Automation Bot And Its Impacts On Your Website


Automation Bot And Its Impacts On Your Website

Automation Bot And Its Impacts On Your Website

Last Updated on February 1, 2021 by Vick

So imagine this: You are a website owner who is running an online business of some sort. Obviously, you will want to have more and more traffic to your website to increase your rankings on the organic search results or via automation bot.

But often people get stuck while choosing what should be their priority. So the hurdles are, if you need to rank your website you need more visitors and if you need more visitors on your website you need to rank high.

I have just shown you one of the biggest confusions most of the newly started business owners face. Now imagine that your company needs help securing top ranks for several keywords on google search results. Some XYZ agency approaches you and within a feasible budget, you have a contract of guaranteed traffic and results to your website.

Time to cheer, right?

Sorry to blow your little bubble of dreams but in the real marketing world there are very few ways or tools that can guarantee you organic traffic.

Yes, there are some automation bots available that guarantee you high-quality organic traffic.

Most of the automated traffic generation SEO agencies or tools give their clients the illusion of a ton of organic traffic. In the reality, organic traffic is a slow and steady process, and google considers these shortcuts illegal. Thus there is always a risk of penalty.

What is Automation Bot Traffic?

So bots are entities that replicate human actions on a website and are also used to perform simple and repetitive tasks. A good traffic bot or automation bot can reduce the work of a human and can also provide high-quality results fast.

Firstly, you need to know the difference between good traffic bots and bad traffic bots.

It depends upon the use of a bot. Some automation bots are very important and useful for your website’s performance. While others can be exactly the opposite.

Automation traffic including search engine crawlers, other crawlers from SEO tools, etc falls in the regular traffic bots. And of course, we have malicious automated bots which include spambots, scrapers, DDoS bots, and many more. Now you may be wondering in which category do pay or free traffic generation bots lie.

Well, there is a very narrow difference between white hat traffic bots and red hat traffic bots. It mostly depends upon how much you use them and for what purpose you are using them.

Paid bots do not have particularly high risks for penalties. Also, the biggest advantage of taking even that little is that you have nothing to lose. Indeed, the bot traffic won’t convert on your site and buy products to rise and increase in your revenue.

We ourselves provide many paid as well as free automation bots for your website’s better performance. This traffic bot is absolutely legal to use unless you obtain it through legal means.

In this article, I am going to share with you the ways you can use to be sure about real and genuine traffic generating automated bots.

How Automation Bot Works

Before going to this discussion I tried to infiltrate the underground network of automation bot and the owner of these bots. Which of course helped me a lot. It is important to explain who wants to use these bots and how they work for the better performance of your website. There are basically two ways a bot can work.

Attended Bots

So talking about the attended bots first. The attended bot mainly handle tasks for an individual user. The user or operator assigns these bots some tasks to perform. The operator can also trigger a bot at any time for any duration.

Unattended Bots

On the other hand the unattended bots back of its processes on their own. That is to say that the bot completes tasks with zero human aid.

Benefits of Automation Bot

There are certain facts that you should keep in your mind while purchasing an automation bot for your website.

Firstly, this kind of traffic is not going to get into your sales funnel. As I have already mentioned that they do not convert into revenue. This is not possible till now. But maybe when robots will take over humans. Which as far as I can tell is not going to happen.

Secondly, many studies are showing that there is a correlation between organic human traffic and bot traffic of high quality. If that is the case we can conclude that this traffic can help to boost your website on-page. Well I cannot tell if paying for automated traffic is worth it or not. But if you can use it wisely and for good purposes.

This bot can convert your money into a better ranking of search engine result pages for sure. Last but not least, these traffic sources are extremely cheap as compared to hiring developers and SEOs for your website.


  • If you will use a traffic generation bot for your website improperly. For example, generating sudden traffic of thousands of visitors overnight.
  • This can eat up your hosting plan bandwidth.
  • If flooded with automated traffic your website can slow down for actual users.
  • Most of the time these bots perform human actions like clicking PPC ads. This could cause you to lose money.

Best Traffic Bot

There many ways to increase your conversions. But if your traffic is not getting just enough traffic there is no point in increasing conversion rate strategies.

We are working day and night for providing you best organic traffic for your website. So that you have to least worry about ranking on the search results to get more traffic. Our best traffic automation bot and increase your organic traffic to as many times as you want nights.


In this article, I have shared the meaning of automation bots and how you can use them for your website. We have also discussed the difference between good and bad bots. And we discussed two basic types of automated bots based on the type of task they perform.

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