Benefits of Traffic Bot

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Benefits of Traffic Bot

Benefits of Traffic Bot (2020)

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Uses and Benefits of Traffic Bots

The amount of web traffic is all-time high; the real question is how of its traffic is “REAL”? Among all the users half of these try to mimic humans to bring traffic to your website known as bots ‘Traffic Bots’

Ever wondered which place has the most hectic traffic on earth? That’s right its the internet; where billion of users interact with each other daily sharing pictures, retweeting messages, and upvoting comments.  Half of the web traffic is actually generated from Traffic Bot tools.



What is the traffic Bot?

Any non-human traffic visiting website is a known traffic bot. Thanks to the improvement in artificial intelligence and automation services bots have taken over half of the web traffic. Traffic bots are programmed script meant to bring traffic to the website quicker than a human can’t possibly manage.

The term ‘Traffic Bot’ is usually viewed as a negative factor for websites. The good and bad completely depends on the usage of it.

To fully understand the benefits of traffic bot we shall take you on an adventure of exploring different types of bots out there in the ocean and what are they programmed for.


Types of Traffic Bots:

Traffic bots can do everything from the simplest task too complicated tasks all depending on their programming. They can almost run non-stop and carry out tasks on a large scale as well.

Have you ever thought about how much of your traffic is generated by a traffic bot? The figure is shocking almost half of the web traffic is generated by traffic bots.

According to a recent study in 2016, 51.8% of web traffic is bot traffic. 22.9% of it is a good traffic bot and 28.9 % of it is bad traffic bots.

All you need to do is to keep a check on both traffic bot to ensure the prosperity of your website.


Examples of good traffic bots:

SEO (6.6%):  Search Engine Crawler Bot crawl, catalogue, and index web pages. Big search engines like Google, Bing uses the generated results of this traffic bot.

Website Monitoring (1.2%): this traffic bot is responsible to keep an eye on the website issues like downtime, load time, and so on. this traffic bot also goes by the name ‘Website Health Checker Bot’.

Aggregation: These traffic bots are like collectors who gather information from different web pages and collate them into one place.

Scrapping: it’s like their name suggests they ‘scrape’ off or ‘lift’ information from websites. Traffic bot usage entirely depends on the programmer or the user whether it is for good or bad.

Commercial Crawler (2.9%): Market research companies use these traffic bots to acquire and monitor news content reports, customer reviews, ads monitoring, and so on.

Feed Fetchers (12.3 %): Feed fetchers traffic bot gathers around newsworthy content from different pages of the website. it is also responsible for sharing that content on other news platforms.

Chatbots: These bots imitate a human-like conversation with preplanned responses. Advanced ones operate long conversations pretty smoothly.

All of these Traffic Bots above play a vital role in keeping the website healthy. The absence of even one of this traffic, a bot would result in severe damage to the website for instance losing 90 %of traffic overnight.


Examples of Bad Traffic Bots:

Spam (0.3%): often used for spam purposes found in the comment section of the website,

DDoS (24.3%):  These traffic bots take down websites with a function of denial of service attack’.

Ad Fraud: These bots click on ads automatically without user consent.

DDoS & Malicious Attacks: It’s a botnet; a network of computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group, often without the owner’s knowledge.

Hacker Tools (2.6%): These are experts in finding vulnerabilities on the website and then using it against them.


Now you see that not all traffic bots are the same. Knowing traffic bots types will help you in flourishing your website. Traffic bots harm the website however it all depends on the usage of traffic bots. Like I said before ‘use of nature of anything determines whether it’s good or bad’.

Benefits of Traffic Bot (2020)


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