How to Sell Internet Traffic and Earn Money?

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How to Sell Internet Traffic and Earn Money?

How to Sell Internet Traffic and Earn Money?

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Sell Internet Traffic & make money out of it

Sell internet traffic permits task owners with high web traffic to earn on a quiet basis. To do this, you need to place ads on your site in various layout. The more clicks to marketers’ websites, the even more profit the proprietor of the source (web traffic source) obtains.


What does Selling Internet traffic mean?

The web traffic position of A website is 100 individuals each day. The owner of B website, with the traffic of 5 people per day, decided to increase the influx of customers to his resource. He created an advertising and marketing teaser with a showy headline as well as a vivid photo. After that, he asked the owner of site A to place an intro in the sidebar of his source.

Therefore, the variety of visits to website Braised to 70 individuals, and the owner of the site An obtains a passive revenue of $1 for every click the teaser.

In this example, the owner of the website An acted as the seller of traffic, and also the proprietor of site B acted as the advertiser and website traffic customer. They could fulfil on the discussion forum, stock exchange, and various other introspective platforms.

Exactly how does selling traffic from a website job?

On the one hand, there is a proprietor of an advertised website with high web traffic; on the other hand, there are lots of newly developed sites that require traffic The proprietors of these resources count on the exchanges introducing their need to get traffic.

At the same time, they report which users are of the rate of interest to them: their age, gender, geolocation. If the problems suit the owner of the hyped source, he or she positions the advertising code on his/her site as well as gets revenue.

To obtain as many offers as feasible from advertisers, you require to sign up in several associate programs. When choosing companions, marketers, you need to take note of the user interface of their websites, content, page packing rate, as well as other parameters that simplify the use of the source.

This is an especially vital point if the owner of the website traffic source receives earnings when the action is done by the individual (purchase of items, registration). This advertisement style is called CPA (Expense per Action).


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Ways to sell Internet web traffic


1. Straight contact with marketers or advertisers

This choice is suitable for owners of prominent sites with a large number of sees. Those that wish to get web traffic will be asked to market their sites.

In this instance, the proprietor of the promoted web site sets the expense, regards to positioning, repayment method, as well as various other conditions.

Popular blog owners and project proprietors with tens or numerous thousands of brows through daily (depending upon the topic) can count on such privileges. In this case, you can request a completely high rate for one advertisement positioned.


2. Contextual marketing

One of the most preferred ad networks is Google Adsense. You need to sign up in this service as well as locate partners who want to market on various other websites. To do this, your website needs to have high website traffic. You can likewise discover partners for contextual advertising on such solutions as, TripleLift, NativeAds.

You can gain using contextual advertising and marketing in one click (PPC) or for every single thousand sees (CPM). In the first case, a set quantity is transferred to the owner of the web traffic source site for every click of the site visitor. The average expense of one click is $1-2.

In the second case, the specific quantity goes to the proprietor of the resource site after every thousand ad impressions, regardless of the number of clicks to the advertiser’s website.
Contextual advertising and marketing example
To preserve the demand for the source from advertisers, you require to frequently update and also create it. Extremely, that site visitors enjoy the web content. It needs to be relevant, interesting, as well as catchy.


3. Offering outbound links

You can announce the sale of outgoing web links from your site on exchanges. For example, on, LinksPanel, The more website traffic, a lot more pricey the web link is. The proprietors of well-known websites selling website traffic with thousands of countless site visitors obtain the optimal revenue.


4. Teaser advertising

The owner of the visited resource places on its internet site an intro for the advertiser that pays for each click. This method brings much less revenue. Nonetheless, it can be a good source of profit with high website traffic.
Intro advertising instance
A teaser is a picture with a short, appealing engraving. The more provocation in such advertising and marketing, the more attention it draws in from individuals.


5. Exchanges to develop affiliate advertising networks

To market website traffic, you require to register on such an exchange and include promotion codes to your website. Examples of exchanges are Megaindex, Admitad.


6. Banner advertising

In this case, you can offer website traffic by positioning an advertising and marketing banner with a built-in weblink to another resource.

Among one of the most prominent banner networks is Adblade. To join it, the site’s presence must be greater than 500,000 per month. The minimum price for placing a banner is $100.
Banner advertising instance


7. CPA networks

The main point of the system is to make money for a finished action such as membership, adding items to the basket, acquisition, enrollment. You position ads on your internet site and get profit in case of conversion by the visitor.

Most notably, you can earn from a finished acquisition. The commission can reach 90% of the goods’ worth. Among one of the most prominent CPA networks is CityAds.


8. YouTube

You can offer website traffic with the help of video clip hosting. A marketing message is revealed to customers before viewing the video clip. Personalize your Youtube ads on Google Adsense.
Many services offer website proprietors roguish plans. They promise high profits, however, in fact, they lure money from marketers as well as don’t move them to the account of the opposite side.

To take part in affiliate marketing networks, it’s much better to select tested exchanges and also solutions. They earn marketing payments and honestly withdraw funds to the account of sites’ owners that are web traffic resources. As a result, one can not believe the guarantees of cosmic profits after registering on an unidentified exchange.




You can sell internet traffic without financial investments if you have a visited website, which comes to be a platform for off-site advertising. You place a banner, teaser, contextual advertising, as well as obtain income from impacts, clicks, or finished activities by customers. The even more traffic to the site and its appeal, the higher the revenues.

By positioning the code of the advertising tool on your website, you enter the associate network as well as receive revenue depending upon the set conditions of the purchases.