Google Trends Review – Tool used for comparative keyword research


Google Trends Review – Tool used for comparative keyword research

Google Trends Review

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Vick

Are you in search of a tool that is free and useful for keyword research? So your search ends here.  Google Trends a valuable tool for any serious marketer. Because of its power, it’s vital that you learn how to apply it correctly and not to “identify trends” where none exists. In this article, you’ll know everything you require to know about Google Trends Review.


What Is Google Trends Review

Google Trends is a free tool that presents data and charts on the popularity of particular search terms used on Google, including YouTube.Google Trends is a powerful website that examines and ranks the most favourite searched keywords. Usually, Google’s search engine filters data through the use of different parameters. At an initial glance, Google gives up results via analysis of Keywords and phrases you type on this Google search box.


Most importantly, Google Trends automatically updates everything the general search queries. This data can be in real-time, including based on various regions.  Google Trends is a keyword analysis tool that gives you keyword traffic across time in various regions and languages.


The service was expanded by the extension of Google Insights for Search, which added a visible component to see keyword performance in states, countries, provinces, etc., in the form of maps. Use Google Trends to perform some basic research to inform your SEO (search engine optimization) and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies.


Features of Google Trends Review

These are the following features of google trends.


Region Google Trends Review

Google Trends lets you understand how your keyword is working in several countries around the world. You can search by subregions as well. That means, for instance, that you can look at keyword performance in America and its states.


Time Span

You can see your results over different periods, extending from keyword performance within the hour to keyword performance from now on to 2004.



You can view how your term does in different categories, such as art and entertainment or autos and vehicles.


Web Search

You can understand how your keyword works on various APIs. They include Google search, picture search, news search, Google shopping, including Youtube search.



You can connect one keyword to many others to compare their traffic across time. 


Related Topics

Topics, or keywords, are something digital marketers explore to build more powerful SEO or PPC campaigns. Using this information, an SEO or PPC media agency can craft copy that’s more attuned with that search engine algorithms consider high-quality outcomes.


Related Queries

These are terms that somebody who searched for your time further searched for. They can be determined by how they place in the top 100 most frequently searched words. You can also set this data based on whether the term is now getting searched for more often. Terms that have made significant gains are called “breakout”.



You can generate a link to the different pieces of information Google Trends gives you.



You can download your product as a CSV file, enabling you to view your work with applications that create tables. This includes Microsoft Excel including Google Sheets.



Google Trends gives you a link to set your data using a high-quality visualization.


How is Google Trends Used?

Google Trends is really simple to use. Just type in the term about the topic you want to explore, and then you’ll get your issues displayed utilizing an automatic interface. You can also combine words to compare your search results by adding them to each box labelled “compare”. 


Google Trends Use Cases

Content Inspiration: 

By studying the relevant queries and concentrating on breakouts, you can inspire to generate unique content that speaks to what people are clamouring for at the time.


Comparing Topics:

 Being able to reach topics quickly can have many valuable applications. When it appears to pick a title for your article, for instance, you can view if people are also like to search for “tips”, “tricks”, or “hacks” and create your decision based on which term has the most important traffic.


Compelling Visuals: 

an abundance of resources doesn’t complicate Google Trends. It tells you how well your questions are performing over time or for many reasons, allowing simple to interpret visualizations. These can be very beneficial for presentations because they’re so simple to read.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Trends Review

These are the following  Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Trend


Advantages of Google Trends Review

1. Anyone who searches on the Google search engine will become Google trends, and it is free of cost search and access the data on the web.

2. The data which will be shown on the screen is all the research data.

3. The data collected from the Google trend is not distributed on the date, time, place, language, or any other thing. All this is valuable because this is in continuity.

4. Now everyone searches anything, they use Google search engine, and the result showed which is in trends on Google.


Disadvantages of Google Trends Review

1. Many times, it will happen that we type only a keyword on the Google search engine bar; after that, it will be not cleared to Google that what we want from it, and the Google trends show a=us different results.

2. We search only some keywords and show some specific results, and we stuck between those results.

3. The main problem of Google trends is that it wants lots of traffic on the site, and the site has less traffic; it will not show you a result of what you want or maybe not show you the proper presentation of results. And when this happens, the site will be useless, or we say it is not suitable for search. 


Google Trends Pricing

Google Trends is available totally free.




Google Trends may not be the common robust keyword research tool, so that it won’t be relied on proceeding with an SEO agency either PPC media agency. But you don’t always want the most influential research tool! An overabundance of opportunities can sometimes lead to complications. That’s why Google Trends is ideal for simple tasks like picking the right keyword for a title, inspiring ideas for content, or creating visualizations for presentations.