Free Proxy List Websites For Use

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Free Proxy List Websites For Use

Free Proxy List

What is a proxy server? And why do we need a free proxy list? So that is the topic of this article. Now a proxy server that retrieves data out on the internet. Such as a web page on behalf of a user. So for example, normally when a computer wants to view a web page out on the internet. You would just open up a web browser and then type in the address and retrieve that web page from its web.

Now when you go through a proxy server. The proxy server will act as a middleman and will retrieve that web page for you. So now when you want to go to a website. The proxy server receives the request from your computer and the proxy server will directly retrieve the web page on your behalf and send it to your computer.


Why Would You Want to Use a Proxy Server

Well, a proxy has several benefits and one benefit is privacy. Because it allows you to surf the internet. Moreover, it hides your IP address. Because without using a proxy and when you want to visit a website your public IP address is visible so certain people can know which websites you are visiting.


Free Proxy List Benefits

When you are using a proxy your IP address becomes invisible because as the proxy server is retrieving the webpage for you only the IP address of the proxy server can be seen and the address stops and the proxy IP does the rest of the work.

And another benefit of using a proxy server is speed. So for example, if a company uses a proxy server and whenever a user wants to retrieve a webpage, the proxy server will retrieve the webpage from the internet on behalf of the user, and then it will store that web page into a centralized cache database. So if another user on a different computer goes to a webpage that has been store in the proxy database, the proxy server doesn’t have to go out on the internet to retrieve the webpage.

Moreover, it can simply retrieve it from its database and then send it to the user. So this makes webpage retrieval much faster. Also, another benefit of this is that it saves bandwidth because a proxy server reduces the need to go out on the internet to retrieve data. After all, it already had that stored in the database.

Free Proxy List Security

So when a company’s employees are surfing the internet, the proxy will keep a record of what websites they are visiting and how long they were on those websites.

And besides, a company can also configure the proxy to block certain websites from keeping their employees from visiting that website.

Free Proxy List Disadvantages

Now there is one notable thing that a proxy server can not do and that encrypts data as your surf the internet. And when data is not encrypted, that data. And when data is not encrypted, that data can be intercepted by hackers, ISPs, or governments with the proper equipment.

10 Top Free Proxy Websites

In this section, I am going to share with you the most recommended and useful free proxy server websites that I have ever used.

Free Proxy List

The first one that we have is the free proxy list. And as you can consider with the name this is the free proxy server website that allows you to get to a different country. IP addresses you or you can say that proxy servers will define ports with the defined anonymity level and you can see if it supports Google or not.

Also, if you support them or not you can use them for free apart from that this website could be with different domain names. So that doesn’t matter you can see or say that this is the free proxy list.

Premier Proxy com

The second one here we have is the premium proxy dot com. So this one is actually a little bit different you can see actually this has basically a non-military level of like proxies and apart from that, you can see the updated proxies.

Apart from that, you can see the updated proxy dates and the countries and the ISP that it is registered with and apart from that if you want to get premium proxies of the US and UK you can get that also. This is also another great platform to get premium proxies as well as for free. That is why I am keeping it in second place.

Hide My Dot Name

Moving into the next service this one is to hide my dot name so this is actually another great proxy server website. This allows you to see the speed response time socket layers.

Apart from that if you are from Pakistan like me you can get most of the Pakistan IP addresses and most of them are from Bangalore and Mumbai. So this becomes convenient for us to use anonymously from the domain. So this one is another great with speed and response time.

Free Proxy Dot Com

Next to this one is another free proxy dot-com and this one is really great because of the uptime the speed and response and you can see in a graphical user interface and most of the IP proxies are from the US and Canada.

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In this article, I have tried my best to explain to you the working of a proxy server and how you can make free proxy lists.