How to drive free traffic to your website?

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How to drive free traffic to your website?

How to drive free traffic to your website

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To drive free traffic many startup businesses need to be creative with their ways. They need to think out of the box for promoting their website. Since they just started off their journey; expensive paid advertisement is out of the question. Whereas SEO is a promising method but its no denying that it is a long term process.

Lucky for you we are here to share this tremendous article to help you drive free traffic to your website without a single penny invested.


What Should You Do to Drive Free Traffic Which Converts?

Little or no investment for paid advertisements shouldn’t be a demotivating factor for startup businesses. Why? Because there are countless ways to promote yourself. the real trick is to know the right direction. These following 7 advanced methods to drive free traffic are the right guides. With no further delay here they are:


How to drive free traffic to your website

Method No.1: Post Articles on ‘Medium’

Many of you must be wondering that how posting articles on ‘Medium” will drive free traffic to your website. Why it is considered to be one of the advanced tactics? Simple as pie, we are talking about posting just a few intro paragraphs of your article on medium.

After that, all you need to do is add your website link in read full article’. By doing so traffic on the medium will visit your website. But it’s of utmost importance to make sure that those paragraphs are worth reading. Catchy enough for the users to be tempted enough to read the whole article.

When traffic lands on your website, the next essential thing you need to have is a popup or content upgrade to attain their email addresses. By doing so, you can email them about the new articles being published on your website. Or any new product being released as well as your website exclusive offers. All of this hard work will drive free traffic to your website.

The main key is to write a few “INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPHS” on medium with the link of the whole article of your website. An easy way to drive free traffic as long as your article is luring enough.

You will keep driving free traffic on your website as long as you keep on publishing more and more content on the ‘medium community’. The reason why posting on the medium is considered to be an advanced tactic is; even if you dont have many followers on the medium. Your article will spread throughout the whole Medium Community.


Method No.2: Post Article on Linkedin:

The second most advanced tactic is to post articles on Linkedin. Not just a few introduction paragraphs with your website link like we told you to do on medium but the whole article. You must be questioning as to why the whole article?  Its because the technique we recommended with the medium is not as much as effective on Linkedin.

It was a few years back but not now. Social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin want to keep traffic to themselves. Dont worry we have a solution for you to drive free traffic on your website from their platforms. This strategy works exceptionally well on Linkedin. All you got to do is to; Firstly, write the whole article on Linkedin.

Secondly, you also develop a cheat sheet. it could be anything for example seven ways to do a, b and c” or here is the link of visual graphic of this article to help you understand better“. 

Offering visual content to traffic is more cherished and a brilliant way to promote your article by making them share it onwards. This will automatically drive free traffic on your website. People tend to share more and frequent visual content like infographics. Infographics are easy to understand and less time consuming than reading articles.

Along with publishing your article on Linkedin, you can introduce your website link by proposing a cheat sheet or visual graphic to traffic. This technique will only be extremely helpful to you in case of having visual content to drive free traffic.

Why it is among the advanced tactics is people love visual content and step by step instructions instead of just reading plain text. 

How to drive free traffic to your website

Method No.3: Be a GUEST on other people’s podcasts!

The third approach we are going to give you to drive free traffic is to be a guest on other people’s podcasts. Hold that thought right there that ‘you are a nobody and why would anyone want you on their podcast?’ Get rid of that thought because you are someone. Someone who knows something that others don’t. Everybody has something unique to share with the whole world in this case the whole web traffic.

Now we dont want you to be going around and just asking them to make you a guest on their podcast because it does not look well. What can you do? ask their permission for featuring them or their quote in your article or blog post. start doing this with people who are not only just experts but experts who have podcasts.

By getting a handful of experts in your article and blog post; they will notice other experts as well who are featured on your website. And when you email them addressing about featuring them and their quotes in your article a lot of them will end up sharing your content further.

After a while like a month or two; go back to those experts and ask them if they can feature you on their podcasts where you want to share something unique or something that’s insightful. This is a much more practical and natural way to approach them. Don’t be discouraged or dishearted because not all of them will accept your invitation or grant permission to be on their podcasts.

Or you could just simply ask them to talk about your article content and if you have some stats or interesting data they could also refer your website on their podcast. Although its a bit time consuming; this technique guarantees MORE free traffic.



Method No.4: Roundups:

This method is a bit like the one mentioned before but it comes with a twist. “Expert Roundups”  is exceptional because it doesn’t matter whether you have one follower or millions of followers on it. if you publish a question like “share the most distinctive Instagram hack’. People will respond to that; listing out hundreds and thousands of answers.

Ultimately creating a powerful content post making people share it on other platforms. This will eventually boost free traffic on your website.


Method No.5: Giveaway gifts:

The key to this method is not just announcing that you are giving away free gifts, click here on this link or share it on Facebook. This way has gotten old and is not so effective as it used to before. What you can do is organize a point-based system in contests and giveaways. Set different ranges of points of sharing your article on different social media platforms according to your needs.

Along with sharing content give away referral points as well. that way people will also refer your content to gain points to win certain contest or giveaway that you have introduced.  You have to make your contest or giveaway Viral for it to actually drive free traffic to your website.

The key to this method is to promote it in a way where more people share your content to gather more entries or point to win a service,  prize, or whatever it is you are offering them.


Method No.6: One-Press Social Locker:

It’s one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins. it’s a pretty handful plugin where you can put a lock on certain things of your article and the traffic can only get access to it if only after sharing it on other social media platforms. thus creating a web of free traffic for your website.

Why it is a favorable method to drive free traffic to your website?

Most of the time getting their emails in return doesn’t do us much good because of spam settings. Mostly emails get sent to spam folders so it sending or promoting your article through emails doesn’t pay off much.

The fantastic thing about this method is that if a reader is 3/4 down the article and you lock certain things in your article that person is bound to share your article to unlock those things to move ahead.  its a bit psychological related and very effective in sharing your content that instant.

How to drive free traffic to your website

Last but not least method is:

Method No.7: Shoot a video about your article:

Like it was mentioned above in this article that people prefer more visual content than to just read plain text. Making a video of the whole content of your article is a very exceptional method in getting people to share it. It’s less hectic to listen or see than to read paragraphs.

You must be pondering over how are you going to get free traffic on your website through video? Let us tell you that people are more engaged while watching a video than any other thing. It is also easy to operate because you can technically go live o at the same time on different social media platforms, saving time and money.

This method may not get you a high amount of free traffic but it will certainly give you a high amount of traffic that converts. Thus increasing in your sale!



These are the methods that will defiantly help you to drive free traffic to your website FOR SURE!

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