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Grab emails from Domains.

It was an email address finder before, but I have to pay a small yearly fee due to the many required updates. This tool lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter to your business.

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★ Find Email Addresses from Unlimited Domains ★

With the Most Advanced Email Finding Tool

It is the best B2B email finder and leads extractor software with no URL limits to scrape. When was the last time you had to send many cold emails as part of some marketing campaign?

It would help if you had trouble finding the correct contact information because you had no email finder. But whenever there is a problem, there is a 99% chance that some app is trying to help you solve it, and here are email finder tools.

Free Email Finder interface

Features of Email Finder Tool

  1. You can give Unlimited URLs 
  2. From each URL, this tool will scrape the whole website and find emails
  3. After finding and scraping, it will save those emails into a file
  4. You can also use Proxies, but it’s Optional
  5. You can add a Filter to allow listing and blocklisting URL
  6. If Whitelist URL is there, then it will check all domain URLs and consider the allowed URL to scrape emails from that
  7. If Blacklist URL is there, then it will contain all domain URLs and will NOT consider Blacklist URL to scrape emails from that
  8. You can set Threads to use (if your PC is powerful, then use more threads else, fewer threads, please)
  9. You can set Page TImeout & Set User-agent 
  10. You can Add more extension filters so that the software does waste time finding emails from those files or documents.

Best email list-building tactics

Some of the best email list-building tactics to grow subscribers are as follows:

  1. Ask friends, family, and colleagues
  2. Ask customers and prospects
  3. Capture emails from your email signature/closing
  4. Encourage Forwarding
  5. Send podcasts via snail mail


Additional email capture goals

Often there are website improvement opportunities right under your nose. An email marketing strategy often starts with a general “subscribe to our newsletter” goal, and other email capture goals are added piecemeal.

  1.  Offer freebies
  2.  Make sure a form is present throughout your website
  3.  Optimize your current form placement
  4.  Review what info you’re asking for and form messaging
  5.  Experiment with Pop-Ups
  6.  Add incentives after a purchase

Now that you’ve asked about existing relationships and optimized your website to capture more emails, you’re ready to explore growth opportunities that extend beyond your site.

Social media following and reaching out

Leveraging your social media following and reaching out to other sites in your industry should be some of the primary pillars of your growth strategy.

  1. Reach out to your social followers
  2. .Add a form to your Facebook business page
  3. Pin a tweet that could entice a signup
  4. Invest in social advertising
  5. Don’t forget about YouTube (if you’re using it currently)
  6. Write for other industry blogs
  7. Cross-promote your list to another list

Email finder hunter

But if you want more email addresses, our email finder can help you. It can also help you find emails from your required URLs as well.

Email finder hunter will particularly help you with that purpose. We have made many SEO automation bots, but this is the first Email Marketing related bot. It is excellent email finder software that can give you leads.


Get the email addresses behind any website. The Domain Search process of email finder by domain lists the people you are finding emails of and will also list the details of the people working in companies with the given URL. It helps you find more than a hundred million email addresses online.

Apart from basic information like email address, an email finder also unearths personal details of the prospects such as their company name, contact information, title, location, website URL, and many more data points.

The system provides individuals’ and businesses’ email addresses and social media profiles. It can also identify the title, company, location, business, and prospects’ website.

But Hunter’s most potent email-finding tool crawls each page of a domain URL and finds email addresses because this email finder bot is hungry for email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why email finders?

Some free tools do this well, so we focused only on them.

If you want to know how these email-finding tools work and how well they perform in our test, stick around, and you will learn more.

What is an email finder?

An email finder Chrome extension is an online tool that searches the email addresses of your prospects present on major social media and professional platforms in a matter of minutes.

Besides, it has an advanced built-in algorithm that provides a list of verified and authentic email addresses.

This email address finder lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter to your business. It is the best B2B email finder and leads extractor software with no URL limits to scrape.

How many Domains can you scrape in an Email finder?

When you add UNLIMITED Domain URLs, this email finder app will scrape and find emails from pages of each domain. So it depends on how large the domain URL pages are.

So, depending on the number of pages in each domain, the software will take that much time.

You can use an email finder program and get an email finder to download without limits and costs. Start scraping domains for the email addresses fast. So, it’s the best email scraper tool.

How to Get Email Addresses for Email Marketing?

Email is an incredible digital marketing tool. Its widespread reach and viral potential allow your business to connect with prospects like no other marketing medium can.

But first, you need a list of subscribers to send emails. Whether you lack the time or the know-how to create quality emails, plenty of challenges can prevent you from developing a healthy email list.

Fortunately, there are many easy ways to collect email addresses so that you reap the benefits of email marketing. 

How do I buy a list of emails?

But whatever you do, never buy a list. When talking to new email marketers, we often get this question: “How do I buy a list of emails?”

The answer is always to never and not do it. Building an email subscriber base can seem daunting, but buying a list is the worst thing you can do. (It’s illegal to sell email lists!)


This email finder is suited for lead building, prospecting, and engaging with your leads.

It gives you access to over 1oo million contacts, from where you can extract the email addresses and contact details you want. Simply put, it assists you with your sales process from the beginning until the end.

To maximise your sales efforts, start the conversation and improve this email. We have another GMB Leads Scraper as well if you want to try it.

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This email address finder lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter to your business. This is the best B2B email finder and leads extractor software with no limits of URLs to scrape from.