Best Website Traffic Tool to Improve your Website Ranking

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Best Website Traffic Tool to Improve your Website Ranking

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In Ecommerce marketing, the word traffic refers to the number of visits. The number of visits to a website is referred to as website traffic. Some people often refer to visits to sessions, as they are the number of visits over a period of time. This is among the most common ways of checking the effectiveness of a website. Keeping your website traffic in check allows you to determine how well your website has been performing. This will also benefit you in making your future predictions regarding your website. By knowing correct analytics and data and with enough knowledge you can predict the best strategies and make your website flourish faster than an average website.


Measuring your website’s traffic is easier than what most people think. Most of the users think that there is a rocket science involved in measuring website traffic. While it has its complexities but no one can deny that measuring the basic stats for your is an easy task. This is further simplified with the modern website traffic tool. These types of website traffic tools have made it easier to understand your website traffic and other analytics. Most of these tools are even free and provide you with enough information about basic analytics. Using and learning how to use these is not a big deal as most of them are user friendly. They don’t require much time to use either. So by using these tools you can easily estimate the growth and growth rate of your website.


There are uncountable website traffic tools on the internet. Some are free while others are paid. While paid tools offer more precise analytics and additional features, the free tools provide enough information about basic analytics to flourish your new website. Knowing how to use these tools at their best is a good way to flourish your website. For a startup, the free tools are more than enough for you and your website. However, as you progress further and further in this realm you can use the premium tools to your aid as well. Here we provide you with some of the best website traffic tools:


Google is undoubtedly one of the most trusted networks worldwide. There aren’t many things related to websites that you may do without involving a platform that is google. Google Analytics provides you with enough information regarding your website to make further decisions. The free version provides you with enough information to make your decisions. However, you can also purchase a premium version for in-depth and more complex analysis as you and your website proceed further. Google Analytics is your one-stop solution for determining the analytics regarding your website.

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SimilarWeb is one of the most popular website traffic tools. They collect their data from various sources anonymously about the online activity of users. Although their user coverage isn’t defined it gives a good estimation of your website analytics. However, it is wise not to use SimilarWeb if you have a comparatively low visitors to your site as it will show no stats at all. With a moderate amount of visitors to your site, it shows a close approximation of your data. If you are a free user you can see an approximation for six months. For the paid users, this approximation can be as much as two years. SimilarWeb also allows its users to compare the analytics of two different sites.

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Quantcast is one of the most accurate traffic estimation tools. The range of features provided by Quantcast is although not as wide as Similar Web, however, it still provides an accurate analysis of your website. Like Similar Web, users might not find data regarding lesser-known sites. Keeping the above things in sight, Quantcast is still a good tool for traffic estimation and provides a user-friendly analysis of data. Quantcast comes with a few features of its own such as visitor’s ethnicity, media interests, and political affiliations, etc. This data is especially insightful and helps you in further predictions for your website.

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  1. SEMrush:

It is originally a search engine optimization tool. But SEMrush comes with other added features also. You can use SEMrush to determine what kind of search traffic a site gets. The best way to use SEMrush is when you want to compare search traffic patterns between two sites. However, if you are looking for absolute traffic numbers, it is better to use Quantcast and Similar Web. SEMrush is most commonly used to determine the most popular keywords and search engine positions of keywords. So if you use SEMrush at its maximum capability it will benefit you in more than one way.

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  1. AHREFS:

Unlike other tools on this list, Ahrefs isn’t free. It offers you a seven day trial period for $7. However, after this, you will have to pay $99/month for the lowest plan to enjoy its services. This may look like a ridiculously high amount but is justified by the features it provides. While other sites only provide you with basic traffic analysis, this website traffic tool provides you with a detailed breakdown of traffic. In addition, you can see backlink information making Ahrefs arguably the most powerful tool on this list. Ahrefs provide you with all kind of search traffic-related data. These analyses can are not only obtained for your site but also for your competitor site making it easier for you to make your next move smartly.

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  1. SitePrice:

While this is originally a website value calculator, you can still use it to estimate traffic generation. In its calculation for the site’s value, SitePrice includes traffic estimates. Just scroll down to look at the estimated revenue and traffic alongside other critical stats. These stats include daily unique visitors, daily page views, and ad revenues. The data from SitePrice may defer from Quantcast and SimilarWeb because SitePrice acquires its data from a number of different sources. The data provided by SitePrice is an average of all of the data collected from its various sources. It provides a close approximation. However, it is up to you whether you choose to trust this data and base your predictions through it or not.

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If you find your website traffic low through the above-mentioned ways to find analytics. You may feel dissatisfied or concerned but you need not worry. The reason behind this is that there are a few tools that allow you to generate free traffic. One such software is FREE traffic bot software. This software generates free organic traffic. This website traffic tool is designed for windows only and can be used to generate free website traffic depending on your VPN or Proxy. A few of the perks of a free automated traffic bot are generating organic traffic, superfast, and multithreaded and able to use residential rotating Proxies or VPNs, etc.



While free products have their perks for costing nothing in your pocket, paid tools come with additional features that increase the effectiveness of your work exponentially. Many SEO companies use automated traffic bot to help their clients in reaching their goals. Most of the top brands use this tool to get at the top of Search Engine Result Pages. These companies pay thousands of dollars to this tool. Being at the top automatically means more visits to the website. This helps these brands in getting more popularity and to reach their products and website to a new audience. However, your traffic analysis might change over a period of time so it is better not to expect results overnight.