How to create html sites in GMBG in few minutes – Demo by John Currie

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How to create html sites in GMBG in few minutes – Demo by John Currie

Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Vick

This process is to create HTML files for the sites on the local computer. So if a user wants to create HTML with dynamic pages then select the 2nd option from the dropdown. The software will use the selected Campaign’s data for the creation of HTML site pages.

This is actually one of the features of the software called GMB Genius which is one of our BEST SEO automation tools.

Following settings required for Create HTML site :

How to create html sites in GMBG in few minutes - Demo by John Currie


A number of output index.html files will be the same as the number of keywords in the text area. The schema in the form of the script will be pasted in the head of the HTML file. Users can select
different multiple or single HTML file templates. Users can also select a colour for Header, Menu, Footer etc by clicking the “Select HTML Color” button.


Watch the demo on how to create an HTML sites

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