Panguin Tool Review – Tool Used To Help Website Owners


Panguin Tool Review – Tool Used To Help Website Owners

Panguin Tool Review

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Vick

This article will discuss the Panguin Tool Review; Panguin is a free tool developed by Barracuda Digital to help website owners improve Google’s perceived quality of their site. Since Panda and Penguin look at different variables to assess your site’s quality, this tool helps determine the areas where your site may fall short.

While Panda looks to assess your content, Panguin judges your site based on promoting it. The Penguin tool helps you address all of these criteria at once, taking some of the legwork out of staying on top of Google’s ever-changing SEO algorithms and preferences.


What does Penguin Tool do exactly? – Panguin Tool Review

The tool is pretty simple. It syncs with your Google Analytics profile and layers over a list of all the Panda, Penguin and Other Google updates. Panguin SEO Tool is one of the greatest free Search Engine Optimization tools possible in the market.

It gives you the results and outcomes of all Google algorithm updates on your website. To get more views by Search Engine Optimization, it is essential to determine what has changed your website in the happenings and induced fewer views. Penguin directly shows what could’ve caused it so it can quickly resolve it.


How Penguin works

The operational structure of Penguin nevermore communicates with your Google Analytics data. Rather, it does an industry-standard protocol similar to OAuth 2.0. Penguin uses databases and mines out information about the impacts and effects of the Google search engine algorithms’ updates.

It describes the data and determines what changes are needed to rank your website uplifted. You can also consider changes presented to Google’s algorithm in the earlier years through this tool. Every update is discussed in detail.


 Here are the levels using which you can run with Penguin:

· Open the website and click on “Use concerning Free” if you use it for the first time. It will direct you to enter your Gmail id also password.

· After you insert your credentials, Google will request you if you need the tools to access your information, click on “Allow”.

· In choose your profile page, Click on “Penguin Tool”. In the list here, you can click on each link that you need to review.

· Clicking on a link will lead you to its analytics page, where you can examine the process in detail.


Why would you use Panguin Tool Review?

It’s simple. It shows if the traffic to your site has increased/decreased according to the latest Google updates. Great for identifying if any updates have impacted you to the Google algorithm.


Features Panguin Tool Review

As a free tool, Panguin packs a long list of features to help you make results-driven improvements to your website. Here’s a summary of them all. 


Organic Visibility

Panguin will show you where your website ranks in terms of organic visibility across search engines and regions, for starters. You can compare your report to competitors, generating such reports without any limits. You can also look back at historical data to spot trends over the last five years. 


Paid Visibility

Panguin helps you determine your SEO investments’ worth by comparing your rankings before and after paid tactics. You’ll also be able to create reports on your competitors and look back at five years of history here too. 


Powerful Encryption

Need to encrypt a page? The encryption tool allows you to protect and monitor your best-ranking pages and their SEO performance. With around-the-clock protection, Panguin will also generate alerts if it detects malware of a hacking attempt. Meanwhile, your insights will be inaccessible by third parties. 


Regional Insights – Panguin Tool Review

Your site’s performance is bound to vary across regions. That’s why Panguin has a tool so that you can view the ranking of you and your competitors across various areas. You can also look for keyword use at an international scale and figure out where your offerings are desired the most. 


Keywords Optimization – Panguin Tool Review

Acquire new visitors and expand your reach with Panguin’s tools that help you optimize search keyword placement and monitor the impact they have on your rankings. Penguin lets you change your keywords anytime based on your seeing results, helping you get more traffic. 


Onsite Link Optimization

By far one of Penguin’s best tools, this feature allows you to interlink pages on your website so that you can compare their rankings. Since readers will be more likely to stay on your site if they see a related page, this tool is valuable. 


Backlink Optimization

Double-check your backlinks’ structure with this handy tool that will help you measure their aptitude before you optimize and compare it to the results after the change. 


Local Rankings

If you compete at a local scale, this feature will enable you to effortlessly review the impact updates have on your local search performance. 


Mobile Searches

Track your site’s performance in mobile search results with this tool that also gives you the advice to improve it. Moreover, you can compare your mobile search performance with your past performance and your competitors’ rankings. 


Overall Performance

Improve the performance of the content you publish with Penguin’s optimization tools, then compare the performance before and after you made changes. You can also lean on expert advice to improve rankings. 


Social Media Influence

Panguin has an additional helpful tool that will help you measure and manage your popularity across social platforms. Find public opinions about your business, read reviews, and compare your site to your competitors to seek improvement.




The overall performance of this tool is adequate according to critics and users. It is great suitable for websites of startups as its free trial lasts for three months. You can spend that money on activities such as marketing. It gives you time to support your business before you begin paying for SEO tools.