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DNS Lookup

Free DNS Lookup Tool | Find DNS Records Instantly

Use our free DNS Lookup tool to find A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, SOA DNS records of any host. Get domain registration, expiry, and ownership details instantly.

How to Use Our DNS Lookup Tool?

Enter any domain name and click on the submit button. Obtain the following DNS record details:

  • A Records
  • Nameservers (NS Records)
  • Mail Servers (MX Records)
  • CNAME Entries
  • Text Entries (TXT Records)
  • SOA Entries

Why Use a DNS Lookup Tool?

Understanding the DNS records of a domain can provide essential insights like domain registration, expiry, and ownership details. It's crucial for troubleshooting and ensuring the domain's settings are correctly configured.

Real-Time DNS Lookup

Perform real-time DNS lookups and view global DNS propagation status to resolve DNS faster and get your site online quickly.

Security Implications of DNS Queries

Be aware of the information revealed through DNS queries and understand the security implications associated with DNS lookups.

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