Google Analytics Review – Best Web Analytics Service


Google Analytics Review – Best Web Analytics Service

Google Analytics Review

Last Updated on April 9, 2021 by Vick

This article will discuss the Google Analytics Review; Google Analytics is the world’s most famous freemium web analytics service and used worldwide. It also provides you with various premium analytical features for regular and mobile users by thousands of companies.


Because it was originated in 2005, Google Analytics has been commanding business intelligence standards. Moreover, It Focused on quality and functionality; Google Analytics works with several funnel visualisation techniques and summarises data on high-level dashboards from where users can pull off various types of reports.



Features of Google Analytics

These are the following features of Google Analytics. 


1. Setting Goals – Google Analytics Review

If your company is e-commerce, your goal is marketing. If your company is newsletters, your goal is registration. Once you have your business goals established up in Analytics


2. Comparing Date Ranges 

There was never a simple way to distinguish how your site is relevant to a particular point in time in the old Analytics. Today’ upgrade includes new capabilities that allow you to compare two various periods and chart them quickly.


3. Broad Geographic Data 

You can now view how your website is performing in a diversity of metrics by city or country.


4. Local Conversion Data 

If you set up conversion goals, you can also see how well your site is converting in different locales for e-commerce businesses. 


5. Navigation Summary 

 This report displays how users proceed through your website. 


6. Full AdWords Integration 

 If you advertise within AdWords, Analytics will give you data on each campaign, group, including keyword.


7. Customise Your Dashboard

The old “Managing Summary” has been substituted with a customisable Dashboard where any report can be combined and arranged via drag and fall functionality.


8. Site Overlay 

This feature opens up your website and, utilising data from Analytics, enables you to mouse over your links and see how much they are being clicked on and whether they ultimately lead to goal conversion.


9. Email Reports 

If you run in marketing for a big company, opportunities are your superiors favour to receive reports in email moderately than login and track things down in your analytics program. One of the key unique features of Analytics is setting up accounts and schedule when and to whom will automatically give them.


10.Do Your Work

However, if you’re lucky enough to have subordinates, you can set them up with read-only prerogatives, so they can log in to Analytics and run reports for you. Moreover, You can also set associates up as Administrators if you need to share this power.


11. Bounce Rate – Google Analytics Review

The bounce rate informs you how several people come to your website and transmit without moving any extra. Therefore, Analytics will allow you to view your bounce rate over time and understand how it differs from page to page. 


12. Keyword Source 

 Knowing how customers find you is essential for sales and marketing questions. Google Analytics describe to you what search keywords people are using to discover your website.


13. Referring Sites 

 Here is a feature of any essential analytics program, but with Google Analytics, you can not only view traffic but goal conversion on the sites transferring your traffic. 


14. Browser Capabilities

. Analytic’s Browser Capabilities feature lets you see what browsers people use to view your site, and again, let’s you drill down to see how good users of different browsers convert against your goals.


15. Languages 

 Most websites don’t have the knowledge, resources, or time to publish in various languages. Still, this report will tell you the preferred language (as determined by computer settings) of your visitors.


16. Exclude Internal Traffic – Google Analytics Review

Chances are you and your employees spend more time on your site than anyone else, which can skew your data if it’s not eliminated. To make sure it’s not counted, Google lets you filter out traffic from IP addresses that you designate.


17. Visitor Loyalty 

How often do your visitors come back? Reducing the percentage of people that only visit once should be one of your constant priorities, and Analytics lets you track this piece of information over a specified date range.


18. Visitor Type Contribution 

 This small dynamic pie chart describes the contribution your returning visitors are making versus the latest ones. 


19. Search Engine Traffic – Google Analytics Review

Knowing which search engines are sending the most traffic and how well it’s converting can optimise your spending and SEO efforts. While Google will likely provide you with the most traffic, if Yahoo or Ask converts better, you might want to see how you can get more visitors from them.


20. Top Content – Google Analytics Review

As for each page on your website, Google Analytics will inform you how several times it has been viewed, how much time the average visitor stays there, and how multiple people leave your site after visiting.


21. Use the “About this Report” Link – Google Analytics Review

 Any analytics program practices a while to master, and Google’s offering is no diverse.


22. Report Finder 

 If you’ve been utilising traditional Analytics, Google has set up this “Report Finder” to assist you to discover old reports in the upgraded system.


23. Export to PDF 

 For an excellent clean file including Analytics data, you can export reports within Adobe PDF format.


Pros of Google Analytics Review

These are the following Pros of Google Analytics


  1.  It’s free of charge so that anyone can utilise it.
  2.  You can utilise it on various digital environments such as mobile applications, websites, kiosks, or anything, including an internet bond.
  3.  There’s a Google Analytics Academy, wherever you can get in-depth data about the platform.
  4. You can attach your Google Analytics account with your Google Ads account.
  5. It can build custom goals and track your eCommerce platform.
  6.  You can build custom reports based on your requirements. This way, you can track unique data depending on your industry.
  7.  It’s reliable enough to self-navigate, though any eCommerce managers seek the help of a Google Analytics specialist.


Cons of Google Analytics Review

These are the following Cons of Google Analytics


  1. To know the difficulties of Google Analytics, you require to “learn the language”. Unfortunately, the right resources are often challenging to discover online, including directions that may be time-consuming, complicated or overwhelming to those without an intermediary analytics history.
  2. The overall quality of the platform may be excellent. There are several settings, dashboards, user views and metrics.




Google Analytics is the most famous tool for marketers. It is manageable and straightforward to use; Analytics helps marketers find the messages and channels that earn them the best results. State-of-the-art conversion attribution and testing tools help companies large and small build more enjoyable user experiences, including maximising their digital strategy.