RPA and COVID19: How Software Robots Are Helping Companies Put Employee Health First

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RPA and COVID19: How Software Robots Are Helping Companies Put Employee Health First

RPA and COVID19: How Software Robots Are Helping Companies Put Employee Health First

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How RPA help COVID19?

RPA Software Robots Are Helping Companies Put Worker Wellness First in the time of COVID19 (coronavirus). Automated software has been made for all sorts of industries which does artificial intelligence to offer mankind.

In the Beijing office of the RPA market firm, several WeChat notifications begin sounding in office. It’s a message for each employee to submit the day-to-day wellness study. A fast process that requires just a few minutes. RPA Industry is a market throughout the region following the govt advisories to submit workers’ body temperatures.

For those that missed the sharp in the China office, it appears once in an hour. Prompting staff members to complete the health kind immediately. With the existing coronavirus (COVID19) break out, there is a pushing demand for every person to update their health and wellness condition daily.

The large volume of health info (from the surveys) is collected, arranged right into records, and also examined by an unseen software program robot. This robotic can be a vital timesaver, boosting the wellness screening treatments for business in China.


RPA and COVID19 How Software Robots Are Helping Companies Put Employee Health First

Remember that we’re much better prepared to deal with international health care concerns today than we were in 2003. When the Extreme Severe Respiratory system Disorder coronavirus (SARS-CoV) epidemic created international disorder.

After 16 years of the SARS-CoV epidemic, steps were turned out to help the spread of the COVID-19 infection. Those steps consisted of applying quarantines, traveling restrictions, and also temperature checks at flight terminals, train stations, shopping malls, and more throughout Asia. Some cities shut their boundaries to Chinese site visitors, including Hong Kong, which suspended the high-speed rail service between the city and mainland China.

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An RPA response to a health crisis during COVID19 Epidemic

Health and wellness Screening robotic gives a solution to workplaces in Asia, where an enhancing variety of companies have started enabling staff members to function from house to decrease contact between the team. Lessening to get in touch with staff members is important in aiding to reduce the danger of infection.

In an even stricter step, the Singapore federal government has actually announced a “stay-home notice,” which restricts its residents and lasting pass holders who have returned from mainland China from leaving their homes for 2 weeks.


Sometimes, staff members could fail to remember to complete the survey. Making it time-consuming for Human Resources to remind staff members to submit their studies. Delays in the entry may likewise accidentally cause conformity lapses.

However today, the robotic sends out a survey and tracks who has (and also hasn’t) finished the survey. The bot will follow up every hour through different communication tools such as Slack, WeChat, as well as WhatsApp. This maximizes time for Human Resources staff members to work on other tasks, while also making certain a secure workplace.

Making use of automation, the wellness standing of all staff members can be caught in an organized means. The robot notifies employers with high body temperatures, which helps firms react quicker to handle and remediate the scenario.


Keeping data well organized using RPA techniques

To make better information from the daily body temperature surveys that employees fill out. The Health Screening Bot arranges all the information in a summary report at the end of the day. The information summaries exist in an easy-to-read visual such as pie and bar charts.

We have also made many RPA tools or you can say automation tools, but they are not much about coronavirus for now, but we are offering low rates to help and motivate people in the time of depression and sadness. But people and big companies have RPA solutions which help to keep people safe from COVID19.


As the COVID19 continues in China and spreads around the world, the impacts are on everyone’s minds. Companies of the technology industry have an impact as well. Because many clients and companies don’t want to invest in paying freelancers for software or web development projects. What Software Developers Need to Know About Coronavirus’ Impact on the Tech Industry