Majestic SEO Review – Tool Essential for Backlink Checking

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Majestic SEO Review – Tool Essential for Backlink Checking

Majestic SEO Review

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If you are exploring the latest SEO Tool for Backlink checking, you may need to recognise here we give you  Majestic SEO Review, or simply Majestic SEO Tool, as usual on the internet tend to call it. This is a search engine optimisation tool that you can do for inspecting the internet also discover links that head back to your website and beneficial for SEO.

The Majestic SEO Tool was designed by a UK-based company that declares that this has created the world’s most excellent ‘link intelligence’ database. Essentially, this link database serves as a map of the whole internet, plus it maintains track of every website that links behind to the pages of your owned website.


You can see how beneficial that could be to improve your insight within your website’s online distribution and keep track of your positioning concerning search engines, same as Google. This database’s full size that the software practices are one of its biggest strengths, and what does it stand out of most recently backlink checking tools.


With that in thought, let’s get a look at what Majestic has to offer; why majestic is popular? Pros cons, customer support in a short complete review of Majestic SEO Tool all you want to know.


Majestic SEO Review & Why so Popular?

So there is a great curiosity among the people that why Majestic SEO Tool is so popular. So here is an answer to it that this Tool has amazing features. Majestic, once known as Majestic SEO, enables you to examine your website’s backlinks also your competitors’ websites.

This backlink inquiry tool presents data to help you develop more excellent link-building operations for your website, improving its rankings within search engines. Majestic remains to be the backlink tool of option for many SEOs and marketers. It has done numerous times across the years alongside Monitor BacklinksAhrefsSEMrush, plus additional Premium SEO Tools. At the same time, every tool has its strengths, including weaknesses.


This review will focus on how you can do Majestic to a significant effect through your link-building attempts. We can’t tell within Ahrefs also Majestic which one is extra reliable, but both produce the two different common names through backlinks.

There is another method to give Majestic’s backlink container. Majestic works, including Buzzsumo, a great content tool, and quickly include Majestic backlink data.


How does the Majestic SEO Tool Works?

It is simple to set up. First, sign up during a free about paid Majestic account. The free version is primarily to understand how the tool work. Already logged in, you can begin working Majestic right on. Because Majestic is an all in one SEO device, it appears not to require a whole installation, nor does it have a keyword to search and opponents to set in like several tools.

Here is a web-based application, so you don’t want to download it. You will want to verify the area. Formerly verified, you can link to your Google Search Console account.


Feature of Majestic SEO Tool

Let’s go for Majestic SEO Tool most useful features, one with one, starting with its website Explorer.


1. WebSite Explorer of Majestic SEO Tool

You can access Site Explorer by typing this URL in the exploration bar on this homepage. Once you agree on the Research icon, you’ll notice the summary of this site’s backlink data.

Two metrics you want to focus on when examining Majestic websites do Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Both do aggregate rates restricted to Majestic and give a big deal of data about each website.

Citation Flow does an amount that forecasts that authority regarding the URL based on the quality also quantity of websites connecting to it. In SEO terms, Citation Flow leads to link juice.

Trust Flow is an amount that forecasts the sincerity of a page based on its linking proximity on official websites.


2. Bulk Backlink Checker

If you previously used a separate tool to extract backlinks from your site or competitor, you can upload all of them on Majestic utilising this feature.

Doing so allows you to analyse the backlinks using Majestic’s data and streamline your research in a single tool.


3. Compare Domains

This feature lets you analyse various websites on Majestic in bar graphs. You can connect your website to your topmost competitors and recognise how you match up with them.

You can check on various data like backlink records, Flow Metrics history and more further.


4. Clique Hunter

When analysing websites, you can review the domains that connected back to them. Clique Hunter determines not only the relevant fields but also the number of site links from the parts.

By searching on competitors backlinks utilising this feature, you can discover link-building chances you weren’t able to view before. For instance, if they have several Forbes links, you must discover a way to make links from that site. Signing a guest post or asking to become a contributor over this site is actionable to secure the information.


5. Search Explorer of Majestic SEO Review

This tool also contains Search Explorer is equivalent to Google for SEO. As Google gives websites’ results for their search phrase, Majestic uses its exclusive algorithms.

Upon inserting the keyword within the search bar, you’ll view the highest Search Score results to that lowest. This most crucial part that influences Search Score is one InAnchor metric. Ticking on the link shows these full anchor texts that link following to your website. You can rehearse down the data additional by clicking for the Topic Trust Flow from any anchor text. The data found in Search Explorer can help you identify the most suitable sites for your target keywords.

Aside from analysing their backlink, you can search on related keywords they’re ranking for. The information here can help you fill in your link-building campaign gaps by using a cue of theirs.


6. Keyword Checker –  Majestic SEO Review

Suppose you want to research and analyse keywords that you want to optimise for your site, practice Keyword Checker. It makes you qualify the keywords in your analysis by applying them to Majestic’s Exploration Volume data. Any data is confirmed by the knowledge provided under these Domains and URL.

The more important the Search Volume data, the further difficult it will be for you to rank to that keyword. It’s most useful to target keywords, including a fairly competitive Search Volume score, so you have a puncher’s chance of ranking on top toward that keyword.


7. URL Submitter of Majestic  SEO Review

If you need Majestic to list your recently published content in hours, you need to use the URL Submitter. This feature is linked to Google’s “Suggest a site”, wherever you can get Google to index your Website pages so you can view them perform in search results.

It won’t confirm a crawl of your site pages in Majestic because of circumstances beyond its authority. Anyway, you can help speed the process by submitting a group of your site pages that haven’t done moved yet using this feature.


The validated domain should advantage of before-mentioned as admitting and reports (and you also will Majestic the power to connect your data to the index of this tool). There are two ways to establish an area: Add a Meta tag, either small writing file on your website.

You should install this Majestic SEO Tool extension on Chrome or Firefox. This provides instant backlink knowledge right in your browser, similar to the toolbars of other devices like Ahrefs, MozBar, and SEMrush, but frequently about backlinks.


8. Customer Support of Majestic SEO Review

One thing that is greatly essential for every software is customer support given by the team that has designed it. Many usually overlook that, particularly if they understand that their software is simple to use and the customer support won’t produce much work.

Fortunately, Majestic is not among them. If they operate into any problem while using the platform or one of its advanced tools, you can quickly contact customer support via email or look up the solution on your own via the Majestic Help Centre. The Help Centre is quite helpful and complete a lot of data.

In the end, you can also look for the Majestic API Reference Guide to understand some of the tools and features that you can find on the platform.


Majestic vs competitors and alternatives

Majestic allows SEO professionals a great marketing online search engine to see how their views fare versus their competitors. They can further go as far back as more than five years to see backlinks history.

SEO specialists and firms enjoy how they can visualize their sites’ benefits, such as link profiles, link breakdowns, top pages, top anchor text, and more. Including Majestic, they can compare plus contrast analytical link statistics of because much as five websites and pit them to the contest.

Complete Prices Details

If your website is yet new and you are on a confined budget, or if you want to keep track of your investments, knowing the policies and prices of tools you practice is important, which is why we would begin with that.

It allows three various pricing ranges — LITE, PRO, and API if it comes to Majestic. All of them provide their own set of features and various conditions, so it is necessary to study each of them and determine which one is the most suitable for you.

1. Lite

Lite is a plan that features the price of 49. something dollar offer validates to 30 days, and it simply serves the individual user. It is a beginner plan that is perfect for easy users and domainers. It features 1 million investigation units, and it appears with a lot of facilities.


2. Pro version of Majestic SEO Tool

Pro version is another among the policy, and it will expense you 99. something dollars valid for 30 days. It features any website tools, plus it is also for one user individually, but this unit allows 20 million inquiry units, which gives it perfect for professionals. In courses of features, you get everything in the LITE plan, plus more amazing features.    


3. API 

Last but not least, we should API, which runs 399. something dollar valid for 30 days, and it is the only plan that offers full API. This one can be used by five different users, making it attractive for developers moreover data agencies. By it, you get as several as 100 million investigation units, everything recorded in the PRO plan and add more facilities.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Lastly, let’s check out 

Majestic SEO Tool most significant advantages and disadvantages, just for you to be informed of its powers and flaws before you make your decision.



  1. · MajesticSEO tool has a large database that includes about 9 trillion URLs.
  2. · This tool follows a website to show in real-time.
  3. ·  Everything in this tool is easy to use.
  4. · All of these states, including charts, are simple to understand.
  5. ·  It will provide a clear Chrome extension.
  6. · lets you assess competitor websites, including deduce whereby to promote your personal.



  1.  LITE and PRO plans offer individual account.
  2.  Its first tier packages are a little expensive.
  3.  Historic Index Tool is not feasible for this LITE plan.
  4. More advanced tools, including functions, may need you to learn how to do them.




Majestic SEO Tool is an excellent tool for owners of single websites and developers of search ranking tools alike. In the end, you want to know that, Majestic SEO Tool is a Tool you must-have? We think that this Tool is. No doubt, the ultimate choice is yours to select, and it will depend on the price of the subscription and another similar aspect that may affect your decision.

It does more than give you a way to an immense database of internet page links; it also gives it easy to analyse specific URLs’ performance and actionable way metrics that could totally change the method you create digital marketing.

However, It is much easy to use, it should all the essential tools, including functions that you may want, and its database is the largest we should ever see, so we are assured that it will do its function perfectly. Hope you will enjoy the complete Majestic SEO Review.