How to Write Blog Posts in WordPress

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How to Write Blog Posts in WordPress

How to Write Blog Posts in WordPress

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If you are just started writing blog posts on your website or you are writing blogs for quite some time but you are not getting enough shares and visits this article is for you. In this article, I am going to share with you the best tips you want to know in answer to how to write blog posts in WordPress.

Most of the time when you decide to write a blog post and you sit down on your chair and see that empty page on your screen. You might wonder well, how should I began creating an article that will earn clicks. Believe it or not but there is a simple formula to solve are your problems and we are going to jump right into that formula in the coming section.

This is your guideline from the moment you see the cursor on the blank page on your screens to the end of your extremely high-quality content.

Choose Your Blog Topic

There are many examples that I encounter every week where newly passionate content writers start writing blogs for their website. But soon they get lesser and lesser passionate about their topics. And their published articles and blogs get abandoned in some dark corner of the search engines. Although most of them were starting with joy and enthusiasm, but with difficult to find more creative and engaging topics relevant to their passion. They found it hard to continue with the same energy.

You are here probably because you don’t want this to happen to you anywhere and at any point in your professional blogging career. Here are some great ways that you can use to select a topic that will resonate with you and with your audience in the long run.

The procedure of how to Write Blog Posts in WordPress

  • Pick something that adds value to your life. When it comes to your topic. It should give some sort of noble satisfaction that you are doing it for good and you are doing something you care about. Because that way you will write about it in a powerful and meaningful way.
  • Pick something that adds value to your audience. Knowing the passion of your audience is a great way to choose your topic. It helps you to engage and connect with them. And try to be as much legit as possible. And do not afraid of telling the truth.
  • Get inspired by other writers. Most of the best articles that are ranked at the top of search results are the result of inspiration. Blogger gets inspired by some topic and decides to explore it as much as possible.
  • Bring new ideas to the table. You can check the work of your competitors. I am not saying to plagiarise their work. Instead of bluntly copying their work. You can explore the creative ways they are using. And add your spices to these topics. And bring something new to the table.

Pick one Clear Angle to Write Blog Posts in WordPress

Now you know what is the topic of your article. Now it is time that you set an angle or dimension by which you are going to approach your topic. Moreover, it is really important even if you think you have a grip on that topic. Writing is not about how much you know rather about how better you can present what you know. You cannot go on writing random facts about a topic.

For example, you are writing about organic vegetables. Now you have to set your dimension of focus. For instance, you decide on writing the 10 budget-friendly organic vegetable garden. Also, think about the approach that could be best. Write a step-by-step how-to article on your topic. Try to add appropriate headings and subheadings. Even you can write an essay. As long as it adding value to your website.

Get Organised

Getting your article organized is the same as getting your thoughts organized. If your while reading your article the readers are continuously skimming through the content. It means he is literally asking you to come to the point. Because he is bored with the extra conscious stream of your thoughts. It is the same as listening to someone for a long and thinking about the point he wants to raise.

Open Strong to Write Blog Posts in WordPress

If you know about fishing. Firstly, the common rule is that you cannot get bluegill without having a hook. The very first paragraph of your article is like a hook that will decide if the reader is going to remain there for the next four to five minutes of your reading. These are some tips that you can use to make a better opening paragraph for your article.

Strong Hook

So, give your reader an idea of what is coming to hit him. And what values he can get after spending a few minutes of his tie. Make sure you don’t tell all this to a reader instead show them. Write the lines that the reader can relate to in his imaginations. And tell him that the unknown point where he is standing. You have the information that will guide him through that along reading your article.

Write Naturally

If you want to have an audience of your own. You need to present your article in the tone of your own. Make sure you are not writing just for the sake of views. The readers are smart and can easily judge the intentions of your article. Do not advertise your business or other stuff naturally. Make it short and simple. Otherwise, people will think of you as a scam and even if you will write good articles. Also, it will not help you.


In this article, I have shared the very rudimentary concepts and step by step ways of writing an article. From start to bottom. Moreover, how you can write a WordPress blog post and SEO blog post for the better ranking of your blog page. Now it is your turn to practice these strategies and ways for writing your blog post next time you sit on your chair.