Answer The Public Review – Tool for Keyword Research


Answer The Public Review – Tool for Keyword Research

Answer The Public Review

Last Updated on March 20, 2021 by Vick

A unique tool for searching content ideas is the website In this tool review, we discuss the Answer The Public Review, and we will tell you how Answer The Public automates the method of some moderately cool things you might already continue doing with Google.

When you do Google, you type a keyword into the search box. The autocomplete feature will present various suggestions representing popular search terms, including the keywords you are ranking. is an important research tool because it automates the process, providing you with a ton of ideas all at once.


What is Answer The Public? – Answer The Public Review

AnswerThePublic is a keyword research tool that manages search engine data representing inquiries people work to search for data concerning a specific subject topic on Google, including Bing. However, It presents the obtained results in a detailed keyword cloud. The autocomplete feature will present various suggestions representing popular search terms, including the keywords you are ranking.


The AnswerThePublic keyword research tool is your excellent tool for generating long-tailed keywords. Which include related words to what people do in their searches.

Although the available version of AnswerThePublic will not give you stats such as research volumes or keyword challenge as an advanced keyword research tool would, However, it remains an essential keyword tool that will provide you tons and tons of long-tailed keywords that you can use to create your contents and improve your website clarity on Google search. 


The tool is a reliable lifeline that will appear very helpful when your mind is blank and deprived of topics to write on. All you have to do is categorise in a general keyword, including AnswerThePublic, which will quickly give you hundreds of examples in fewer than 30 moments.


How To Use AnswerThePublic – Answer The Public Review

When you start a keyword in AnswerThePublic, the tool command return any long-tailed keywords immediately. However, These results will be presented in 4 distinct formats; questions, words, comparisons and alphabetical orders.


Question Format

The results are shown as question-based keywords. Nine problem modifiers are prefixed at the beginning of the important phrase developed by the Google search approach keywords. The question conditioners are; Which, Who, What, Why, How, Where, Can, Will, When, For instance, I searched about the topic ‘the answers’ (I remember how vain). Here is the result of visualisation supporting the question format.


Preposition Format

Hereabouts the keywords are preposition-based, including prepositions, are prefixed to the start of this critical expression, followed by the Google search suggestion keywords.


Comparison of Format

The keyword is compared among similar practically related keywords. The search results’ keywords are comparison-based, with modifiers prefixed at the beginning of that critical phrase followed by the Google search method keywords.


Alphabetical Format

Usually, the results are displayed on the visualisation board in a wheel-like manner with the recommended keywords partitioned into categories, including the keywords in each section fanning out. Sorting through the suggested keywords can be moderately cumbersome. Still, you can make everything more comfortable by clicking some Data tab on top of the keyword results (besides the Visualisation bar). We wish to be rearranging the keywords to see in a tabular form, with a particular category listed individually.


At the top of every category, you have the Picture and Drop buttons. You can click toward the Hide button to reserve any kind and make a list easier on some eyes. Also, clicking on Picture will return the section to the visual format. AnswerThePublic permits you to keep your search results in a spreadsheet by clicking on the Download CSV button toward the top right corner of the page or clicking on Save Image to keep the keywords in their visual appearance.


How AnswerThePublic Works to Generate More Traffic?

It is a complete tool for creating long-tailed keywords that include words that users use during their searches. Therefore making your contents, including topics created by the AnswerThePublic tool will put your website in a strategic place for SERP.

A helpful tip is to pick and determine the most important topics and create your contents on them. That AnswerThePublic suggested; however, the case doesn’t automatically make the issue superb for content production. You need to go through the topics and select specific ones most useful to your website.

AnswerThePublic should go a step ahead to ensure that you choose the most important issues. The darker the pale dots (bullet point) on a topic, the more successful it is. Moreover, The shade of these green dots fades with decreasing prevalence of the issues.


How to Use AnswerThePublic to Look in Google Featured Snippets?

Google featured snippet links to the previews of data, presented as excerpts, gathered from websites that ideally directly respond to a Google user’s question typed into the search field. When a blog provides good data on the question asked by people on a search engine, it increases the possibilities of its appearance as a highlighted snippet on the top of a Google event page.

To make your contents seem on Google snippets, identify questions related to your keywords using the Answer The Public keyword research tool and choose a successful, relevant question to build your contents about.


How to Use AnswerThePublic to Arrive in Voice Search Results?

Usually, voice queries do be longer compared to manual searches on Google. A voice search is usually done in a simple plus conversational tone. And so results formed for a sound search and a manual search differ considerably. Voice queries, often, are more detailed, including special, and hence are long-tailed. AnswerThePublic specifically create long-tailed keywords, and so using the tool to get topics will rank your contents more important on voice research outcomes.


Answer The Public Pro – Answer The Public Review

The AnswerThePublic keyword research tool has a clear version that allows you to take only three searches a day. Still, it will not make the keyword stats ready for you or set a diverse language or location.

To experience the full advantages of AnswerThePublic, you want to upgrade to AnswerThePublic Pro. It will provide you with some privilege such as a way to unlimited searches, permission to customise your language and location, enable you to invite a whole number of your team affiliates and provide you preference to consumer support. The Pro version also enables you to compare data and track suggestions.

You can monitor the shifts in search behaviours, trends in brand perceptions, annual trends and developing topics. The AnswerThePublic Pro is one paid plan and requires you to sign in before you can access it. However, It is the most suitable plan for an advanced keyword research strategy.


Benefits of Pro version of Answer The Public

The main benefit of the Pro version is that you can search as much as you want. However, another excellent benefit is the ability to compare data over time and track changes in trends. Since 20% of Google searches are brand current, it provides you with a real benefit to be one of the first to recognise a new direction. Therefore, here are all the Pro benefits : 


Saved reports 

AnswerThePublic automatically saves the pieces you create so you can easily refer back to them (If you run the exact search at a later date, the effects may transfer).


Compare data + see unique suggestions

You can run the exact searches over time and easily compare how the research behaviour changes. Therefore, AnswerThePublic highlights the latest topics so you can quickly see what is unique.


Language + Location-based results 

 While the free version is introduced to the UK by default. You can choose a home region from these countries in this Pro version and look at various styles.


High-res images 

 Excellent for including your research in a pitch or presentation; the Pro version enables you to download the pictures for a high purpose.


Hide undesired sections and only suggestions 

Another great feature for reports and presentations is hiding arms. This suggests you can get out the results that are not connected or only include the things you require to talk about.


Unlimited team members 

You can join anyone from your business to your plan. So you only require one account per company.


Pros and Cons Answer The Public Review

Immediately let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of the AnswerThePublic Tool.



  • Answer The Public is a Free Keyword Research Tool.
  • This tool is simple to use.
  • Answer The Public will get a visual form of keyword search results.
  • No need to download this tool.



  • This tool allows only to search only three times per day.
  • Answer The Public cannot get the keyword search volume.
  • You cannot get keyword search difficulty.
  • Suggestions are not always relevant.


Top Answer The Public Alternatives

If you have that much budget, here are some of the other reasonable alternatives you can consider.

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Semrush


Let’s briefly talk about those alternatives to Answer the Public, along with pricing also features.



Ubersuggest is a wonderful freemium tool developed by the SEO expert Neil Patel. However, It’s an extremely affordable SEO tool that assists you with everything from keyword research to site audits, competitor analysis and therefore on. Here are the features of Ubersuggest.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink data
  • Rank tracking
  • Site audit
  • Domain Overview


How much does Ubersuggest cost?

Ubersuggest allows a free version. Moreover, If you need to unlock all the features, you should try their pro version.



Semrush is our favourite SEO tool. However, If you are looking for that one SEO tool that helps you do everything from keyword research to competitor analysis, look not behind Semrush.

It’s also the single SEO tool that we’ve done practising for more than four years now, and we’re happy with the results and its features. Moreover, Here’s a list of some of the remarkable features you get, including Semrush.

  • Keyword research
  • Organic research
  • Check difficulty of keywords
  • Domain to domain comparison
  • Track any keyword positions
  • Perform in-depth site audits
  • Advertising research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Estimate traffic of any website


FAQs About AnswerThePublic Tool – Answer The Public Review

A list of any of the most generally asked questions throughout this tool.


What is Answer the Public?

This is a freemium keyword tool that offers a ton of keyword and content ideas in visual form, and it connects the recommended searches from Google also Bing.


Are there any free keyword tools?

Yes, there are lots of keyword research tools; some of them include;

  1.  Ubersuggest (freemium tool)
  2.  Keyword Sheeter
  3.  Keyword Surfer
  4.  Keyworddit
  5.  Inquiries


Can I download my keyword data from AnswerThePublic?

Yes, this tool assists you in easily download all your keywords data in CSV format. However, If you’re using their free version, you can still download your keywords list into one CSV file.


Can I find hidden keywords using AnswerThePublic?

Yes. The benefit of using AnswerThePublic is to discover hidden keywords. Whether you understand it or not, there are 3 billion Google examines happening every day So if you’re planning to find “hidden and untapped keywords” in your niche, that tool can be an engaging choice as it gives you instant and raw search insights.




The AnswerThePublic keyword research tool can verify to be an indispensable tool and a vast help in your content marketing strategy. In other words, It is quickly available, will help you give out free, including reliable keyword research, save you time and provide you with detailed data on the subject matter you intend to write on, all at the ease of your fingers. We hope that you enjoy the Review of Answer the Public Review.