Google Sites automation

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Google Sites automation

google sites automation

Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Vick

How to automate Google Sites

We have made software in past for this purpose and now we have a more improved tool called GMB Genius. It has many features but one main feature is creating google sites with complete SEO settings and methods. You can Dominate Google Rankings for any Property, Niche or Purpose of SEO. This software uses the Power Of Google To Rank In Google.   We have created many SEO automation tools but this tool is the largest one. 


Possible things with Google Sites automation

  • You can Create Google Sites on the fly and really fast
  • Create Unlimited Cloud BackLinks with our Cloud Stacking Poster module in it
  • It helps you Dominate Local Searches and Niches
  • As Google properties have high value so Create & Stack Authority from it
  • Target & Rank Multiple Keywords with Multi-Page Google webSites
  • Targeted Search Engine Traffic from Funnels



Automate Websites & Backlinks

Create a complete Digital-Empire of google sites & powerful properties of google that ranks well drive organic traffic. It’s all automated and runs on some clicks.

Google Authority Stacks

Utilizing Google Properties is an effective method that stacks trust and authority by totally making use of every component of the Google environment to its max potential.
Staxio heavily interlinks from and to each residential or commercial property within the GDrive stack using naked URLs, shortened links, and targeted keyword anchors.

This is how you develop powerful backlinks and climb the search rankings without being an SEO specialist or a site wizard.


Google Sites

Envision creating complimentary Google websites that look like genuine websites. With Call-to-Action header images, Multiple pages, Backlinks, JSON-LD schema, IFrame embeds, short articles, videos, images, and more *.

Now think of ranking all those websites page # 1 in Google search results page. What would you finish with that amount of power in your hands?


Google Rankings

Your Digital Empire will have its roots in Google properties, which all have the possible to rank in every Search Engine worldwide. But do not take our word for it! This image shows how lots of Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides, and Google Forms are currently ranking.

This is a HUGE chance and you too can access this untapped source of totally free natural traffic.