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Do you want Google to index your website posts and pages?

It can be frustrating when, despite your hard work on total posts or detailed product pages, Google isn’t indexing them. After investigating why Google wasn’t indexing my pages, I found a solution – Google Indexing API.

As described by Google Search Central, this tool allows site owners to prompt Google for a fresh crawl.

Initially, I presumed the results of the Indexing API would be similar to clicking the “Request Indexing” button in Google Search Console (GSC), as both are supposed to signal Google to index our pages.

So NOW no need to manually submit an Indexing Request for your URLs to Google Search Console. Just use this Google URLs Indexer free of Cost for a lifetime. 

Google Search Console Indexer (100% FREE)

This Google Instant link indexer only works with your Google Search Console Verified properties.

So you have to do these things with your main Google account to index your property URLs in GSC:

  • Create Project in Google Cloud
  • Enable Google Indexing API
  • Create a Service Account (Get service account email and JSON key)
  • Use that Service Account email address in Google Search Console in all or specific properties.
  • Now you can use the JSON key and your Properties URLs in our Free URL indexer above.
  • This FREE indexer will submit all your URLs to Google Search Console in minutes.
  • Thats it!

Quota & Limitation

Manually you can submit up to 10 URLs daily in the Google search console. But now, with this tool, you can submit 200 URLs of your own Google properties in the Google search console.

What kind of URLs can be submitted?

  • Your WordPress blog post URLs & Page URLs
  • Your WooCommerce Product URLs
  • Your Custom HTML Site URLs 
  • Your Cloud Sites URLs like Amazon s3, Google Cloud etc.
  • Your Shopify  or any other store URLs
  • Any URLs that you have on your Google Search Console as a Verified Property

Now let’s learn how to get the JSON key and add a Service account in your GSC.

How to Get the Google JSON Key?

1. Steps to Create Indexing API Project 

Go to Google Cloud Platform.

Free Google Indexer – Google Search Console Indexer - create project

If you have a project already, then select it from dropdown. You can also create a New project from there.

Free Google Indexer – Google Search Console Indexer - create project from popup

Once you get the New Project screen, enter a project name & click Create.

Now on the next screen, you have to Enable API. Just click NEXT in the first step & then click Enable.

Free Google Indexer - Enable API

2. Steps to Create a Google Cloud Service Account

Create a service account from the service accounts page.

Open this link, and it will open Google Cloud again & then you will Click on the project you’ve created before.

free google indexer - service account creation

Then click the Create Service Account button on the next page. Then enter a name & description for the new service account.

MOST IMPORTANT: Copy the email address under Service Account ID. We will need it later. 

Then, click on the Done button.

free google indexer - service account email address

Once the Service account is created, click 3 dots in the Actions Column & then click Manage Keys.

Then on the next screen, Click Add Key and then select the Create new key option, as shown below:

free google indexer - create key

Then choose JSON key type & click Create. You will get the JSON file downloaded. Thats it. We need that file code to be copied into our Free Google Indexer.

Add Service Account as an Owner in your GSC

  • Open the Google Search Console.
  • Select your Verified property on the left.
  • Click on Settings near the bottom.
  • Click on Users and Permissions.
  • Click on the 3 dots next to your account.
  • Click on the Add User button.
  • Enter the Service account ID in the Email address field.
  • Select Owner level Permission.
  • Click Add.
  • Now you are ready to use this Google Indexer anytime with pleasure.

I hope you will love my free link submitter