple SEO Techniques


You need to point out problems within your pages by analyzing these columns. For instance, if only 40 seconds or less than it, spends on a particular page/post than it indicates that the user didn’t find it interesting.

The bounce rate shows the percentage of people visiting your site but left instantly without exploring much. Although it’s not an indicator of success or failure; you do wish for people landing on your website to stick out around for a while.

The exit percentage is kind of similar to the bounce rate. If z% of visitors just left after landing on your page and its rate is 99%. Then surely users aren’t finding what they are looking for.

These are splendid ways to know so much about your own website. What needs to be done to improve your current website.

iii. Search the post with the most shares:

Did you know that there are many great tools available on the internet to tell you how many shares your post got? BuzzSumo is one of those tools. This is yet another way to find out what people actually want.

Using BuzzSumo is quite simple, all you need to do is add your website URL and hit go. It will show you a list of the most popular content and the number of shares it has.


19 Expert Yet Simple SEO Techniques


You should know that people only share your content if they genuinely think that it is useful information for others as well. This tool points out the articles which are loved by people. The more they share your post indicates that your content proved to be very useful.


iv. Consider the comments on your blog posts

Your web traffic will skyrocket if you start to reply to your real users’ comments. By doing this not only you are being attentive towards them but you find more content for your website from their comments.

Mark our words every being loves to be appreciated so do thank them for taking time to respond to your blog and post. Getting a good response from you will improve your website’s overall image as well.

19 Expert yet simple SEO Techniques



3. Produce SEO optimized landing pages:

Well-designed landing pages often don’t get much importance as they should be by many businesses. We are telling you to put a great effort into designing these landing pages since they open different pathways for new search traffic. “The more the merrier”

According to Marketing Sherpa powered by MECLABS, 44% of clicks take you to homepages instead of landing pages. Sure home page is important but initiating a strong relationship takes place on landing pages.

To drive traffic to your website create well-designing landing pages. If you can afford professional graphic designers go for them. We suggest a clean and modern layout for landing pages.


The main reason we are suggesting this is because that way you can get traffic through press releases, email marketing, and SEO optimization. You can take Copyblogger as your inspiration.

Here are the key elements for great landing pages:

  1. Try to cancel the navigation factor. Make your content resourceful, unique, and interesting enough for the user to stick on your web page.
  2. Interactive method: Ask the users to signup for a free trial, or any other method that you can think of.

Remember Copyblogger; it also gives you a free guide on landing pages as well as useful content over how to make a great landing page. We do suggest you have a look at it.

The reason we are emphasizing this is that these pages are capable of generating a lot of income. Businesses which have more than 10 landing pages have 55% more conversions than the one who doesn’t according to the recent research.

For better and huge results we recommend a simple design and interactive method for a landing page. We would like to share simple steps with you on how to know whether your landing pages are SEO optimized or not?

Research & Use Long-Tail Keywords Throughout Your Landing Page

When writing an optimized article its hard and fast rule: “avoid keyword-stuffing at all cost”. The best way to do this is by adding keywords naturally in the content. You can also consider using similar keywords to your main keyword. This will save you from getting penalized.

By naturally we mean you can use your long-tail keyword in the heading, at least once in a subheading and you can also add it in the body content as well but only a few times.

The content of your landing page should be useful and so persuasive that leaves no choice for the users but to just go on further. Here is a picture of the perfect body structure of the landing page just for you. You can thank us by checking out our free SEO tools and by also promoting them to your friends and family.


10 Exclusive Yet Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward 2020 2


“There are three responses to a piece of design-yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” _ Milton Glaser

Aim for the wow while creating your landing pages. Even if your content is useful but it has a bad look your overall performance will end up in a failure. Design professional-looking landing pages and go for the WOW factor. After all, it is a vital part of making your pages unique.

Your landing page should have strong yet unique content sprinkled with persuasive videos as well to ensure traffic that converts. Don’t forget to add testimonials from your existing customers to attract more customers.

Last but not least build links for your landing pages from your existing content. Links are nd always will be the huge ranking factor for GOOGLE. so without good quality links, you are far from being ranked top. Since we have mentioned above 75 % of the traffic don’t even bother to look at the second page of Google. Hence it is important to rank high as much as you can.


4. Have a mobile-friendly website:

You should know that Google had introduced an update in May 2016 to its search algorithm. This update is all about boosting websites’ higher rank which is mobile-friendly as well. That is why it is more important than ever to make your website mobile-friendly as well because 60% of searches are done on daily basis by mobiles.

This you not to risk your SEO by not having a mobile-friendly website. It’s compulsory making your website look stunning in mobile as well in this era.

So how can you make sure if your website is mobile-friendly or not? here is the best way we can explain it to you.


10 Exclusive Yet Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward 2020


As you can see the content of the website in ‘example A’ doesn’t change at all to fix on a smaller screen thus ruining the overall look of your website and its quality as well. Whereas in example B the same content re-aligns itself and maintains the look and quality of a website. Easy to read and scroll make up the whole mobile-friendly concept.

If you are a WordPress user then you don’t have to worry about your website. Because WordPress itself is responsive to this. And by responsive; it means: the desktop webpages can be viewed in size according to the one users are viewing in. It is a new advanced approach to web designing.

Always better to double-check everything right! So the simplest way to know if your website is mobile-friendly just view it on your mobile and see for yourself. OR you can also use Google free tool Mobile testing tool.


You can also make a few changes to your Existing Website to make it mobile-friendly.


5. Lure traffic with infographics:

Let’s start with the term “infographics” these are usually a visual representation of data in a clean and clear form. Why these are so popular?

Since 65% of the population is a visual learner, this goes a lot ahead than just a text article. We would like to share a very good example of infographics here. NeoMam Studios have designed this on the importance of infographics and why they are popular and are useful?

19 Exclusive Yet Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward 2020




If you end up with quality infographics your traffic will increase by double. As you have learned that people understand and prefer content more visually than text it is best to have infographics on your list. Now it also does not mean that you focus more on graphics and not on the “info”.


We know good design is important but so do the quality of information as well.


Traffic grows by 12% on the website with infographics. Why are we enforcing much importance on infographics?

The human brain process visual data 60,000 times more than the text and 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is visual. that is why you need to start considering designing infographics for your website. not only will they bring traffic but you can also develop quality based backlinks when users share your infographics.

But it will only happen if the infographic is well designed as well as have quality content in it that users find worth sharing.


We are enlisting a few steps on how to create an infographic:

  1. Search for a trendy topic or an idea you think people are searching for
  2. create an infographic with the help of many free websites available like Canva,, and Venngage or you can hire a designer
  3. now write an in-depth article about the infographic you just created (the main reason is that Google considers infographics as the image but having a blog post alongside it will help google index it thus improving the numbers of your traffic.)
  4. Submit your infographic to a different website like on this



6. Optimize the quality of your content for RankBrain:

RankBrain is the third most important ranking factor of Google algorithm. If you want to hold your position in top search rankings then you always need to keep yourself updated with the changes because search engines keep on evolving with time.

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence that analyses data for search results and determines which website needs to be in top search results.  It tells Google spiders how to index your content based on the intent that you have provided through keywords. Now again avoid keyword stuffing at all costs in your content. Its really a bad SEO practice for your website.

Pro Tip: You can avoid keyword stuffing:

  1. by using synonyms of your keyword in your content
  2. have a natural tone in your content
  3. use keywords or synonyms where it is necessary


The more natural sound your content will have the more your ranking will improve.



7. At least write an article of minimum about 2000 words:

A different number of studies and experiments state that the top five search results had an average length of 1900 words. here is a proof of graph from Backlinko.

19 Exclusive Yet Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward 2020


We would also like to add that content length isn’t everything.  An article or blog post which has quality enriched content; not so much lengthy will still outrun the lengthy low quality based articles.

Try to cover one topic with in-depth detail that users find it valuable. if the user finds it valuable so will Google.



8. Post unique content on social media platforms:

Use social media to improve your website’s credibility and traffic since your blog is new.  However, not all social media platforms are considered equal when it comes to building authority and traffic.

when we talk about social platforms are not only talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. we are also addressing content-based platforms like Quora, Blogger, Slideshare, and so on.

These platforms not only help you improve your search rankings but also build links and within a short period of time.

12 Exclusive Yet Simple SEO Techniques to Look Forward 2020




  9. Do your best to have SEO advanced internal deep links:

Deep links show the depth of your site to Google which encourages it to index them more.  Usually, it is the practice of using anchor text to link other pages inside your article.

Most struggle to rank to their internal pages and often their focus is all on getting search visitors. Internal links help Google find all the relevant pages of your website that is why establishing internal links is important.

Untitled 1


Improving SEO of interlinking pages will eventually improve their search rankings as well even for the hardest keywords.


10. Give link juice to lower rank pages:

If you currently rank in 2 or 3 positions of Google search result then with the help of giving quality link juice to lower pages will help you move up your rank. Basically, link juices are outbound links in simpler words.

we will guide you with simple steps on how to give link juice to lower rank pages thus improving your own website rank along the way.

  1. Update your content
  2. share it across as many social media platforms as you can
  3. If the content is relevant to your new post link it to them as well.

this process takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Actually, the whole SEO doesn’t happen overnight you have to spend effort in it.



As you have read that this whole article is all about gaining web traffic through simple SEO techniques.  The more the traffic you have the more it will convert.

You may know a lot of marketing techniques but Blogging is one of the powerful marketing technique now. This is because 82% of the population buy a product or service after reading about it. Not only this but Blogging considers being the most trusted source for authentic information. that is why you see why many actually almost every brand have a blog section on their websites.

Even if a user is only researching a particular product or service your blog post will indirectly direct them towards YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

You just need to keep a few key points in your mind to raise your blog potential. Although these exclusive yet simple techniques are hard to implement and time-consuming they sure are effective as well as promising ways of doubling your search traffic.

The success of your WEBSITE SEO solely depends on the useful and relevant content you provide to your target audience. It will e fun if it does in a storytelling way.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you find this article really helpful.


Let us know in the comments if you have tried any of the Seo Techniques mentioned above and what difference did you see after implementing them.

Last but not least if you find this article handy you can check out our other SEO related topics which will guarantee teach you a lot about SEO. Now it’s your duty to apply all these Simple SEO Techniques to get ranked 😉