Best CTR booster software


Best CTR booster software

Best CTR booster software in 2019

Last Updated on October 1, 2023 by Vick

How do you get more clicks on your organic search results? Many people think that the answer is to optimise their website for SEO, but what they don’t know is that there are other factors involved.

This blog post will show you how to get a CTR booster and increase the chances of your web page ranking higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS).

If you want to be the hero of SEO, you need to be an expert in CTR. It’s because Google’s rank brain depends on this factor. The best CTR Booster software in the market is Traffic Wizard. 

Do you know if a page gets above-average CTR? It’s a sign that the page is good to get permanent rankings to boost? Virtual traffic wizard performs all CTR features possible and takes excellent care of Dwell time.

CTR Booster is much needed for Ranking

In SERPs for long-tail keywords. For Example – When you search “New Year Resolutions”, CTR Booster will help you rank above everyone for the term “New Year resolutions”.

So how effective is CTR booster? Let me tell you some facts today. You will enjoy it.

Have you ever heard the term “Click Through Rate”? It means a click-through rate. As the name suggests, the click-through rate is click-throughs/visits to your site while on SERPs of given keywords.

The higher the click-through rate, the more clicks you will get to your website from SERPs and also, chances are high.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Because if nobody clicks on your result in Google after searching, why does Google keep your results on the first page?

And if your required target URL gets clicked on, why does Google keep it in the #9 spot? So this is what the Traffic wizard does. So if you want to automate and boost your CTR, you can use Traffic Wizard.

Below is a glance at the software:

Best CTR booster software in 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my CTR?

There is one reason click-through rates are so important, and that’s because they’re an indicator of conversion.

To increase the click-through rate, you need to focus on click-worthy titles, clickable images, clickable content and clickable links to your video or blog posts.

What is CTR SEO?

CTR SEO is an acronym for click-through rate search engine optimisation.

What are some click-through rate optimisation techniques?

Start by making your click-worthy:

  • Make clickable headlines.
  • Design clickable images to go along with the headlines.
  • Generate clickable content, including video and blog posts or articles (with links).

What are three critical factors to be considered to improve the CTR?

As seen above, you can improve your click-through rates by simply writing click-worthy headlines. Focus on three things when it comes to titles – make them descriptive of the content they link to, clickable, and catchy.

The title of your articles greatly influences the click-through rate because people highly rely on it when deciding whether to click or not click an article link. 

Do you know what Organic Click-Through-Rate is?

Like other click-through-rate metrics used in PPC, email, and on-page web design, natural click-through-rate is a calculated metric that tells you the number of individuals who clicked out of the complete variety of people who saw it.

Natural SEO indicates the number of people who saw your search engine result and those who clicked the web page.


The best way to maximise your CTR is by using the proper campaign settings and changing your words. And if that doesn’t work?

Switch it up! If you’ve been trying one thing for a while, try something else. Don’t be afraid of change because, in this case, it can make all the difference between success and failure.