SCRAPEX Vs ScrapeBox

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SCRAPEX Vs ScrapeBox

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Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Vick

SCRAPEX is Small scraper than ScrapeBox

Recently, some of the people asked me the difference between Scrapebox and my SCRAPEX tool. Well, Scrapebox is a collection of several tools in one. It’s not easy to describe but some call it the “swiss army knife of SEO” and its a very good software.

But it’s not a website crawler. It does have some functions to crawl for things like email addresses but it’s not actually built to crawl the entire website and it will limit you if you try to do so. It’s also possible to crawl for some other things but it’s not easy to do so.

Scrapebox is good but Scrapex can scrape data from millions of Pages

Are there problems using scrapebox for SEO?

No, I am not against it. In fact, I like it myself but With SCRAPEX you can customize it to crawl whatever you need and you won’t have to worry about trying to configure Scrape box to scrape what you need – which isn’t easy. So scrapex is a small tool for scraping but scrape box is a vast and huge bot. Read ScrapeBox Guide – White Hat SEO

So the main difference is that you can create something that you want and need (by using custom regular expressions) rather than having something like scrape box which is a complicated tool which doesn’t even do exactly the same thing you can kind of configure it to scrape websites but even then it has limitations.


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Let me know if any other questions, I am going to update it more. Have other updates to do in my mind. Read a review of scrape box.