Traffic Wizard: Quick Demo of New Version

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Traffic Wizard: Quick Demo of New Version

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Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Vick

Quick Demo of New Version of Virtual Traffic Wizard


Traffic Wizard has gone through many updates so far in the past few months. Here are the updates we have done so far :


– Crowd Searching feature as a BIG update (ADDED)
– Latest Desktop & Mobile browser user-agents (ADDED)
– Mobile traffic for all processes (ADDED)
– Viewports for Desktop & Mobile screen resolutions (ADDED)
– Functionality to check Rotating proxies changing by waiting for some delays (ADDED)
– Starting sites for add random effect as We have done this in other tools in past (ADDED)

– Spinning functionality on Seed URLs, Keywords, GMB names (ADDED)
– YouTube video play button clicking if the video is not autoplay for both mobile and desktop (ADDED)
– Memory management in all over the software (ADDED)
– Indexing feature so it will index target URL to more than 1000s sites after the CTR process is done (ADDED)
– Google login text field to use for normal processes, live projects, and scheduling (ADDED)
– Feature to run ALL campaigns or Multiple Campaigns (ADDED)
– Delete, view, or run functionalities for ALL or Multiple or Specific Campaigns (ADDED)
– More than 10 Browser Privacy handling features for more Unique browsing (ADDED)


so now user can use this format in the URL box
Target URL,keyword,textORlinkToclickInTargertUrl


Traffic Wizard

Traffic Wizard Updates:

– Software with the latest browsers (UPDATED)
– Software for all Google changes (UPDATED)
– UI for multiple changes done in this release (UPDATED)
– YouTube search rank process for the latest google changes (UPDATED)
– Google Recaptcha Solving with 2Captcha (UPDATED)
– Rotating Proxies Usage so Rotating Proxies will only work with ‘Backconnect Proxies’option (UPDATED)
– Complete UI of the software (UPDATED)
– Referral URL Rank so use this format, (UPDATED)
– Database complete structure so please delete the old database from the Inputs folder (UPDATED)

Modifications of  the Software:

– GMB Google search process for desktop & mobile traffic (FIXED)
(FIXED) GMB Google Maps search process for desktop & mobile traffic
– Database routines for campaigns management (FIXED)
– Visit Competitor feature for all google search process (FIXED)
– Captcha Balance checker (FIXED)
– 2Captcha Captcha Solving feature (FIXED)
– ‘Backconnect Proxies’ Option so Use this option only if you have Rotating Proxies (FIXED)
– Looping options for Proxies (FIXED)
– Scheduler Option now Selected Campaign will run on Scheduled time you set (FIXED)
– Youtube Search process for Desktop and Mobile versions (FIXED)
– Video-youtube description clicking & surfing that link for both mobile and desktop (FIXED)
– Google Chrome Browser (REMOVED)
– Loop options (REMOVED)


IMPORTANT NOTE before using Traffic Wizard

– Delete Chrome folder
– Also, Delete the OLD Database folder to make everything work
– Screensizes.txt file (Delete this particular file)
– Run the software once so it can create required files and folders
– Your folder should have these files which are IMPORTANT
– Firefox folder (which comes with the package)
– Virtual Traffic Wizard_locked.exe file
– blacklist.txt file
– license.dll
– locker.dll

– UPDATED Complete Documentation with latest V4
– ADDED Videos in Channel Playlist



– The rest of the files and folders will be made by the software itself