How to Write a Blog Post That Will Rank

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How to Write a Blog Post That Will Rank

How to Write a Blog Post That Will Rank

Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Vick

Wondering how to write a blog post without any experience at all? Here is exactly how you will learn to write a blog. First of all, learn what exactly a blog is and why it’s too trendy to start a blog.

How to Write a Blog Post? 

Basically, a blog is a personal website where you post content about your particular interests. As, games, reading books, reviews, makeup, fashion, painting. Moreover, it can be anything which you are passionate about. As a matter of fact, if you want to run a business, you can also earn money from blogging. Blogging consists of text and graphics which includes video, photos, and audio. These texts and graphics will represent your page. Moreover, For example, if someone loves gardening and showcases it on a blog page, people who love gardening will follow him. Not only follow him, but they would also interact and discuss do and don’ts.

Why you should start a blog?

 Digital marketing is the future. And if you could understand this, you would know the stats of bloggers worldwide. And if you could understand this, you would know the stats of bloggers worldwide. For instance, this is General Blogging Statistics :

“Have a look at stats, each month, and approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages. About 70 million posts are being published each month by Word Press users. 77 million new blog comments are generated by readers each month.”

You see how many people blogging and earning only by sitting at their homes. Let’s talk about how it will help you. For more, get an idea by this YouTube video 

Reasons to Start Write a Blog Post

In the first place, Blogging will help you not only financially but mentally and individually. A blogger has to write and to make things presentable. When new to the market, they not only write but they have to use more tools to engage the audience. Posting creative photos and videos of their work is the starter pack. As a matter of fact, the starter pack is full of struggle, you become your own photographer, correspondingly, and you become a content writer, and so on. Also, people gradually reach you and also you get attention and it helps you to make it to the business by doing shoots or writing for any organization or you have any other skills. Furthermore, some more reasons to create a blog are as follows:

Writing skills

Blogging helps you focus on writing a lot. Most people who blog, are good at writing. Not only writing, but they are familiar with the way of writing publically i.e. knowing the trends and documentations. Also on another hand, product reviews help you earn as well. You learn 100 percent readability. So, the new user may understand it or can trust you easily.

Power of speech

It is a platform where you can be yourself. One can portray love, happiness as whatever you want. You can confidently write about your opinions (accepting positive criticism), share what you feel what you faced, life stories, Success stories for preach purpose to connect to the audience. This is how you can develop a friendly blog page.


You talk and meet new people, you get to know more ideas and trends, Gradually, You get exposure and people with the same ideas collaborate and this helps in the growth of a blog page and also you learn more business tricks. When you learn all the traits which are helpful in digital marketing you become confidant in making the right decisions and also that you are leading forward having more audience. You sense confidence when you get appreciation and also constructive criticism. 


Blogging helps you make money yes that’s right! You have heard it a lot but how? Blogging has become a business too. You can earn according to your interests or what basically your website will portray you. A travel blogger who shares a traveling guide, or a makeup blogger who reviews the best makeup and showcase fashion styles. You can make your website a shop market where you can sell your products and many more ideas

SETUP blog: How to Write a WordPress Blog Post 

For setting up your page, I will surely recommend WordPress. Moreover, it provides hosting, a free domain name, and also, beginner-friendly steps on web hosting to start your blog. Besides, many websites provide hosting and powers millions of websites. Also, the Blue shot is used by top bloggers around the world. In fact, WordPress has a lot of plugins and themes and free for all users. For setup of WordPress. How to install WordPress.

How to Write Customize Your Website and Launch a Blog Post

After installing WordPress and all the steps, hurrah you did it. Now select your theme and also, add your information and make your profile attractive. Add importantly plugins and themes. Gradually add content for which you have set a goal. Content includes images, videos, text, or products. Your website must be attractive and unique so it generates the audience itself. And also, remember to boost up the audience by using SEO tricks and techniques. Plugins in WordPress are SEO-friendly so learn WordPress. It offers a lot of ease. YOAST is one of the plugins which tells the user content readability.

What after launching

Following are the points to be remembered while having a blog page:

  • Keep on adding unique content with 100 percent readability.
  • Make a blog logo. A beautiful and unique logo that requires graphic design.
  • Make impressive videos. Use different applications or websites.
  • Stay in contact with the audience and similar interest websites user 
  • You have to check Google analytic to get your performance, whether it’s attracting the audience or not.


Furthermore, don’t just quit! If you can start a blog you can easily convert it into a blogging business. Most importantly, follow all the points mentioned above and don’t miss on blog quality. There’s no compromise on quality. Also, Quality and proficiency is the key. You can learn proficiency by concentrating on tools and techniques. Moreover, you have to be proactive to maintain the blog page.